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Fall Fashion

I am finding it hard to dress around my latest fashion accessory: The Orthopedic Boot. My handsome manservant is about to take me to J.Crew so that I can procure some boot-friendly ensembles. I think this outfit would work wonders to combat this early Fall we are experiencing in Chicago, and disguise Le Boot.

Misadventures of an Optimistic Cripple

So I have recently fallen on some hard times, more specifically, I was in a dancing accident which has  left me without the use of my ankle or foot for the next 6-8 weeks. 

{Featured: Broken 5th Metatarsal, aka, the Pinkie Toe’s Foot Bone}
As such my interests have shifted from blogging about design and Chicago exploration, to blogging about couch surfing, daytime TV, and the trials and tribulations of a sedentary lifestyle. My first adventure in codependency today is brought to you by fiancee and handsome manservant, Peter:
Because of my injury and restricted mobility, we have had to move from our third floor bedroom to a guest room on the first floor. Most of my clothing and accoutrements are still in our previous abode, and I rely on my handsome manservant to bring me items from the hinterlands. This morning I asked him to bring me a fresh change of clothes, specifically my baskets labeled “undies” and “work out gear”. Like the gentleman he is, he rushed off upstairs, triumphantly delivered two baskets at my mangled feet, gave me a big kiss, and rushed out the door to attend to his dayjob. 
Unfortunately, the baskets he left me with were labeled “undies” and “bathing suits”.
I am flattered that he felt I am attractive enough to go about my day on crutches and a bikini.

Happy Friday!

Good Morning To You!

“Joy! Joy! It is another Beautiful Day in which to Excel!”
My Father woke up up every morning by bursting into my room, flipping on the lights, and shouting this phrase- which twenty years later still rings in my ears.
I wish I could kick off my sheets every day and hustle out of bed like it’s Christmas Morning, but as my loving Fiancee would tell you, the Snooze Button and I have a close personal relationship and usually spend our mornings catching up- about every nine minutes for 63 minutes…
When Dads catch phrase fails to inspire me, the one thing that DOES help me out of the bed and into the world, is a darling little invention called Nespresso.
Hold on a second, let me put on my advertising hat, unfortunately I do not think I wear it as well as say…George Clooney?

Yes, that is right, Mr. Sexy Salt and Pepper himself is a huge fan. Or at least Nespresso has paid him to be a big fan. They have not paid me, although I would gladly accept a fee for my endorsement. So here’s the deal:
The espresso comes in these tidy little capsules

And all you have to do is place it into the handy dandy machine, and voila! Within mere seconds you have a delicious cup of Good Morning Sunshine!

Now I must be off, for it IS another Beautiful Day in which to Excel!

And so it begins…

Soooo…I dropped the ball again…and if any of you are still reading I am impressed by your loyalty and tenacity, I will try not to let you down. For awhile there I got a wee bit confused trying to figure out what this blog was supposed to be. 
Chicago travel guide? Interior design resource? Forum for angsty quarter life crises? I just didn’t know and it left me at a loss for words. 
Then I remembered I have about 10 readers and that is only because of the sheer boredom the workday seems to induce, and it would seem as long as I post SOMETHING to distract y’all for 5 minutes of your day, I have done my job. 
So now I am back. And today I have put on my interior design hat to update you on Clifford, The Big Red House’sFabUlasss makeover!
Before I post the pictures I want to warn you, they are a bit gruesome…But if it is helpful I would recommend you think of it more like the scene in Wizard of Oz when The Scarecrow gets fluffed up…
“Pat pat here, pat pat there
And a couple of brand new straws,
That’s how we keep you in repair
In the Merry Old Land of Oz”
This is what it was like when we first saw it…

And this is what it is like now!!!

Sort of before…






It is funny to think Pete and I got into this wanting just a wee little project! This is going to be a major adventure for both of us, and if we end up with more than a pile of rubble at the end I will call it a major success.