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This is the best post I have ever done…

…about the best thing I have ever done.

Well, it is disingenuous to say “I”.

Really I should say “we”.

Because, you see…

Pete and I made ourselves a little bitty baby.

Right now it lives in my tummy, but sometime this summer it will come live with us in our home, and we are terribly excited about that.

We were more than a little surprised. We had kind of planned on just being married for a year or two before inviting a baby to come live with us. But little baby had other plans and was like, I think now would be better, and so we were like you know what?

That sounds like a great idea!

And now I am all, ugh! Baby!! 9 Months is SO LONG to wait. I wish you would come live with us NOW! Except not really.

I want you to take all the time you need to cook up in there and become super healthy and chubby and adorable before you come meet us and then I will kiss you and kiss you and kiss you with 9 months of kisses.

We got to tell my family when we were in Texas over Christmas, and they were pretty surprised too.

Wanna see?

If the video is fuzzy for you click to watch it on youtube…a lot less fuzz.

So are you as excited for Baby McCarthy as we are?

You probably should be.

Because our baby is going to be a B.O.S.S.