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You guys are all lovely.

Sincerely thank you all for your suggestions and responses to my cry for help. I am still working with my Brunschwig rep to see if they can find it for me, but if not I now feel much better about the situation with so many wonderful suggestions. Just your mere helpfulness and kindness temporarily squelched the angry rage hormones, so if nothing else, thank you for that.

When I started this blog I always dreamed I would have a community of helpful readers who would save me from myself as is often necessary, and I’d say y’all have pretty much made that a reality.

But now I need y’all again.

I am going to LA on Wednesday to

a) escape this miserable Chicago weather

b) give my darling husband some space while he studies for law school exams/the mpre

c) see friends

d) make my skin less green and more brown.

Also while I am there I hope to achieve a few shopping goals.

Also, I am to be photographed soon for something lots of people will see and I am super awkwardly pregnant. I finally look legit pregs and not fat, but my uniform of maternity jeans, t-shirt, and cardigan will not cut it.

I need to look adorable and stylish and pregnant. Like Gwyneth Paltrow did. Or Nicole Richie. Except I am not wee like Nicole, but I figure if anywhere in the world is going to have legit stylish preggo clothes, its LA.

Don’t you dare tell me to check out the celeb lines for Pea in the Pod. They are a joke and are heinous. I want the real hookup. Where the celebs and pretty people go for maternity, baby, and just everything in general.


Help me. Please.

My sanity is in a fragile place right now. When people talk about wanting to nest when you are pregnant, turns out they are not messin’ around. My hormones are possessed by the ghosts of David Hicks, Billy Baldwin and Sister Parish and they will not settle for less than perfection. Not that anything I am dreaming up is as fab as those three, but you get the point.

I was on our baby boy room when I was certain that was what we were having, but as we are decidedly not having a baby boy. We are having a baby girl and a baby girl room has to be perfect. The most perfect room ever created. And I got nothin.

Well that is not true.

What I have is a deep, abiding love for this fabric:

And believe me when I say nothing else will do. Everything else murders my eyeballs. Anyone who suggests that something else might work is risking my violent rage.

Anyone, like say, the Brunschwig rep who had a lengthy conversation with my tears today when he told me they had discontinued all lines by Paule Marrot.

Oh yeah, Paule Marrot- same artiste/textile designer extraordinaire that created this loveliness:

Is responsible for the fabric with which I am so entranced- that is apparently not longer Brunschwig material.

I am completely aware that it is not normal or acceptable to have a psychotic break about a fabric. But telling myself to “get real” only further enrages the hormones so that is not an option.

What I need you all to do is to tell me you have 40 yards of this fabric just sitting in your garage that you want to give me and baby McC.

Or tell me something else amazing that I can do. And maybe come do it for me. I promise I will tell my hormones to play nice and not tell you everything you suggest is ugly.

Scouts Honor.

Show me your genitals.

Well it took awhile, but now we know. The baby tried to wiggle around and confuse us, and we were like: Show me your genitals, your genitals.

And then it did!!!

So the final tally on your super psychicness was 15 boy and 12 girl.


It’s a girl!!!!!!!
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice for the McCarthy’s!

What you are looking at in that picture is a birds eye view of our babies buns. Those three dots in the middle supposedly are the ladybits!

To say we are in shock would be an understatement. We were both COMPLETELY convinced we were having a boy. But that’s just not this baby girls style. She likes surprising us. In fact it took my buying pretty much the entire gap baby girl line for it to actually feel real.

And that is a poor cell phone capture of a 3d view of our baby. With her little hand up by her face. Snugglebug.

So now I know the baby in my tummy is a precious little girl. And I couldn’t love her more. Her daddy is very excited, but very very nervous. Don’t worry though- he has purchased himself a book called:

“Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 secrets every father should know”

So I think we’re good ;)

Now I need to get to work actually doing a little girls room! EEPS!!

What kind of baby do you think we’re having??

As the months wear on I have started to wrap my head around the concept that I am actually growing a human being within my person. But it still completely blows my mind on every level.

It’s like you get married and you love your husband with all your heart, and then you actually combine your cells with theirs and create a life. Like we will have this little bitty baby that will be everything I love about Pete, and everything I like about myself without the bad stuff. Or at least I won’t see it.

Because I am not going to look at my baby and be like ‘ugh, baby you are not a very generous listener sometimes’ or ‘baby, can you please take out the garbage without me asking’.

It’s a baby! for Barbara’s sake. You just kiss it and love it and keep it alive and try to raise it to be a kind and happy human. Which is actually kind of daunting- but no more so than it is amazing.

I kind of feel like I invented the concept, I am like- do other people know about this?? They should totally do it, too!

And now today, possibly at the very moment you are reading this, we will be finding out what kind of baby we made together!

And I am curious, what do you think we are having??

The evidence supporting Team Boy is: I am carrying low, I am craving salty things, I am not hideous, and all of the intelligender tests I took said ‘boy’.

The evidence supporting Team Girl is: Our baby nurse thinks I am having a girl because I am carrying weight in my hips- I told her that is not pregnancy specific but nonetheless, it is true. The chinese calendar and string-ring test both say girl as well.

So what do you think? If you are right we might name our baby after you.

What an honor that would be.

More Birthday Delight…

For the party I had 18 close friends over for a festive dinner that my mommala sweetly threw for me with the help of A Fare Extraordinaire. They did an INCREDIBLE job and I would like to take a moment to brag on them here- but I can’t. Because my lovely friend that took the pictures from the evening is MIA and refuses to send them to me. Which is a bummer because they really did such a wonderful job and I would love to show you, just trust my good word and if you are in need of catering services in the Houston area, look ‘em up.

And if you think things like this shouldn’t happen, and that I should always be able to share visual wonderfulness with you, I agree. Now go buy me a camera.

Also incredible?
My friends. I have THE most incredible, thoughtful, sweet, talented friends.

Homemade gift #1: Champagne cookies from my dear friend Emily who figured if I can’t drink it, I might as well be able to delight in champagne in cookie form. Gooood thinking Emily. And I can’t believe you made these.

Homemade gift #2: My bestie Mayzrs boyfriend Nick is in law school by day and a talented artiste by night and made Pete and I this amazing shadowbox/painting/collage piece made entirely out of fireworks. You cant even see in these dumb camera phone pics how incredible the detail is.

Homemade gift #3: My dear friend and crafty-karen extraordinaire Belen made our baby the following:Umm yeah. Handmade. With the pictures of our beloved puppies we used on our wedding save-the-dates.

Today I have a not so much fun Doctor’s appointment. They are going to rob me of like a gallon of my blood while I try to be brave and not weep.

But then tomorrow I have a REALLY fun Doctor’s appointment, so check back sooooon!