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McCarthy’s Get Mawwied: Rehearsal Dinner

Ok, so I don’t think I make a secret of the fact that my now-husband and I occasionally avail ourselves of a cocktail. But we can also be quite charming and appropriate and I would highly encourage you to consider us highly desirable dinner guests. We generally know when to rage and when to stick to our Table Topics. Generally.

On our rehearsal dinner night, I think Pete got confused.

We held our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on the Thursday before our wedding, the thought being that we wanted a really intimate rehearsal dinner, and most guests would not arrive until Friday, so we could keep it small without excluding anyone. Friday night would be a Welcome Party for all geusts- more on that later.

So Pete and I arrived in Aspen on Tuesday, and had dinner with both of our parents. Pete and our families stayed in town all week, and I stayed at our ranch where the wedding was to be held with my bridesmaids.

Wednesday a few friends and family who had arrived in Aspen early had a casual dinner at Woody Creek Tavern. Thursday afternoon a bus came from the hotel in town with our families, Pete, his groomsmen, and ushers and house party for the rehearsal.

P.S. I was telling my friends after my hair and makeup was finished (by fabulous professionals) that I thought I looked like Taylor Swift.

They just looked at me confused like I had a star-shaped head.(Mind you, in trying to imagine, the lips were red!)Maybe??

What was the first thing my Mom said when she saw me that afernoon? “You kind of look like Taylor Swift!”

I love you, Momma.

Afterwards, we loaded the buses back up and returned to town for the dinner at Caribou Club.
It was such a cool atmosphere, we had drinks in their sort of Native Americany lounge…

Very Ralph Lauren chic, no?

…Before a seated dinner in the main dining room.

Because of the setup tables were small, 4, 6, and 8 people a piece, and it was a really great way for people to start to get to know each other who might not already be bffs. The tables were beautiful and simple, just some good old fashioned red roses and candlelight.

Dinner was delicious- or so I heard. I was too busy listening to all of the incredible toasts to be worrying about food- which is saying a lot for a fatkid like myself. I mean honestly, I think most bloggers would probably have to admit to a little vanity- why else would you put your life out there in the interwebs unless you think you are at least a little awesome and might be in need of some more attention. I will. So to have the people I love most in the world stand up, bathed by super flattering candlelight, and tell heartwarming and funny stories about how much Pete and I rule was pretty much my bliss.

Literally every single toast was funny and heartfelt and made Pete and I feel so loved.

One of the highlights for sure was my two bridesmaids and bffs, Laura and MayMay, who set their toast to a musical review.

Their song choices, quite appropriately were as follows (with some choice lyrics, natch):

Hit Me Bailey One More Time

Oh Bailey, Bailey/ How were we supposed to know/ That we would have to share you/ Oh Bailey, Bailey/ Ain’t gonna let you go/ But now you’re gettin’ married/ We must confess/ We are jealous (Of Pete!)/ It’s killin’ us nowwww/ Don’t ya know you’re my best friend/ What did you say?/I thought she was miineee/ Love ya Bailey for all time!

Petey Got Back

I like Pete McCarthy & I cannot lie/ Chicago boys are so fly/ When Bails walked in/ freshman year/ with a cocktail in her hand/ Pete got SLAMMED!

Their Hearts Will Go On, and finished with a rousing edition of Baby Mama– if you haven’t heard it, it’s by Fantasia and is amazing. Look it up.

Me lovin’ on Mayzr after her performance.

It was all very lovely and heartwarming. Afterwards there was a cocktail reception at the Sky Hotel for all of the guests that had flown in that night.Lots of my super cute ladyfriends at The Sky.

But then somewhere along the way I think Petey got some bad ice in his drink. And things kind of fell apart a bit.This was the last documented moment of Pete’s presence that night, and I think it just really accurately expresses everything. Just everything.

Now, I am not using my blog to unfairly call out my truly adorable husband. I too became a wildebeast at one time or another over the weekend, I just waited- like a lady- until I was in the privacy of my own home…

…with props… Of course.

Tomorrow I will be posting our invitations (for the first time!) and our save the dates (for those who missed them…) and some behind the scenes scoop of just how we got to the big day so that we are all caught up for the Big Day posts on Monday! Sound good?

Adventures on the High Sea…

…Or as Pete prefers to call it, “Bailey’s Tour of Doughnuts”

But let’s start from the beginning.

Pete and I flew out of Aspen at the crickety-crack of dawn on Sunday, it was painful, and flew to New York for the night. We went to a romantical dinner at Grammercy Tavern, and were introduced to the wonderful world of English Mead.

Apppparently back in the day the term “Honeymoon” was actually coined from the tradition of newlywed couples drinking English Mead-a sort of kind of rank but also mildly yummy-honey liquor wine thing which newlyweds would drink every night for the first month of their wedding. Thus: Honey (because it is made from honey, duh) and Moon like a lunar month. Soooo my drunkenness for the next month is sponsored by English Mead.

(Mr. & Mrs. Drunky McSleepyeyes)

And now you know.

We woke up early Monday morning and went to go meet our charming vessel that would be carrying us over the high seas for the next week. I, looked fantastic:

Just in case you needed more proof…

And the boat was loverly.

We set sail for Sag Harbor, where we spent two days apple picking…

…wine tasting…

…and generally being an adorable newlywed couple.

Then it was off to Block Island for a day.

Where we spent the day riding bikes around the teensy tiny island and marveling over the sheer multitude of bars. It was incredible,

Our kind of place.

Next up was Martha’s Vineyard. Where we saw lots of pretty houses……And Pete suffered a humiliating loss to me in Bananagrams.

Honeymoons call for sexy times. Obviously. Things got wild.

On to Nantucket, where Pete discovered that hydrangeas come in blue, but not in Chicago, and that made him sad.

Then in an incredible bit of foreshadowing, a thick fog settled upon the harbor.A sign of dark things to come.

And come they did. The next morning. At breakfast.Doughnuts.

Well hello there, old friend. Seems like we meet again.

Doughnuts are one of those food stuffs that I have forced out of my brainbox. They are just too ridiculous. Can you imagine any productive, attractive, respectable person who starts out every day with a basket of doughnuts? I defy you to find me one. And so, a few years ago, I just said “Goodbye Doughnut, I will never speak of you again. We had some fun times in elementary school when people would bring you for the class for Birthdays. But that is all you are, a treat. For children. On birthdays. And I am a grown up and I have no use for you”. But then there they were. Sitting and waiting for me at breakfast one morning asking me to reconsider. And I did. I really, reealllyyy did.

But this blogpost doesn’t need to be hijacked by my rediscovered love of breakfast pastry just because our honeymoon was, so we will move on. For now.

After a few bumps in our nautical road caused by the aforementioned crazy fogness, Pete and I left the boat and headed to Newport by land where the boat would then meet us when the weather cleared.

Pete and I found Newport to be QUITE charming. Not only for its picturesque harbor, lovely Cliffwalk, and seriously unreal “mansions” (that is a whole post within itself)…But for the fact that the town hosted a wine festival in our honor. Or, at least that is how it felt.You are witnessing the consumption of a prosecco cupcake washed down with glass of prosecco. Both free. Both joy inducing.

Then the embarassing thing happened. I finally let my new husband in on the real secret of just how LARGE a fatkid I will always be inside, no matter how I try to starve her on the outside.

Candace, our lovely stewardess aboard the boat was asking us what we would like for our final breakfast on board before departing the next day. And I told her I would like to continue my now 4 day in a row morning doughnut habit, please and thank you! To which she responded, “Oh yeah that should be fine, I actually saved a few for you from our last stop…but I don’t think we have much of a variety. Only plain glazed”. I must have blacked out sometime during that statement because when I came to Pete and Candace were both laughing at me and told me that I had responded- far away look in my eye- with:

“OH! That’s ok. Plane glazed are my favorites…So are the sugar ones. I like those too because you get more sugar. I never thought I could like the crumb kind, but those were delicious! Of course, rainbow sprinkles are my favorite. But those are probably harder to find around here. There is also a bakery down the street that I saw and I can always go check with them”

I mean…in front of my HUSBAND!!!!! Complete fatkid blackout. But now the truth is out, and I think it just falls under the whole for better or worse thing comes into action. And it certainly could be worse.

Then it was the last night, which was crazy since it felt like we just got there.

We had a lovely meal aboard, and awoke in the morning to the most beautiful sight a girl had ever seen.Plan glazed, sugar, cinnamon, rainbow sprinkles…Gang’s all here!

I was very happy…Pete was happy too…for a minute.

‘Cause then it was all over.

Dreams of high seas piracy were dashed, cast back into a cold damp reality. And we were very sad. But then happy to return to our home and our pupperz as the new Mr. & Mrs. McCarthy!

I hope you guys enjoyed the honeymoon recap and are ready to go tomorrow with our first real wedding recap: The Rehearsal Dinner. With me as Blair Waldorf, which could only sound awesomer if it was instead me as Britney Spears. Blair was probably more appropriate for the occasion though. I guess.

If I hadn’t just changed my name…

We’re Back! We got in late last night, came home, Pete heaved me over the threshold (our honeymoon ended up being a lot about my love of food…and I have returned a bit more zaftig than I left…but that is a story for another post) and we immediately set to work catching up on our DVR. Which meant first up, Gossip Girl. The episode that aired the Monday after our wedding?
The one where Blair wore this?

Which is significant, because exactly four days earlier at Pete’s and my rehearsal dinner, I wore this:

One more time for the slow folks…And now me, 4 days earlier…

…I mean, if I hadn’t just changed my name to Bailey McCarthy, I would take this as an unmistakeable sign that I should be Bailey Waldorf.

Hers was some fancypants designer, mine was Kara Janx. The style is actually CALLED “The Bailey” if you can believe it. I know, I got chills too.Oh…and then of course this…Via Neotad…via Vogue Italia.

And now sit back, relax, and prepare for at least a week of non-stop wedding re-caps. Starting first, tomorrow, with our honeymoon-because the photographer’s pics won’t be ready for awhile, and I know y’all are sick of me being such a miserable tease first with the non-reveal of our house re-do and all, so I am stealing gathering pictures of the wedding from the paparazzi guests.

Thank you to everyone who filled in for me while I was away, it was so nice to know my little bloggyblog was in good hands and that I could really let go, enjoy kissing my new husband, and get fat and occasionally a bit drunk on my honeymoon! I now feel sufficiently wedded and well-rested and prepared to resume my responsibilities as your work-day distraction.

Hasta Manana!


Today is the last day of our honeymoon, almost back to reality. Actually, I am writing this 3 weeks ago. So who knows what is going on right now. All I know is we are supposed to be flying back to Chicago today. But I might just say “eff it” and take Pete hostage and stay out on the high seas forever. That’s the thing about the future. It is unpredictable.


I found these invites through Snippet and Ink right before we left for the Wedding and was like DARN! I wish I had thought of that. 

Aren’t they just so cute?

Especially for a fabulous Fall back-to-school time of year celebration?

I showed them to Pete, but he didn’t think they were as cute. Probably because HE actually DOES have to go back to school. Like, today.




I’m still technically on hiatus but I missed you and wanted to say “hi” and show you something pretty.


Pretty, right?
Taken by my bff Laura on her recent European adventures.

That is all.

Goodbye Now.