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Happy Memorial Day!

I hope your Memorial Day is filled with sunshine and bar-b-q’s and friends and family and all of that good stuff about the beginning of SUMMER that Memorial Day signals.

I also hope that you take a minute to honor the Veterans and those still serving our country who afford us our freedom. There are many organizations out there supporting our troops, one of my favorites of which is Puppies Behind Bars. I posted on this charity back in November, but I know a few of you weren’t around then and so just in case you missed it…

The program has prison inmates train puppies to be guide dogs for wounded veterans. The cost of training these dogs is usually prohibitive, $25,000, and the need for these dogs is high as they are particularly well suited for the PTSD that so many of our veterans suffer from. Good gets better as the experience of training the puppies has shown to be rehabilitative for the prisoners as well. Donating only takes a minute, and I assure you your hotdog will taste SO much better with a side of altruism.

And if you are in the mood for a good cry, watch this:

[watch the whole thing but esp 3:00 on…]


This is why…

…I was panicking about moving.

A lot of you were like, ohhh Bailey you are so dramatic it will be FINE! Have fun swimming in your margarita jacuzzi, stop whining!

Well the reason I was so nervous, my friends, is that Pete and I have the WORST LUCK EVER. Like Murphy’s Law should be renamed McCarthy’s law, because you have no idea what COULD go wrong until you try to undertake something with me and Pete.

So the move on Wednesday actually went pretty smoothly. Pete came and picked me up from the house after his final, we packed our worldly possessions into the car, and headed to a super fancy Chicago hotel for the weekend. I know. Life is hard, right? I mentioned to Pete that maybe we shouldn’t leave all of our worldly possessions in the car overnight, but he was all, “It’s a super fancy hotel, we’ll be fiiinneee”.

Fast forward to 9 am the next morning, rudely awakened from the head of hotel security saying that he was EVER so sorry to disturb us, but our car had been broken into whilst parked in their garage. Luckily, our car happens to be Optimus Prime, and they couldn’t break through the windshield. But they did have to send it to get the front AND back windows replaced.

But don’t you worry. That goblet might look small, but I assure you I consumed a jacuzzi’s worth of margs and felt much, much better.

I hope you all have a margarita or six in your Memorial Weekend Forecast!

The Baby Monster

My nearest and dearest, and really anyone I have had a lengthy enough conversation with, know that The Baby Monster occasionally takes hold of me. I am the first to admit I am sort of awkward around kids, I talk in a super high pitched voice and the idea of holding a newborn gives me a generally overwhelming sense of anxiety (the are just so tiny and fragile!), but I still very much want a snuggly babyfriend of my own!(My friend Katie’s baby makes my ovaries hurt, so. cute.)

I mean, really? I have to remind myself:

First comes love,

Then comes Marriage,

THEN comes the baby in the baby carriage.

So when one of my good friends, Katie, birther of that adorableness up above, asked me to post some nursury inspiration, at first I was all coy, like, oh yeah I’ll search around on the internets. Thennn I went to my super secret “babyroom” folder on my comp and…well…here ya go!

Traditional Home

Steven Gambrel

Serena and Lilly

Traditional Home

Above four via Urban Grace

Masucco Warner Miller

My Favorite and My Best

One of my all-time Favorites…Erika of Urban Grace’s baby nurseryUrban Grace

Design Sponge

Cynthia Rowley


Elle Decor

via Made By Girl

via Made By GirlAshley WhittakerApple Paltrow’s room

Amanda Nisbet

Katie Ridder

Jonathan Adler

Any of you hot mamas out there have some nursury lines/resources to share?

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoons

At times in the midst of this packing/moving adventure, I have found myself in the middle of a blackout dreaming of our honeymoon- That we still haven’t booked. We don’t have a lot of time for our trip (5 days), and our various plans have been foiled by plane schedules (Hawaii/Europe), Hurricanes (Caribbean, September = hurricane season), and drug wars (Mexico = Scary). So our latest idea, and I think it is a real winner, is to rent a little boat and sail along the Eastern Seaboard.

Nevermind that neither of us can Sail…details people.

We are currently deciding between heading North around Massachusettes up to Maine. Channeling Jackie and JFK.

Or moseying down south towards the outerbanks ala Joey and Pacey.

These are big decisions, and I could really use your input.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? And do you think I look MORE like Jackie O or Katie Holmes (pre-TomKat break with reality)? Pete’s real flexible and although his hairdo is more JFK at the moment, he has rocked the shaved Pacey hair quite well in the past.

If I survive…

…moving the next 2 days…

This will be me with a jacuzzi sized margarita.

Wish me luck!