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Baby Bliss: Sue of The Zhush

Next up is another darling in my parade of beloved bloggers. Sue has always been so lovely and gracious and her blog is one of my go-tos for fabulous inspiration. Please give her a warm welcome!

Hello, I’m Sue from The Zhush.  Super thrilled that Bailey asked me to come up with a fun take on the nursery design for that much anticipated sweet little Peppermint
Blisslette!  But, bear with me, as I’m not a designer, decorator or even someone with a full understanding of basic computer skills..I’m just hoping my enthusiasm for this project, along with
my excitement for Pete and Bailey are enough to see me through!

Using one of my all time favorite baby rooms for inspiration, I turned to Lee Kleinhelter’s fabulous nursery from Lonny magazine, for inspiration…
But because it’s not very girlie (and not very Bailey) I wanted to incorporate that fabulous Paule Marrot fabric that Bailey found…
And, because I have no idea how to make a mood board (on a computer) I had my own daughters show me how to use Polyvore…

(It was my first time using Polyvore)

So there it is. I know what ever real life room Bailey comes up with will be 100x more amazing…that is going to be one lucky little baby girl,
for so many reasons!
I hope you and Pete are having the best, most relaxing, ice cream filled, time on your babymoon!

Clifford Before and After: Living/Dining Room

Wanna see what attracted us to Clifford, The Big Red House?

Dark, and…I don’t really know how to describe this decor.

Lovely, right?

Eventually though…This:

Became this.

But first…

It was this.

Then slowly but surely we started putting it back together.

From this…To this!

The view of the dining room standing in the living room:

And looking back towards the front of the house.

Some fun living room detail shots:

Lamps are from Furbish Studio/ Jamie Meares.Across from the dining room is Pete’s bar that he is VERY proud of: I miss utilizing this bar.

Baby Bliss: Alaina of Live Creating Yourself

My dear friend Alaina put together this uber pure baby girl nursery for us. Isn’t it dreamy?

Also, Paloma at La Dolce Vita asked me to do a post on my dream home today, which has got my jonesin’ for another big project!

I say if you’re having a baby girl and you can use pink, use it with a no-holds-barred approach. An abundance of blush hues accented by soft neutrals create a calming and unapologetically feminine space helping any bitty baby drift swiftly into dreamland. And with little bee McCarthy, we are talking first-born, so this darlin’ is getting all the bells and whistles. The sleek, white crib is by Dwell Studio, the French-inspired changing table is from Restoration Hardware, and nowadays, it seems a room isn’t complete unless you spy a Moroccan pouf nestled in the corner. Plush textiles and oversized lighting anchor the space without being too brash or heavy, and the artwork is simple: floral prints complete with ABC’s and an oversized photograph of a baby lamb – in lieu of the lion Bailey had originally wanted for a boy. As for accents, clothbound Penguin classics with all of our favorite childhood tales like Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden are too pretty to pass up, even if it will be a couple years before baby actually comprehends what you’re reading to her. And perhaps my favorite item in the room is the white egg nightlight that lights up to cast a canopy of stars on the walls and ceiling. Magical. Sleep well, tiny one.
1. 0versized light fixture – Ikea, $89.99
2. paint – Serena and Lily, $45 gallon
3. century crib – Dwell Studio, $980
4. heirloom quilted 3-piece crib set – Restoration Hardware, $209
5. flora flash cards – The Land of Nod, $29
6. oversized baby lamb photograph – by Sharon Montrose, $950
7. striped cap – Mabo, $20
8. pink seersucker dress – Estella NYC, $85
9. changing table – Restoration Hardware, $749
10. ballerina tights – Trumpette, $23.50 

11. lamb floor pillow – Restoration Hardware, $39
12. pink trellis rug – PB Kids, $299
13. pink Moroccan pouf – Serena and Lily, $450
14. star egg nightlight – J Schatz, $135
15. clothbound Penguin classics for kids – Anthropologie, $16.99 each

It’s Before and After Time!


We are going to start today with the kitchen and exterior and work our way through, sound good?


When we first met Clifford, The Big Red House he was pretty cute from the outside, but a little overgrown.

Like Bieber before his latest ‘do.

So we trimmed him up a little bit but he looked sad and bald.

But not for long! Handsome. Dashing.

And those guys are just there as a treat for your eyeballs on a Monday morning.

You are welcome.

The kitchen was kind of a disaster. Kind of really. Mostly because it was on the second floor with no adjacent dining area to speak of.

Whilst the master bedroom was occupying the highly valuable space at the back of the house that led out to the lovely backyard. So like, you would have to walk through the master to get to your back yard. And it was super dark and sadsville USA.

So we ripped all that junk out.

Let there be LIGHT!I apologize for the lack of styling below…obv taken pre photo shoot.Still lovely though, methinks.

Aww we like each other.

Up next…Living/Dining etc. Probs on Weds though, got another cozy nursery for you guys tomorrow.

Baby Bliss: Jamie of I Suwannee

Jamie of I Suwannee and Furbish fame designed a nursery for our baby nugget as well.

And I love it.

And you should too because it is awesome.