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Wedding Wednesday: Favors and Welcome Baskets

As destination weddings have become more and more popular of late, the traditional wedding basket/favor has become more intense as well. As if your wedding budget wasn’t strapped enough, now you have to give your guests a PRESENT? Umm no. The honor of the invite should be gift enough.

I’m kidding. Sort of. But if you are going to include a welcome basket/favor situation, I have a few tips. I think your guests and I can agree that while we love you, we don’t need another trinket in our lives, and a silver heart paper weight with YOUR monogram on it isn’t necessarily the most useful item to lug home.

Like your wedding, your welcome basket should reflect you and your groom,

These adorable favors are bursting with the Bride & Grooms personality

The destination and theme of the wedding,

And make your guests feel appreciated.

I am a huge fan of edible/drinkable items, there are few things that make me feel at home like wine/cheese/candy.

If you have the budget/desire to go all out with your welcome baskets, there are resources below to help you do just that. But for my money, I think the most welcoming gift would include either a split of wine/champagne or some sort of snack that has meaning to you or the destination/theme…

A note from the Bride & Groom thanking guests for coming, and a map/brochure of the area.


If you want to expand on that other thoughtful items would be sunscreen, fans, hats, flip flops for tropical spots.

Perhaps a guide book…

A hangover kit for rowdy fiestas…

Other fun idea would be a sort of newspaper with custom crosswords, articles about the couple written by friends/family, to help guests who may know one of you better than the other get to know you individually and as a couple before taking part in your wedding.

Basically I think you need to be realistic about your budget. The Welcome Basket is not going to make or break your wedding, decide what you want to spend on it and go for quality over quantity.

Gift baskets:

Navy & Lavender sells fantastic various ready made, themed, gift bags

Kate Parker also creates ready-made cute regional gift baskets

Made In Colorado

Nokomis Grove

I love this sweet presentation

Tote Bags:

Inexpensive tote bags from Pearl River, attach a custom label or stamp the bag with a logo, and fill with your favorite treats!

LLBean tote bags are cute, practical, and inexpensive

Goosberry Press makes these totes with cool maps of various US cities

I love these wine totes by BeauCoup

Food:Custom colored M&Ms can be printed with your photo, wedding date etc.

Peterbrooke has a great selection of sweet/salty treats

Martha Approved Macaroons


Key Lime Sables

Loveless cafe sells some of the best biscuit mix, grits, jams, and hams in super cute packaging!

BeauCoup sells a lot of different customizable treats!

Caramel & Fleur de Sal Popcorn

Create candy bags with your favorite treats by color at Sweet Life

Custom Labels/Maps/Stamps:

Miss Pickles Press Etsy Shop sells customizable labels, tags, bags and cards.

Toast Its creates custom labels for wine bottles, you can add your own design and message to your guests.Berkeley Rubber Stamps creates custom stamps that you can use to decorate totes, labels etc.

Trial by Cupcakes makes custom maps of your wedding destination.

What do you think of the whole Welcome Gift thing? What would you like to receive upon arrival as a guest? What did you do for favors at your wedding? Best welcome gift you have received?

Let’s give stressed Brides some fresh ideas!

You’re too late, Marchesa…

I already found my SPARKLE PLENTY after-party Wedding Dress.
But this was a valient effort. And I respect you for it.

You sir, however.

Will be coming home with me. I don’t care how ridiculously overpriced you are

80 days until the Wedding…I am just saying, you might want to expect more Wedding/BrideBrat posts for awhile.

*note…will not actually be purchasing $600 t shirt…but might try to make it!

Come and knock on my door…

(The Neotrad)

(House of Turquoise)(Domino)(The Decorista)

(Honey Interiors)

(Journeys of Mangonett)
(Pure Style Home)(Desire to Inspire)(Miles Redd)


We have a new front door!

And I know it might not look like much now, but add some navy blue trim and this guy:(Sly Fox Doorknocker)

Painted to look more like this guy:

The orange on Mr. Fox will bring in the orange of the brick. I think it is going to look rill sharp.

What do you think of the color swatches so far? What’s your favorite shade of blue? Have any heavenly hues you think I need to slap on there before I make my decision?

Your colors are PINK and PINK!

I prefer blush and bashful…and humans who know what I am referencing here.

Decorating with a boy in mind is tuff, y’all. Especially when one of your long held decorating mantras is “When in doubt, paint it pink!” Every bedroom I have ever lived in has been pink,

(My babyhood bedroom had these D.Porthault sheets and I think some vintage pink bow wallpaper…it was the 80s and it was adorable)(Crappy lighting…My Austin bedroom, pink heaven)

Except for my current room in the garage apartment at my parents house, but the living room/kitchenette is pink so really I don’t think that counts.

(Houston Living Room)

This time around, however, Mr. Pete has every so gently requested he not live in Paris Hilton’s dream cloud, which for now at least, means no pink for me.

Except! My closet! Which I am happy to say is about as large as a mid-sized jail cell. And will be pink. And gold. And girly. Kind of like this:


(Miles Redd’s NYC apt)

(Nate Berkus for Katie Lee Joel)

And Britney will be looking down on me at all times to approve and disapprove my outfit selections (don’t worry, I take her advice with a grain of salt, always wear a bra, and I don’t even own any ripped jorts).

As such, Benjamin Moore’s Fashion Pink:

And Flamingo’s Dream have been in an epic battle of the paint swatches:

They read a whole lot prettier and more vibrant on the walls, and as of yesterday I think we have a winner. Any predictions as to which I chose/should choose?

This Post Includes a Mozzarella Bar. Need I say more?

First up, you all need to head over to Alaina’s Blog where I am guest posting today in one of the most fun series I have seen yet. Alaina asked several bloggers questions about what the movie of their life would be like, and to say it sparked delusions of grandeur and superstardom in yours truly would be an understatement. Go check it out, and tell my friend Alaina you say hi!

I realized reading my guest post on Sogni y Sorrisi last week that I never gave y’all an update on my last trip to LaLaLand. Pete and I had a wonderful time, as I mentioned there was a lot of couples matching…

Quality time with some pals.

Aren’t our friends adorable?

And…some seriously amazing eating.

First up, Joan’s on Third. My chef friend Brittany told us to get lunch here and yowza…so glad we did.Super cute.

And runneth over with delicious cupcakes, and sammies and mountains of CHEESE.

Aka my kind of spot.

Pete had some roast beef yumminess and I had the above delicious brie and ham thing.

And then we split macaroons…And then red velvet cupcakes. No big deal.

Also on our MUST GO list? Cafe Midi.

Located in cutecutecute homegoods store Maison Midi.

I literally wanted everything in there.

Especially these glasses, but had to refrain because I couldn’t figure out how to get them home. Luckily they have an online store!

Oh and look who else shops there, the cutest person in the universe!

p.s. In case there was any confusion, I did not take this picture. I would be happy just being near Rachel Bilson. Although not immediately adjacent because I would feel like The Jolly Green Giant. But I cannot IMAGINE standing and taking this picture while R.Bils gave you this face. I think everytime R.Bils makes this face, a puppy cries.


I know some of you might find this shocking, but I can be a little bit of a brat and kiiinnddd of a control freak. And so I kind of had a meltdown when Pete told me we were going to get sushi in a strip mall. BUT I WANNA MINGLE WITH CELEBS YOU GOOF. Well I am glad we did. Because this was honestly the best sushi I have ever had in my life. Ever. And I have had a lot of sushi. Even better? The rest of the week when we told local Lala-ers that we had eaten there, they were super impressed, all “How did you guys know about that place? That’s the best place in LaLa.” Ohhh, just my Knight In Shimmery Armor, Mr. Pete! That’s how! But seriously, go.

Osteria Mozza

I know you guys don’t all REALLY know me, but I feel like you understand that my love for cheese is real.

So let me tell you, when I show up to a restaurant that has a straight up Mozzerella Menu, I pretty much couldn’t have been happier unless Britney Spears was there feeding it to me.

This place is pretty hyped, it being a Mario Batali production and all, but it’s legit amazing.

Tune in tomorrow when I rant and wail about how I just can’t figure out why I am not losing any weight with the wedding rapidly approaching. And just ignore this post and give me a serious long-distance side-eye.