And so it begins…

Soooo…I dropped the ball again…and if any of you are still reading I am impressed by your loyalty and tenacity, I will try not to let you down. For awhile there I got a wee bit confused trying to figure out what this blog was supposed to be. 
Chicago travel guide? Interior design resource? Forum for angsty quarter life crises? I just didn’t know and it left me at a loss for words. 
Then I remembered I have about 10 readers and that is only because of the sheer boredom the workday seems to induce, and it would seem as long as I post SOMETHING to distract y’all for 5 minutes of your day, I have done my job. 
So now I am back. And today I have put on my interior design hat to update you on Clifford, The Big Red House’sFabUlasss makeover!
Before I post the pictures I want to warn you, they are a bit gruesome…But if it is helpful I would recommend you think of it more like the scene in Wizard of Oz when The Scarecrow gets fluffed up…
“Pat pat here, pat pat there
And a couple of brand new straws,
That’s how we keep you in repair
In the Merry Old Land of Oz”
This is what it was like when we first saw it…

And this is what it is like now!!!

Sort of before…






It is funny to think Pete and I got into this wanting just a wee little project! This is going to be a major adventure for both of us, and if we end up with more than a pile of rubble at the end I will call it a major success.

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  1. Dana August 14, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    Took you long enough! I've been deprived…

    PS. I deleted my previous comment b/c I decided my google name was embarrassing enough to warrant deletion :)

    PPS. Post on Lolla!

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