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My Work is on La Dolce Vita today.**UPDATE 2**


It works!! Go check it out!


Due to some technical difficulties the pictures on Paloma’s aren’t showing up for most of you, I emailed her to see if there is a way to fix it and hopefully they will be up soon!

Remember a few months back when I cryptically posted these images of inspiration for my latest client project?

Well the space was for my friends:

Chefs Brittany and Vaido who own an incredible catering company called Truffleberry Market here in Chicago.

They hired me to decorate the office and dining room in their new headquarters.

It was a MAJOR project as we were working against particularly charming Office Park Architecture, but I think we came up with something pretty incredible.

If you want to see the full before and (almost) after -we are still awaiting curtains and some upholstery- head on over to Paloma’s lovely blog, La Dolce Vita this afternoon!

Then come back here and tell me what a genius I am because I am feeling super needy.