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“Mawwage. Mawwage” Lauren of Pure Style Home

Hi, It’s Lauren from Pure Style Home just popping over for a guest post while Bailey gets married!!

{A pic of me on my wedding day:  Oct 8, 2005}
Bailey’s asked us guest bloggers to tell you our favorite memory from our wedding day.  (Ok, and my answer excludes the wedding night 😉   My favorite memory is probably just dancing like a madwoman at the reception.  It’s so much fun to dance at weddings, especially when they’re playing your favorite songs!!
And my favorite memories from our marriage are probably our boys being born…  There’s nothing like a new baby and it’s amazing to when they get here…  (I am getting so cheesy on here- sorry!!)
{me & my husband a couple of weeks ago}

My wedding advice is that not everything will go as planned on the “big day,” but know that & get over it, and realize that you’re marrying the love of your life…  who cares if the party isn’t exactly as you’d envisioned?  Keep your priorities straight and nobody likes a Bridezilla.  😉  .. And also, spend as much time with your new spouse as you can.  You’ll be pulled in a million directions on your wedding day but it’s most important to spend it with him.

Ok, and this wasn’t asked but someone gave this advice to me on marriage & I think it’s good:  Always focus on making the other person happy and putting him/ her first (not yourself)…

Bailey- have a beautiful wedding and I’m so happy for you!!!

xoxo, Lauren

“Mawwage. Mawwage.” Jenny of My Favorite and My Best

I love Jenny like a fatkidfrenchie loves Macaroons. She is funny, talented, and always rill. She and her husband also created one of the most visually appealing childnuggets on the interwebs, just FYI. If you don’t already read her blog, I don’t really know what you are still doing here because you should rush right over. But maybe read her post first.

Thank you, Jenny! I superlove you!


Baileymost days i hate my husband. ok maybe not hate.  more like if-you-just-weren’t-in-the-house-and-in-my-eyeballs-so-much-i-could-stand-your-face-right-now.  so…no…not hate per se.
look, the fact of the matter is i have been married for 10 1/2 years.  together for 12.  we got married bc we were in love.  i wasn’t knocked up or anything.  fiona came nearly 5 years in.
but after awhile love changes.  it grows and it wanes.    the quirky little things you loved about that person inevitably become the things that drive you to drink.   most people would agree that when you know…you know.  i knew.  i still know.  but that doesn’t mean i don’t want to chop his head off with a scythe from time to time.

but our story is full of double rainbow almost triple rainbow what does this mean awesomeness:

i worked at a bar/restaurant called caramba cafe in atlanta.  i was a waitress.  mike came in one night and sat at the bar with a girl named jill.  i knew right away that they weren’t together.  a girl just knows these things.  coincidentally my good friend, also a jill, was visiting me at work.

mike was drinking tecate with lime. kinda douchey.  but man was he cute. he had dimples and good teeth.   i knew pretty instantly that i wanted to do it with him.  but probably also have a relationship with him.  truth is i pretty much knew that i was going to marry him.

a conversation several days later would prove that fate was at work on our behalf.

caramba cafe:
my perspective.

me: hey jill that guy is hot. and he tooootally likes me.

jill: yeah. he is checking you out.

me: i don’t think he’s “with” that girl, do you?

jill: fuck if i know.

me: yeah, no…he isn’t.  he can’t be right? cuz he is practically doing it with me with his eyes and dimples.

jill: i guess.

(you should know that i was wearing jean cut offs and a thrill kill cult t shirt)

me: oooh!! he’s leaving…ok…when he leaves if he turns around to look at me it’s a sign that we’re getting married.

jill: you’re retarded.

(mike walks out the door and around the back, stops in front of the window, turns…looks at me and waves.)

meanwhile…. a conversation is happening simultaneously…
mike’s perspective:

mike:  i really think that the right girl is out there for me jill.  she has to be funny, smart and cool.
like that girl.  she’s cute.  and she’s checking me out.  like really checking me out..

jill: whatever mike. you are too picky. your “girl” doesn’t exist bc you are too picky.

mike: no...that girl is really cute and….weird. she is making funny faces and looks slightly retarded when she does.  what a nerd.  i like her.

jill: whatever. ok. ask her out. let’s go.

mike: no…when we leave i am going to turn around and look back and if she smiles at me…that’s it. she’s the one.

and scene.

yes that did happen. every bit of it.

but it get’s weirder….

cut to a few weeks later :

on one of our dates we went to a park (we may or may not have done it in the park behind some bushes) and started talking…

mike: what is your most memorable christmas?

me:  when i was a kid we would go to iowa where my grandparents lived.  we would always go to the froeschle’s farm.  they were my grandparents’ best friends.

mike: i know some people named froeschle that have a farm in iowa.

(now, if you’re like me you realize that you couldn’t find a more random name to know than if you opened the phone book and just pointed)

me: no.  no you don’t. who? chris? kathy? luke? marion and dick??? those froeschle’s???? are you fucking with me?

mike: no!!!  kathy froeschle now kathy anderson is my mom’s best friend and her daugher, gretchen…is MY best friend!!

me: i know gretchen!! we swam in the horse trough together!!  (no judging)

at this point i was thinking- what are the odds that when i was a little girl in missouri, growing up, taking trips to iowa to see my grandparents that i was hanging out with my future husband’s best friend? so gretchen was playing with me in the horse trough and then going home to tell her best friend (my future husband) that she hung out with me?!?!?  do you get the jesusmagicpower that this is?
you just can’t get any more dianetics-the-secret-second-coming-of-jesus-dan-brown-and-his-religious-epiphany-books-holy-shit-sack-meant-to-be-awesome than this….

once we decided that we were obvs meant to be together we got engaged.

there are days that i wish i was still that single girl.  but this is normal, i think . it’s scary to think of the finality that is “for the rest of your life” or “til death do you part”.  but i can’t imagine my life without him and the family we have created together.  that notion is really scary.  he’s a good person and an amazing father.  i am lucky.  marriage is really super hard.  it gets harder before it gets easier.  it’s always a work in progress.  but totally worth it.

my wishes for you and pete:  a happy home with very few fights, lots of romantic gestures and to always come from the same place regarding money and family.

love your favorite and your best,

“Mawwage. Mawwage.” Camila of High-Heeled Foot in the Door

I love Camila, her blogs was one of my first faves, but when we started emailing a few months back I was all WHAT THE WHAT? This girl rules. Aka we have been told we remind people of each other, and since I think she is awesome, I concur. Anyway, if you don’t already know and love her blog, go check it out, otherwise…Enjoy!



I’m attaching a favorite picture from the big day. Of course it’s just one of me alone and no groom in site!

It was taken in the limo before I headed out to the church. It’s one of my favorites, because you can check out my drool worthy dress that I had to have. Of course it was made by Vera Wang and even though I had already purchased an Amsale dress at a crazy discount sale for $400 I had a change of heart when I slipped into the Vera Wang. I knew right away that it was my dress so out came the credit card. Would love to say it was Mom & Dad’s credit card footing the bill, but the dress bill was footed by me. To date it’s the most expensive article of clothing I’ve ever bought, but I don’t regret it for a second. It was heaven. I topped it off with my darling vintage pearls that were an ebay steal for $12! You know I always love a mix of high and low.

My best piece of advice? Enjoy it! It goes by so fast. Treasure every second. Stop worrying about the centerpieces and your bridesmaid hair, etc. Just think about you and your groom and how everyone is there to celebrate with you! Some people decide to forgo a videographer, but it was one of our splurges. It is so fun to put on your dress (yes, we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this coming January and I have yet to get it professional cleaned and preserved.) and watch it on your anniversary! (yes, Jon has come home and totally found me squeezed into my dress. 🙂 )

Thanks for inviting me to share a little bit about my day. I hope you enjoying the whole process and can’t wait to see pictures of your big day! Many hugs and kisses to you and Pete!

“Mawwage. Mawwage.” Alison of My Little Happy Place

Everything about today’s guest blogger makes me smile. I like her face, and her cute babies/cute baby names, I like that she is from Texas, and I think its super cool that she lives with her family in Brazil. I also would have really liked to have gone to her wedding because it looks beauty and fun and magical. If you feel like you need a warm virtual hug, go over to My Little Happy Place and tell her I say “hello”.
Thank you so much for post, Alison!
I was delighted when Bailey asked me to participate in her guest post series about weddings, as I love recalling my own! My husband and I were married six years ago in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Our guest list was rather small, but we spent three days with everyone before our Big Day, enjoying the company, and the amazing, Colonial Mexican town that is San Miguel. It was our version of perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing!
My fave picture from Our Day – our glowing faces (and my green shoes!)
I have so many great memories, but one of the funniest was when one of the fireworks from our celebration dudded out, and shot like a rocket straight into the home above our reception. This picture captures our reaction pretty well (if only we could’ve seen that homeowner’s face!)
The best wedding advice I can give, based on our experience, is to enjoy some time with your guests before your actual wedding day. That way, you will have gotten some of the obligatory chit chat out of the way, and you’ll have more time at your wedding to really absorb each other, and the day.

Best Wishes, Bailey & Pete!

“Mawwage. Mawwage.” Emily A. Clark

Today’s “Mawwage…” post is brought to you by Emily of Emily A. Clark. Who blows my mind. Regularly. Not only is she super talented and owns her own decorating business, chick has 3 children, and from what I can tell her sanity as well. Miracles I think. Anyway, I love her blog and loved her post and think you all will to!



1.  My favorite memory from our wedding is the moment I walked down the aisle.  It will be ten years ago this November, but I remember it vividly. Right before the church doors opened, I remember my dad saying “all smiles–we paid too much for this wedding for you to cry” or something to that affect!  On the walk down, I just remember looking at my husband-to-be the whole time and thinking how happy I was that this moment was finally here.
2.  My favorite memory of our marriage is definitely the births of our three children.  There is no better feeling.  You think your wedding day is special until the day you have a baby.
3.  My best piece of wedding advice is just to take it all in.  Don’t get stressed about the little details once the actual day is here.  Enjoy every moment being “the bride.”  It’s your day.