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Happy Friday


Look guys, I’m famous! Not really but Marianne did make my week. Thanks Marianne!

Decorno introduced me to some Unhappy Hipsters

Really cute/nerdy/creative save the date

One of my kind of strange but very loyal followers pure.ruth sent me this blog that seriously makes me snort in very unladylike laughter.

Do you have a babyfriend? These are cool.

Take me away.

A rare 2 Post a Day SITUATION

So my friend KP sent me this very helpful diagram on how to become a famous blogger.


Thank you KP. But I have another plan. Feast your eyes.


Now you might be saying to yourself: “Cute Puppy!” And I would say to you, Moron.


Look instead at that GORGEOUS SITUATION on the LEFT!!


Yes, my friends. Candid pictures of Mikey boy CLEARLY before his abs became a Situation.


Thank you to the most awesome blog reader and resident of Jersey EVER. You know who you are and I heart you.

No it’s not Snooki. But as a special treat I give you THIS done by mysterious reader pure.ruth using the truly amazing iPhone app called iSwap Faces.


And now YOU have a good day.

Tawk Amongst Yaselves

So I am out in LaLaLand this week meeting with my wedding planner, but I didn’t want to neglect all of my loved ones in the blogosphere so I bring you food for thought. The Beverly Hills Hotel. Iconic old Hollywood perfection. And the famous martinique wallpaper.







Dree-and-Vanessa by steven klein for vogue

indochine 4

nate berkus 2



Wedding Wednesday: Yellow Owl Workshop

Did you notice the wedding of these cute lovebirds in the latest Town and Country Weddings?


Well I did…Especially when I saw their beautiful hand painted invitations and though to myself…


…Self, Those Look Very Familiar!


Turns out they were done by Chris of The Yellow Owl Workshop who is currently hard at work churning out some really incredible and thoughtful save the dates for Petey Pie and me!¬†And while I can’t show you how those turned out…yet…I CAN show you some of her amazing work that is featured on her website and blog.


Like these Save The Dates which are among my absolute favorites.





Not getting married anytime soon? Never fear, spinsters, she has cool junk for you too!


Like these California Post Cards…


…Available in New York…


…And Vive La France as well!


Happy Campers?


Feeling Royal?


Spread some warm words in this chilly winter!


Or with this rad stamp set! Charming no?


And who wouldn’t be buttered up by a little latin lovin’ for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t y’all just love her work? Isn’t each piece so unique and beautiful!? Talk to me kids.

Ben and Katie in Haiti

First of all, thank you for making yesterday the biggest day in Peppermint Bliss history. You have no idea how much FUN I have doing this blog, and I am just thrilled that y’all come around here to check junk out. Keep coming back, ok?

There really is no way to make this transition a smooth one considering how frivolous my bloggyblog is, and how serious this next topic is, but I’m just going to go for it.


It has been two weeks since the earthquake in Haiti. I know many of you have donated in what was already a tough economic time, so I am not going to ask you to give more (although if you haven’t, please do, any bit helps!). What I AM going to ask is that you head over to my friend-of-a-friends blog and check it out and maybe leave them a kind word.


Ben and Katie moved to Haiti three weeks before the quake to do missionary work teaching at a school. Although it is unclear when/if their school will reopen, and many other volunteers have evacuated, they have stayed to help in the relief. Their school has been turned into a base camp for the US Military and other recovery groups, and they have done everything from run errands across the border for supplies, to assist in emergency surgeries.


They are really inspirational, but I cannot imagine how emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining all of this must be. So if you could stop by their blog and leave words of encouragement I think they would really appreciate it. Not to mention what you will get out of reading their wonderful blog.

Have I mentioned today that you guys are the best? You really are swell.