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Will Cotton + Katy Perry…These are a few of my favorite things!

I just saw this post on I Suwannee with a teaser for Katy Perry’s new California Gurls music video. And being the obedient blog reader I am, I watched it:

As I was watching it I thought to myself…

1. I’m hongray.

2. Katy Perry, you are a babe. I kind of want to be near you. And now knowing how much of a secret fatkid you are that this candyworld is your fantasy, I like you even more.

3. Wait a tick…is that? Could it be?

William Cotton? My most favorite artist ever? If that little pop tart actually got him to art direct her music video, well then I might just die of jealousy.

What do you think? Totally inspired by Will Cotton, right? Now you want to eat frosting from a cup…don’t you?