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The Max Has Landed…and Lollapalooza thoughts.

So, how are you enjoying this little game we are playing?

The one where every morning you loyally brush your teeth, put on fresh undies, head over to, and hold your breath to see if I actually posted or not? It’s fun, right? I wish I had a new excuse, who unpacks a house for 3 weeks??

This guy! That’s who.

And I am really sorry, it has taken up way too much of my blogging time. And that has got to stop.

You know what else has been taking up blogging time?

This guy.

But unfortunately that IS going to stop as this little man is for Pete’s parents, not for us. SUPER SADS. His name is Max, and he is definitely a homosexual.

As, apparently, is our son Bernie. Or they are just really vain and finally got the opportunity to make love to someone who looks exactly like them, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Either way, puppy humping is disturbing.

Puppy best-friendship is adorable.

Pete’s mom is coming to pick Max up tomorrow, and I am pretty much devastated. Pete keeps reminding me that my darkest moment will be one of the happiest for his parents. But I am an only child and so other peoples feelings don’t really matter much to me.

(Here Max is telling Bern, ‘I wanna be JUST LIKE YOU when I grow up!’ Berns like: You gotta learn to play it cool, man)

Luckily, I don’t have much time to be sad. I am hosting a bachelorette dinner tonight for my future sister-in-law, Caitlyn, and I could not be more excited to do my first real entertaining in my new kitchen! Oh, AND Lollapalooza is only a week a way.

Lollapalooza: The Story

Prequel: Junior year of college when I first moved to Austin alllll my friends could talk about was ACL (Austin City Limits) and how excited they were. So I bought myself a 3 day pass, put on my best hipster gear, and headed out into the 100+ degree heat to groove to some jams. Before seeing any actual shows I decided that this was, in fact, hell on earth after some guys sweaty armpit touched my shoulder. I availed myself of the cheeseburger accomidations, and promptly went home. Never to return. This day lives in infamy to all of my friends…

Lolla ’09: I am met with serious side eye when I tell my friends I have opted for a 3 day Lollapalooza tour. With good reason. The first show we saw was Bon Iver and it was raining and I was freezing and I cried a little bit. Not because I was so moved, because my bosoms were freezing off.

But then, the grown-ass woman I have become since Pete proposed (holla!) decided not to let a little rain miss out on an excuse to party, and I became the Canductor and Caboose of the Party Train.

I was even voted best dressed, most valuable player, and most improved by my friend Berry. And she would know.

Still going strong on Day 2: Hotter than the Blazes.Amongst my fellow Texas at Robert Earl Keene

Day 3, full hipster assimilation has happened.

So Lollapallooza is happening in a week, and I am THRILLED to know that Chef Graham Elliot is in charge of food this year. LIke WHA?? Rumors of Hot Dougs, Big Star, Sunda, Kuma’s Corner. Dumb.

But we can’t forget what it is really all about: The Music.

And here is who I am most excited to see this year:

Arcade Fire: I have heard they do major brain dominance in concert. They are closing so vodka is probably also going to be doing some major brain dominance simultaneously.

Cut Copy: Lights & Music…one of Pete’s bands…pretty good.

Edwarde Sharp: Home. ‘Nuff said.

Matt & Kim: Pretty. I like Good Old Fashioned Nightmare and Turn this boat Around.

Mumford & Sons: By far my most excited Lolla “discovery”. Absolutely beautiful. Awake my Soul and The Cave are my faves.

The National: So hot right now.

The Temper Trap: hyped to be this Lolla’s Passion Pit. I hope not because after last year all Pete wanted to do was invite passion pit over to play for fun/free in our yard and I had to just sit and stare at Pete for about an hour after he made his case for such ridiculousness, and just wonder and about him.

The XX: Good. Stars is best. To me.

Yeasayer: I really just like saying this name, tightrope is good too.

So take that for what you will. Britney Spears is still my dream lady, and I know that says a lot of things about me, but that is ok. And as long as you are ok taking music tips from an admitted B.Spears fan, we’re good to go!

Any of you other sneaky readers going to Lollapalooza? Who do you want to see??

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos

After much internet searching I have determined that Engagement Photos ARE  in fact a real (if not a more recent) thing you do when you get married. I really thought our wedding planner was just effing with us, because honestly, you could not imagine two people more awkward in a photoshoot situation. We were both already kind of dreading the posing for pictures at the wedding itself, but figured we would be all hopped up on LOVE goofballs and feel a bit more natural.

So now our photographer, with whom we get an engagement session included in the price of booking him regardless, and who am I to pass up free vanity…is coming out to Chicago in a week to do this so-called “engagement session”. And I have zero ideas of what to do.

Because who wouldn’t want beautiful, art-y pics of you and your special manfriend.

But WHO just naturally sets them selves up for a shot like this?

This is mostly what I tend to look like in candids:

Maybe they aren’t candid and you just ham it up and work the camera?

There are certainly a few prevailing trends:

The look-away hand hold:


Passionate Kisses/Intimate Moments:

And they are all lovely…but here is the thing. Pete and I never hold hands, its a clammy situation, and I don’t really need a picture of us posed American Gothic style clammed on. So that is out. And balloons…Meh? I mean I feel like they are cute and joyful but kind of done by now. Intimate moments/passionate kisses are ALWAYS my faves, but the idea we would just like sit there and canoodle while a guy takes pics sounds just too much like a porn-y sand dog situation.

I just don’t think we will feel comfortable enough to be natural in front of the cam, and even so, we have a severe lack of wildflower fields that I know of around these parts!

These too fools seem WAY more our speed. She is mimicking my dances moves/enthusiasm pretty much perfectly, and the threat of shirt removal is very Pete- except with Pete it is not so much a threat but a certainty.

Anyway. Who has ideas for unusual spots in Chicago to take our so called “Love Shoot”? Thoughts on how to chill out and be yourself? What you imagine Pete and I will be doing in our pics? Is drinking during them a bad idea?

Help me, Rhonda.

Photos: Once WedSnippet and Ink

This is what happens when…

…When you get a bunch of (smart, talented, blahblahblah) like-minded blogger-ladies together…

(Me- looking rough, Crystal of Plush Palate-thanks for the picture btw, Jess of Makeunder My Life, Alaina of Live Creating Yourself, and Fallon of A Lovely Being)

…And feed them my margaritas…

It was ridiculous. And v. fun. And I can’t wait to do it again soon! As always- if you are in the Chicago area and are looking for a non craigs-listy good time, I’m your girl!

Today I am heading downtown to meet with lawyers and finalize some of the un-funner parts of starting a bidness. I feel all grown up/probably should start thinking about what needs to go down at said meeting and less about “My Most Responsible-Looking Ensemble”.

Afterwards, though, I am treating myself to an afternoon at FatCamp aka The Spa, in this case Bliss Spa Chicago. I thought my skin was beginning to behave after I started doing nice things for it like lathering on magic potions at night, and sleeping…


So hopefully a little facial action will move me a bit closer towards bridal beauty. But what I REALLY want to try is their Quadruple Thighpass. They say it is for those with “thigh anxiety”, umm yess, and that somehow they can whip sluggish lymph glands into shape and that in 6 wee sessions you will have “fabu-legs”.

Now, I have mentioned before my intense fear of/issues with cellulite. And some smartasses have suggested margaritas and or cheese might be to blame (the real delicious kind, not the proverbial cottage on the leg kind) and I have suggested that they keep their opinions to themselves. But now I have like, 50 something days or something ridiculous until our wedding, and am open to all suggestions. And yes- I have been working out dummies- I am talking should I go in for the Quadruple Thighpass, or do you have some other fantastic snake-oil-esque solutions for me?

Happy Friday!

Well THAT came out of nowhere! Friday that is. I distinctly recall chanting over and over again to myself, “I just wish this week would enddd”. And look! It has!

I hope you all have hot dates with your significant Misters or Sisters, but if anyone is in need of a little matchmaker, I would highly recommend looking into VideoMate. Because I fell in love about 6 times while watching this gem.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I will be back Monday morning with survey results/feedback, some of my most favorite rooms of all time, and virtual internet love for all of you!

Summer Lovin’

(And yes that ridiculously lame title is all I got for you on this one)

Ever since I finally got up the nerve to start Quin B Studio, I have been trying to figure out how I would describe myself as a designer. “Random” doesn’t sound like it would inspire a lot of confidence in potential clients, but “Eclectic” sounds like a cat lady- but that might just be me. I have been really inspired by honing in on designers that I really admire and who I think I share a sensibility with, and somehow looking at their work has helped me figure out my own styles likes/dislikes and perspective.

One of the people on that ever-so-exclusive list is new-to-me Chicago designer, Summer Thornton.

Chick is super talented, her work always looks so fresh to me. Plus she is a babe, and I like pretty people.

The Chicago connection doesn’t hurt either.

We seem to share a love of velvet…

…a little drama, though I detest the word…
…Gold + Animal print……wallpaper+velvet tuftedness yums……Bold, I usually am afeared of super dark spaces like this one, but I think all the textures warm it up for me……normally not a neutral girl, and kind of can’t swallow the furry fuzzy pillows, but loving the serene taupey gray…

…This is just rad.I don’t even know that it would occur to me to upholster a wingback chair with blue plaid and then plop it at the end of a big ol’ dining room, and that makes me kind of sad because I love it and wish it would have occurred to me.
Probs her most famous space…Chick is not afraid of pattern, and I cosign almost all of her furniture choices. This room feels attainable, too. Not like in the junky ikea trip way, like in the smart choices way.

The bones were obviously in the space, and I think she took architectural elements that are more traditional and made them seem young and fresh.I know there isn’t a headboard, and that might be a nono to some people, and I don’t think the addition of one would hurt the space…But I love it. I love the gold wallpaper inset into the mouldings, I love the lamps. I love the bedding.

There are a few things here that look verrryyy familiar to me, but you guys are just going to have to wait and see!

So, my faithful readers who I turn to for all of life’s quandaries…how would you describe my style? What about Summers? What about your own taste?