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A fabulous end to a fabulous year.

As the best and the brightest of you already know (my twitter followers), Pete and I headed off on an impromptu Vegas adventure on Wednesday.

It was raining in Palm Springs. And cold. And we said, eff that noise, we are going off in search of sunnier pastures.

We literally drove UNDER the rainbow on our way through the desert.

I don’t have better pictures because I lost my camera (rage). But this was some double rainbow magic. You could see BOTH pots of gold!

(P.S. I just asked Pete if “desert” had one or two S’s and he goes ‘One. You can remember it by thinking you always want two desserts so it has two S’s’. Which should tell you a few things. 1. I spell at a third grade level and 2. My husband knows that the best way to educate me is with metaphors about food)We dressed up all fancy like, went to dinner and then gambled a bit. We are both horrible gamblers so that didn’t last very long. Yesterday, we woke up bright and early this morning and drove back to The Springs.

It was a magical, impromptu adventure. The kind of thing Petey and I did a lot of when we were first dating, and it made me realize how lucky I am that I got to marry my bff. We tend to bring out the best in each other- although anyone sitting in our backseat for the 4 hour drive might disagree if forced to listen to Pete sing aerosmith or after our 2nd hour of “Would You Rather’s” took a strange and upsetting turn- and I just feel so incredibly lucky that we still seem to take such joy in one another.

2010 was an amazing year for us, and I know 2011 will be even better.

I sincerely wish the same for all of you, my dear readers.

Wonderful times with your best lovers. Fun. Adventure. Blessings.

And Gratitude.

Thank you, my lovers. Thank you times a lot.

Day 2 in Palm Springs…

Pete and I had a pretty wild day yesterday. We spent the morning by the pool trying our hardest to catch some rays. I failed. Pete did get sun, although I wouldn’t exactly say that he “won” since his tan burn is a very distinct V neck farmers tan.

But I am still jealous.

Pete’s friend Sal came out to visit us with his girlfriend, and we had quite the sporting afternoon.

We had lunch at the lemonade stand at our hotel…

To fuel up for some pretty intense ping pong matches.

Pete was pretty much the terriblest, which I think is awesome because I am normally the terriblest at everything “athletic” and winning feels good. Then they switched to giant chess. I don’t know how to play chess, but I find it highly unusual that it is┬áconsidered such a posh game if this is how it is normally played.

Seems a little pedantic to moi.

So far, so groovy…

…And SO COLD! We definitely did not pack appropriately for this vacay. Luckily Palm Springs is renound for its vintage shopping so I am thinking I might need to adopt some fab, warm, ol’ lady gear. Think leisure suit with fur coat. Quite fetching.Arriving at The ParkerAnd immediately sitting down to lunch at Norma’s. Delish doesn’t even begin to cover it.Lobby. Funky Fresh.Last night we had dinner at Citron in The Viceroy Hotel.Which seems like a pretty cool spot as well:The RestaurantSample guest room…And super lovely pool sitauation…Speaking of pools, that is #1 on our agenda today. Braving the brrrr in search of some rays. Because I look like Casper the Tipsy Ghost right now.
Don’t believe me?Proof.

And we’re off!

Pete and I had a lovely first Christmas together, thank you very much for asking! He got me a perty necklace and I got him some technology-and we both got FATS.

The Mexican food did us in. Probably because we ate it twice a day, every day we were home. Out of control.

And now we are heading out into the desert where we will live like Puritan Fasting Buddhists until we regain our figures. More likely though you will find me with a vodka lemonade in hand playing petanque:But petanque is classified as a “sport” on The Parker website so I think that should probably count as a workout.


Sorry for this kind of pointless post, I just wanted to say “hi”. I promise I will try to be more relevant tomorrow.

Merry Madness!**Now with Christmas Miracle Update!**

I arrived home to find my childhood neighborhood awash in the Christmas spirit. What we lack in snow my neighbors have made up for with a zealous approach to their lighting.The streets are clogged every night with people oogling the ridiculousnessI had Petey take some pictures as we drove home last night…

How crazy is that tree!?These people are for sure the most festive…Yes, that is a live Santa that they have plopped in their front yard.

I mean…Meanwhile I feel like the most horrible mother in the WORLD for being away from this nugget during the merriest time of year.

That FACE!!!

I wish Santa would put her in my Christmas stocking tonight!

Here’s hoping he is good to you all too.



Britney Spears Takes Out Weave For Christmas

Thank You, Santa!