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Ghosts of New Years Past: A Retrospective

New Years Eve 2001: I receive my first kiss on the mean streets of Vail, Colorado.

nye07{Me and Petey NYE 2007…we have spent every New Years since we met together, all together now…Aww}

New Years Eve 2005: After pining away for Pete all semester he finally professes his love for me. Highly intoxicated I turn him down and proceed to turn the evening into a mess of catastrophic proportions. Hilarity ensues?

nyw091{Last years New Years, our “Dress as and BRING your favorite cocktail” party. I was Champagne and he was a New Orleans Gin Fizz}

New Years Eve 2009: Undaunted by my behavior over the past 4 years of our relationship (see above re: New Years 2005) Pete decides he wants to propose, and takes my bff Laura with him to pick out a ring that he will propose with weeks later. At midnight I proclaim that “2009 will be MY year…turns out I was right!

New Years Eve 2010: We are down in Florida with Petes brother and his fiancee Caitlyn’s family, and considering how much joy we all have to toast to in this past year, I see a saucy festive night ahead!


I cannot fully divulge the details of our evening (somehow somewhere I am certain I still have a respectable reputation to uphold) but I will leave you with this hint. I think it really says something about our passion for festivity that we were able to turn a NYE in God’s Waiting Room into…well…a lot of fun.fountain_web

I hope all of you have a blast ringing in the New Year and have resolved with yourself and your families whether it will be referred to as “Twenty Ten”


“Two Thousand and Ten”

Let the Debates and Champagne Begin!

A tip of the hat to The Bowery Hotel

Have you ever heard of The Bowery Hotel in New York?

Bowery Hotel Logo

I hadn’t until Gwyneth Goop’d about it, and since despite the fact that Gwynnie seems to live with her head ┬áimplanted into her hindparts lately, she hasn’t Goop’d me astray so far, and so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Let me tell you my friends, it was fab-u-lassss.


The lobby is a total scene without looking like it tries to be. It feels more like the living room in some charmingly dilapidated mediterranean home of a hostess who greets you in her kaftan and offers you a drag from her hookah than a cl├╝b, although the Lindsay Lohans of the world have been known to grace its parlor.


It is located in the East Village and was designed by Eric Goode and Sean Macpherson, the duo behind The Maritime Hotel and other groovy spots, and while the downstairs is vintage opulent luxe, the upstairs is much lighter and airier.


I have mentioned Gemma, the restaurant at the hotel, which is deeelish.


They have an outside patio which is clutch in La Ciudad, great people watching, and a really accommodating hotel staff.


Anyway, Pete and I are on vacation now, dreading our return to the real world and I think for our next adventure I need to introduce him to The Bowery, and suggest that each of you make its acquaintance on your next trip to NYC as well.

Rollin’ With The Homies

Hi Loves! I am in Florida for a little fun in the sun, so posting might be a little slow this week although I am still going to try my best.

If you haven’t already, PLEASE head over to Apartment Therapy to vote for Peppermint Bliss to win a 2009 Homies Award. It only takes a second and it would mean ever so much to me. If I don’t get in to the top 5 you are going to have to live with yourself, and I am not sure if you can handle that kind of guilt.


Deck the Halls with Disco Balls

I shit you not.


This is a real life Christmas Card my mom received this year, from a real life human being.

Wishing you and the crazies in your life a very Merry Christmas!

Jingle Bella

I am traveling today back to the sunnier skies of Houston, but I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I love you all and consider each and every one of you to be a blessing in my life.

And I hope you enjoy your Christmas gifts more than Bella did.