Texas Tailgate

There is finally, FINALLY a chill in the air this week here in Houston. I am not getting my hopes up as Houston weather is known to tease you with seasonality, and then turn around and slap you with a 90 degree day in October. But I will take what I can get. Even though we don’t get much of a true fall down here in the south, it is still my favorite season- even though it does mean an above average amount of ESPN at our house.

Pete loves college football, and is a rabid Cubs fan, so this fall in particular has been all about the SPORTS. I am embracing it in my own way. Like with a festive tailgate!



I’m kind of hoping this Texas Tailgate edit we put together for Biscuit will make up for my poor sports attendance in college. When we were planning this shoot I tried to find pictures from my UT Tailgating days as inspiration, and what I found is that maybe I didn’t actually go to many games? I know I dressed in a lot of burnt orange, and spent time around many other people wearing burnt orange, but proof of actual game attendance is scarce.

I did find this gem. Babies!! And Pete’s shaved head! Is our skin also burnt orange? Or is that the reflective glow of our surroundings? Maybe both? Yikes.

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Shmamptons x OKL


One Kings Lane came out to shoot our farm a few weeks ago for a home tour. The first time the house was shot with Country Living, I basically finished installing our furniture to meet their deadline. I think we had spent maybe 5 total nights out there!

Over the year and a half since then we have spent nearly every other weekend at the farm entertaining friends and family. We have moved some things around to best suit our needs as we have used the house, and we have collected new treasures to layer in.

It was really fun to have the One Kings Lane team to come out and capture the home as it has evolved, and now that the pictures are live, I am enjoying comparing the spaces now & then…



RD_McCarthy_0511 1_F







Most of the changes are subtle. Adding an accessory layer, moving a piece of furniture…The biggest change was to the girly bedrooms. When we moved last fall we brought out Grace’s daybed from our old house and switched things around a bit so we could have another bedroom in the house. G’s situation out there with the wallpaper and sconces is one of my FAVORITE moments in the house.

But the biggest change since our first shoot?




So go check out the One Kings Lane feature…please? Ok, Thanks! And I will share more soon, like Trailer Swift! Our cute, refurbished guest-cabin vintage trailer.


Photos from our Country Living shoot by Roger Davies, styling by Becki Griffin

Photos from our One Kings Lane shoot by Lesley Unruh styling by Ann Edgarton

My Updated Chicago Restaurant Guide

I have been working on this post since we got back from TheBestTripEverOfOurLives in Chicago a few weeks ago, and I think I am going to have to break it up into 2 posts to really cover everything re: Restaurant & Kid Activity Recs. Somehow, even though we really got after it and did all of the things we still never felt run down or overwhelmed. Chicago in the summer, it’s a magical place.


I did a round-up of our favorite restaurants in Chicago before we moved 5 years ago, and it was one of the most popular posts I’ve done, so I thought after eating all of the things in Chicago, it was time for an update. I am not a food critic, so don’t look to these for accurate gastro-terminology, or pearls on the latest trends in fine dining. But I am a lover of food, and I get around,

Also, this post is long, so I am putting in a jump. Now. Hope you enjoy!

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Introducing the Wimberley in Coral!

5N2A3115 copy

The last of our Season 5 new colorways is the Wimberley now in Pink! The Wimberley is near and dear to my heart as the original colorway was an homage to the Texas hill country which is blanketed in fields of bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes every spring. I have always loved the scale of this print, and when I saw this image while perusing Pinterest one day…


I thought, ‘I want to go to there’ and then ‘We have to do the Wimberley in pink’.

5N2A3175 copy 2

5N2A3208 copy 2

5N2A3130 copy

5N2A3166 copy 2

5N2A3226 copy

This room was the hands-down Biscuit favorite of all the spaces we shot for our lookbook. It’s just so bright and cheerful! We paired the Wimberley with these sheets from Peacock Alley, and I love the play of texture and pattern. The wallpaper is Celerie Kemble for Schumacher, and the rug is from Dash & Albert.

Photos by Molly Miller for Biscuit Home

Small spaces for a city mouse


We have been in Chicago with the family for a few weeks for our big family summer trip, and it has been the best trip ever! I adore Chicago. Our time living here was so special, and we have so many friends and family here that it still feels like home. It’s hard to have your heart in two places. We love Houston, and we are so happy to be raising our babies there, but there is so much that draws us back to Chicago.

It has been great to be here for awhile and not feel so rushed to do all of the things. But we have still managed to do (and eat and drink) all of the things. We still have a few more places to try, but I promise I will report back with my updated Chicago restaurant/bar guide. (This is the one I did 5 years ago– some of the favorites on that list still hold up!) I will also add in some of the activities we have done with the kids- Chicago in the summer is the BEST for kids. We have spent hours playing in Lincoln Park, hitting up the farmers market, zoo, lake, it’s just so easy!

I never really got over having to sell our house here- it recently sold again and I tried to convince Pete we should buy it back and he reminded me that I was actually being insane. But I still do fantasize about having a little pied-à-terre in the city so we could visit friends and family as often as we wanted! This months House Beautiful is their small spaces issue, which is ALWAYS my favorite. I just love a tiny jewel box home, and this issue had Amir Khamneipur’s teensy perfect 700 sqft apartment in NYC and it is a total delight.

Amir Khamneipur 1 Amir Khamneipur 2 Amir Khamneipur 4

That got me on a pinning spree on my recently neglected “city mouse” board. Here is a sampling of my small space favorites…










I’ll be back next week with a rundown of our favorite things we got up to this trip!