Furbishy Bliss

Did y’all see that Jamie Meares of ISuwannee/Furbish is now peddling her wares online? This is very good news, and let me show you why:

She makes cool junk like this, vintage map dresser.Non-heinous dog beds? Yes please.

Funky shell ottoman

Don’t even talk to me about this setee, I want it so bad. Nevermind I have no place to put it, I am kind of just thinking about putting it on TOP of another piece of furniture, like our dining room table. Wouldn’t THAT be quirky?

I am obsessed with these botanical prints…and I DO have a place for thems. So they will be coming home with me, thank you very much.


And it’s Lonny approved, which we all know the lady bloggers love.

I also love Jamie because she Followed Her Bliss from design blogger in a meh job, to adorable shop owner/decorator (read more about it here). Which is awesome for all of us who have followed her along the way, and also because I do well with role models. And sometimes B.Spears just doesn’t cut it as a guide for good life choices.

Who are your secret role models? People you admire for following their bliss? What would you secretly like to do in life that you haven’t had the guts to admit to the world yet?


  1. Liz August 12, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    I am obsessing over that adorable mapped dresser! I would like to design clothes that allow me to dress like a 12 year old 7 days a week. If this happens one day I will make you a patterned jumper with a matching hairbow and sparkly mary janes!

  2. Christina August 13, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Jamie is brillz. I rang her and she is so sweet and accomodating with designing long distance. Her blog is wonderful and I cannot wait to work with her. Although dancing through life like B. Spears is very tempting,I’m glad there are other career options(like Jamie’s route)that are rewarding for us creatives. You looked awesome at Lolla:) If I lived in Chicago I would intern for you…you are mad talented! Thank you for sharing your designing life with us.

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