The Best Weekend.

It’s hard, sometimes, to know what to share on here. When I have bad days, it is tempting to come on here and vent, but then usually the bad things are more personal/sensitive and not meant for internet broadcast. It comes more naturally to talk about the good times- I want to document those memories and hope sharing the happiness in my life spreads a positivity that is contagious. But I do sometimes worry that it adds up to this picture perfect life that isn’t realistic. There are days where I am an asshole to my husband, and I mess up at work, and I end up at the pediatrician twice in one day- or even worse when I can’t be the one to take my children to the Doctor, and my anxiety spirals that I am not doing right by my blessings. Just know that I struggle, if and when those struggles are useful to share, I do. Otherwise, y’all don’t need to hear me complain. I’m a lucky lady and I know it, even when I have bad days.

This weekend though, I had no bad days. I had a full house that is now totally trashed, and I could not be happier.

Harry’s Godfather and his amazing girlfriend (who I kind of wish was my girlfriend) came down from Chicago to stay in our guest room. Our beloved MollySally came in as well- which pushed sweet Pete onto the couch so MollySally, Bernie, Bella, Blue Moonbeam and I could sleep in our room. We were busting at the seems, Grace was in heaven with all of the attention from her PlayAunts and PlayUncles, and the weather was gorgeous. We spent almost every moment outside swimming, walking, playing and bonding and I would like to share a few of iPhone snaps if you would indulge me:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4


photo 1-1


Harry is three months old tomorrow, and going back to work has been a harder transition than I expected. I have always been someone who focuses on goals in the future, and that’s ok because that is part of what motivates me. But I love how my children make me so present in the moment, and this moment is a pretty good place to be.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Artsy… **update**

We have closed our old location at Avalon Center and are working furiously to get ready to re-open in three weeks!


Our building got a fresh coat of black paint, and now feels more like us. I am obsessed with the view we have of downtown, we are so lucky to have this special location. We are still awaiting awnings, greenery, and signage but first…


An incredible local artist is going to do his thing on our beautiful black canvas. We met this morning, and here are some of the inspiration pictures we discussed:








MAYAHAYUK.aCooper8518.6Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.59.12 AM

Screaming excited.


There have been a few comments and several emails suggesting we keep it black and first off, Thank You!

So glad y’all like it so far and I hear you, I love the black too. BUT the reality of the situation is we have relocated to an area of Houston that is currently trying to become the newest designated arts community- which at its best means its really dynamic and diverse and creative- and at its worst means there is a large chance I will pull up to work one day to see a giant wiener spray painted on the side of my building.

Potential wiener graffiti aside, we are thrilled to be a part of the neighborhood, and for us that means respecting the culture. I am happy to give some wonderfully talented artists a canvas to showcase their talents and add to the character of the area, and also hopefully discourage less artful expressions from occurring on our very large canvas.

Either way- I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it was going to be amazing, so I am grateful to my new ‘hood for inspiring me to do something a lil different- and I really think even those of you who favor the black will like what is to come!

images via charles gitnick, life magazine, zevs, skurkter, craig costellomaya hayuk, gruen galleries

Bow Down, Bathrooms.

The bratty only child in me wants to put a ban on anyone doing anything with brass for the next year. I am so worried we are killing the trend, and that all of the awesome brass in design right now is going to feel very of this specific moment and dated if we don’t chill out. I don’t want to stop using brass, but I also really don’t want to stop loving it, and restraint might be the key to making the brass love last.

And then I see things like this and I think…nevermind…carry on…




This is legitimately art. Bow down.

By Maddux Creative in this months World Of Interiors.

Amanda Brooks

I was flipping through my copy of Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens and People last night when this image caught my eye.

photo 1

And as I read further the name rang a bell…

photo 3

Though I really could hardly believe it.

photo 2

Because this Amanda Brooks, as featured in Vogue 2006, is the same Amanda Brooks whose instagram I stalk to fulfill all of my country mouse fantasies.

photo 1

It seems Amanda and family left behind her featured funky pink pad for the bucolic life of the English countryside sometime last year.


And I totally get it, because now she fills my instafeed with pictures like this:

photo 2

And this:photo 3

And all I can think is I want to go to there.

The Selby featured her home last year…

Amanda Brooks

There is still some pink:

Amanda Brooks


Amanda Brooks


Buuutttt that’s about it in terms of similarities to their New York loft.

Which life appeals more to you? The spunky New York loft, with the heels and the hair? Or pure English manor with the animals and the wellies?

The future…

I have talked to a few of my other decorator ladies about this weird moment that seems to come every so often when you feel like you are wrapping up your current clients, and you don’t have any secure future projects, and you kind of panic that no one is ever going to hire you again. I think unless you have been doing this for a long time and have mastered the rhythm of clients and wait lists, there comes a time when these complex projects that you have spent months on-wrangling big elements like floor plans and contractors down to pillow trims and lamp finials-come together and you’re like SHIT! What now?

And so far…luckily, gratefully, that feeling lasts just long enough for me to say yes to way too much wonderful work again and then a whole different kind of panic sets in. I’m exaggerating of course- but I am sure a lot of people in similar industries can relate. Business is a tricky balance.

The point is, we “finished” Project Holly around the same time I wrapped up several other smaller projects (which I seem to have forgotten was the entire point- finishing things up so I could go on a maternity leave that never quite happened) and I had one such moment of WHATIFNOONEELSEHIRESMEAGAIN panic. Now I am happy to be looking at empty bins with new project names on them just waiting to be filled up with beautiful fabrics and finishes.

It’s spring! Time for some new beginnings. And here is a look at some inspiration behind a few these forthcoming projects.

Project Movin’ On Up

Project Movin On Up

I mentioned this one a few days ago, and is not really new as we were hired a year ago to decorate an apartment in a new development, but the building has been slow and move in dates- which really for us is a “start decorating” date has been repeatedly pushed back. Things are moving along now though and I am excited to see this more grown up (for me) space come together.

Project Pluto

Project Pluto

This one is a particularly fun challenge for me as our client is not only a PURPLE lover, but she also majorly favors beige. And I majorly favor her, and am excited for the opportunity to show I can hang with the beigeist of them all- and love it!

Project Pink

Project Pink

We are just getting started pulling inspiration for this one, and I am giddy. Our client might even have more whimsical inclinations than I do, which is saying a lot. At one point I believe an entire room of baby sized mid-century furniture was suggested. It could get weird, and I secretly hope it does. Oh- and she loves pink. Obviously.

Future so bright gotta wear shades. Happy Hump-Dayyy!