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How are y’all?

I’m great. I have so much to report I don’t really know where to start.

False. To start?

Biscuit has a whole new website! I am not talking like a fresh new theme, I am talking a whole built just for us gorgeous showcase for our line. We have been working towards this launch, in one manner or another, for well over a year. Hanna, who y’all may know as the delightful Gadabout, came on the team last year and created this beautiful site that at once embodies our brand, and pushes us further.

It was important to us that the site stayed true to our roots, and provide a showcase for our bedding first and foremost. You can now peruse by print, piece, and even through some of the rooms we shot for our lookbook! Plus…there may or may not be a couple of new prints…but we know many of you have been patiently waiting so we didn’t want to hold out y’all any more than necessary.

I would love for you all to go check it out and let me know what you think! I would also highly recommend you sign up for our newsletter- to be in the know, ya know? Our hope is that this makeover offers you a fresh perspective on how to build your own dream home with Biscuit. We are working hard to not only to expand our line, but to bring you complementary products we love, and content that is valuable and entertaining even if you aren’t coming to shop.

In white houses…

Like many people, I have a thing for white houses. The first childhood home that I remember was a traditional white brick house, and I think I must have imprinted on it or something because nothing captures my heart to this day like a charming white house. My ultimate, ultimate favorite is a house by architect John Staub who designed many Houston houses through the 1920s & 30s. I actually wrote a paper on his work in college. I should go see if I still have that somewhere. What a treasure that would be! My first design-blog post, if you will.

Anyway, the cover of the most recent book on his work (which is fantastic if you are in to traditional architecture) features my favorite- and I know many Houstonians favorite- of his homes.

Country Houses of John Staub

It’s my favorite of all the homes, in all the world actually. I grew up roller blading past it and even as a little kid knew how special it was. Many times I tried to get up the courage to leave a note in the mailbox introducing myself and asking for a tour, but never did. My love for the home is well-known amongst my friends and family and so when it was announced it would be a stop on this years Azalea Trail (an annual tour put on by the garden club where certain homes are open to the public- a Miles Redd house was on it a few years back which was a real treat) I was inundated with texts and calls from people reminding me I had to go see it.

There weren’t pictures allowed inside- and honestly I was in such a dream haze I forgot to take many elsewhere either. This was pretty much all I got-


It was even better than I had dreamed. Original wallpaper and finishes throughout, perfectly maintained interiors that were sparingly updated versions of how the home was originally decorated 75 years ago. There is a large vegetable garden in the back where I am pretty sure the whole Beatrix Potter gang resides.

I haven’t stopped thinking about it, so naturally I went on a pinning spree. So please, on this lovely spring Tuesday, enjoy a virtual tour of a few of my personal favorite big ol’ white houses.

GP Schafer GP Schafer 



RIchard Skinner & Associates

Richard Skinner & Associates



bunny williams house 1

Bunny Williams11c2c0b318d459adc46cc23e9ea207e9

Ferg & ShmamFerguson & Shamamian

Delightful, no?

Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots.


One of our most popular prints, The Jenny, is back in stock by popular demand! Jenny was conceived as a poppy 1960s floral. The original artwork was actually painted in black, and was scanned, put into repeat, re-colored it from there. We wanted to play with the girliness of the floral by using colors that were just slightly off from what you might expect. T chartreuse, coral, pale blue and peach with a subtle dollop of yellow here keep the print bright and cheerful- but with a slight edge that keeps it from going saccharine.

I loved pairing it with Versailles wallpaper by Cole & Sons which matches the coral in the print perfectly, and balances it with it’s unexpected taupe grounding. We broke up the floral on the bed with accent pique coverlet/shams (coming soon to Biscuit) and a pale blue velvet bolster pillow. Add in a neutral rug, vintage side table, and quirky antique lamp and accents, the space is feminine and sweet without being childish or cloying.




Thank you to those who have been patiently awaiting Jenny’s return! We’re glad to have her back.

I’m hiring!

hiring assitant

At the end of last year, my right-hand lady Valerie moved into a larger role at Biscuit, and since then I have found myself in real need of some assistance. So I am hiring again! When I hired Valerie almost 2 years ago to the day (spooooky) the job description was for a “design assistant”. Since then my role at Biscuit has evolved from primarily client-design work, to creative director. What that entails differs daily, and includes but is not limited to the following: product design & development, marketing, planning/sourcing/staging photoshoots, brand development etc. As my assistant, you will be working with me in all of these capacities, and since my responsibilities vary day to day it is important that you are able to help keep me organized and on track.

We are a small team and the business is growing rapidly, and while that requires some flexibility, it is also a great opportunity to learn about all aspects of the company and grow with us.





-Proficiency in photoshop and excel.

-Must be organized, detail oriented, and a self starter, part of your job will be wrangling me and keeping me on track.

-An interest in design & design media (shelter magazines/websites/blogs), social media, and

-A desire to be a part of a team. You will be hired to be my assistant- but you will also be joining a larger Biscuit team and you must be willing to help out with duties around the store and office when needed. That means being friendly, flexible, and knowledgable about our brand.

If you think you are up for the job, please send your resume, and cover letter to design[@] subject “Bailey Assistant Applicant: YOUR NAME

Applications must be received by TUESDAY MARCH 22, 2016!

This is a paid position, Monday-Friday 9:00 – 5:00

I look forward to hearing from some of y’all!

I’ve come to talk to you again…

I can’t believe it is March, and I definitely can’t even begin to back up and catch up, so I’m hoping this snazzy info graphic will work like a movie montages to get things up to date.bailey blog post pink

Whew, glad we had this talk. I’ll be back soon with real-time realness.