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The Candy-Man Can…

This year Pete and I will be this:

And this:

I wish we were going here:But sadly we are not.

And yes, my super sneaky wife skillz have convinced Pete to do a couples costume-something he has strictly forboden in the past- and I am not sure he even realizes it. Major points for me.

I will report with costume/spooky fun success.

What will you be for Halloween this year?

Congratulations Truffleberry Market!

Speaking of food…On Monday night Pete and I attended the official opening of Truffleberry Market, the catering company that hired me to design their new office & tasting room a few months back. I am not going to post the full before and afters, but you should refresh yourself because even I couldn’t believe how amazing the place looked…They even made the exterior of their space in an office park look adorable!The office…The tasting room… Beauty.They set up food stations in the tasting room and back into the kitchen where you could get a snickety and a wine pairing…Kind of like a delicious pub crawl…Everything looked beautifulAnd the snicketys…like this red wine braised short rib served on a potato pancake, their version of meat & potatoes, was ridiculous.Chef Vaido manning his stations…

Congratulations Brittany and Vaido! I could not be happier for you two.

And any of you in the Chicago area who think you might be in need of some catering, truly I could think of no one better than these two. They are so talented, and professional, and creative, and hardworking…They will blow you and your guests away. Even if you aren’t planning any big parties anytime soon, they do weeknight dinner deliveries which is a great gift idea for friends that just had a baby or as a special treat to your own family, cooking classes-great party idea, weekly menu planning, dietary advice…The works!

I know I am gushing now but it really is just so great to be a (small) part of something you really believe in and I am so proud of what these two beauties have created together!


Sadie, Sadie HONGRAY lady

Firstly Johnson, The Zhush is featuring my Fabulous Fall Finds today and you should go over and check them out, Fall is my favorite season and as a recent fall bride I pretty much consider myself an Autumn Expert and you all should too.

It’s been awhile since I did any posts on the Chicago dining scene. Mostly because of the pre-wedding diet and a general lack of eating that caused.

Let’s just say that my post-wedding-diet? Not going great. I have fallen victim to some bad influences. Places like:


I really did not need another delicious bakery in such close proximity to my house. Sweet Mandy B’s was dangerous threat enough, so when Floriole opened just down the street one month before we moved in to Clifford, The Big Red House I KNEW it was the FATs out to get me. Started by a Chicago baker who had gathered a huge following at her bi-weekly farmers market stand, Floriole is a delicious, adorable french bakery/coffee shop serving a few fresh made sammies, croissants, pastries, MACAROONS, and other tasty morsels. They also sell wine and have free wi-fi, which is nice. You can find me there pretty much daily.


Burger bar. Will blow your mind all over your face. Truffle fries, sweet potato fries, fried pickles…all of this is delicious. But order yourself a #11 Burger if you really want your belly rocked. Lamb burger with feta, olive tapenade, greek salad, tzatziki. Opa! Pete likes some double decker situation I can’t even look in the eyeball, and we both enjoy the selection of ice cold beerz.

Del Seoul

Pete took me here for dinner last night, and my mind is still blown. It is a super casual, super cheap, korean taco bar and I shit you not when I say it was the best dumpling that has ever graced my lips. Like a cloud of pork heaven. Apparently the recipe has been passed down over 100 years, and I can say they are a billion years of delicious. Pete and I got 8 tacos (two of each: pork, steak, chicken, shrimps), pork belly fries, and 8 dumplings for $30 bones. And people say I am not frugal. Surely you jest. Next time we go, which I predict will be very soon, this meat sandwich and I will stop flirting and become full-on lovers.Don’t even try and stop me.

So here is my question for you, dear readers.

I have people email me quite often asking for Chicago travel tips, and I am toying with the idea of incorporating a button in the left column over there that will link to my Chicago dining and city guide. I am pretty much going to talk about food/eating no matter what you say because I love it and since I can’t eat it all the time sometimes it helps just to remember the food and talk about it and relive each joyful bite. So don’t tell me not to talk about food because I will virtually give you the stinkeye. The kind of feedback I would find very useful is as such:

How many of you reading are from Chicago? Would this [a compiled dining/city guide] be something you would enjoy? Do y’all have any favorite restaurants that you would like to be able to share?

Fabrics in my heart.

I am a bad blogger and did not save the “before” pictures of my latest little project. But they were a lot like this:
A pair of French Louis Bergere wing chairs that I found on Ebay a few months ago in need of some major TLC.
 This is seriously the only picture I have of them “Before”, the pink ones in the bottom right, from a little blogger get together we had at our house right when we moved in.

So I picked the little babies out some fresh new fabric and sent them off to my upholsterer for a makeover. They just came back and look SO lovely.Velveteen Magic. So so comfywumpf. But then also strangely familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it- but then when I was looking into my inspiration folders for a client the other day I stumbled upon this that I saved from a post by OhJoy.What the what?? I had totally forgotten about this couch that I loved so much…But I guess what they say is true.

“Many fabrics walk in and out of your life, but a TRUE fabric leaves footprints on your heart and you are never the same”

Too cute, Kate Spade. You are just too cute.

I mean is there anyone more festive than the folks over at kate spade?BrrrLove. And love the side pocket. I wonder if this would hold my laptop. Wouldn’t that be whimsical? A little technology now and then!For sure this is happening.
For my friend MayMay whose personal mascot is the owl.Taxi!Makes winter way more fun.
You’re kidding me, right? I’ll take two.

I’m not really a big purse-swapper. I tend to get one sensible neutral situation that I take everywhere. But I might make an exception for this guy.
Total Peppermint Bliss