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Wanna see Girly McBaby’s face?

I am warning squeamish readers that it is pretty scifi, but I am obsessed.

A few months ago I pondered aloud what Girly McBaby might look like since Pete and I are opposite looking humans, and were opposite looking babies. I sought answers on the internets, and the highly scientific result was a pretty terrifying looking demonchild.

When we found out McBaby was a girl, a few people thought she would look like me, but the prevailing thought was that when the first born child is a girl- she tends to look more like her dad.

This super blurry ultrasound of her face a few months ago seemed to confirm that- see those lips? I have very little lip to speak of and especially did not as a baby. Can’t see anything but cotton candy clouds? Let me demonstrate.


I know we are really stretching it here, but use your imagination.


We had a tough few days around here last week. On Thursday I went in for my bi-weekley doctors appointment to check in on GMcB, and one of the tests that checks for anemia came back high. I cancelled the trip up to Austin and was told to come back in the next day to see if they were still high or if they had leveled out. Friday her readings were still high, but hadn’t increased at all which indicated that they weren’t spiking and she wasn’t in any immediate danger. The doctor’s told me to relax over the weekend and then come in again on Monday for an echocardiogram to make sure that these elevated readings weren’t an indication of a problem developing in her heart.

Thanks to my amazing doctors/nurses, friends/family, and all of you guys we have maintained a pretty positive attitude throughout these past few months. I have focused on staying excited about how lucky we are to be having a McBaby, and not wallow in her complications. But last week I got overwhelmed. There is still so much about her condition that is unknown- and will be unknown until she is born and they can actually assess her, and imagining our little baby having to face another issue- this time with her heart was just too much.

I cried and cried and started to feel my resolve waning a bit.

Then Monday I went in for my echo and praise the LORD there were no signs that her heart was in trouble. I went back to my OB for another scan, and her mca readings had leveled out a bit. I started to feel relieved, but still majorly beat up after being so worried for the past few days.

Then, as we have been so fortunate to experience repeatedly throughout our pregnancy, I was lifted up by the kindness of strangers. Well not really strangers, Tamera, our ultrasound lady who I have spent many hours with in a dimly lit room, offered to show us a peak of Girly McBaby’s face. We had tried a few times, but she has always been facing my back or had her hands over her face.

Coy McBaby.

But on Monday…

There she was, in all her precious glory!

I mean I know that is super crazy and scifi that they can see that, but for me, a mama who was starting to lose a little hope, it’s the most beautifullest thing I have ever seen.

I needed this reminder that while her condition is serious, it is only a small part of this gift we are receiving. I am not giving birth to a sacrococcygeal terratoma, but a precious baby girl. Seeing her just re-energized me and made me know that I could keep going another month, even with all of the stress and the ups and downs.

Not to mention, oh my gosh! That is what our baby looks like!! WHAT!??!?

I have gathered some baby pics of me and Pete so you can decide for yourself who she looks more like…

That right there is baby Petey, with his pouty lower lip and giant baby paws.

And that, is me. With the mounds of black hair.

Who do you think Girly McBaby looks more like…?

I mean…I think it should be pretty obvious here.

In all fairness, the mouth could still be Pete’s, you can’t really tell because the umbilical cord is blocking it in the picture.

But I am pretty sure I am giving birth to my little twinkie.

What do you think??

This will be my mantra…

…After I have birthed Girly McBaby.


Although after 9 months of discovering combinations like mint milanos with nutella (do it) I’m not sure it’ll take.

**PEOPLE!! I did not buy this pillow, it’s a joke. I have gained 45 pounds so far carrying this baby since she is high risk and the concern was getting weight on her quickly in case she was preemie. If you saw what 45 extra pounds looks like on my small frame you would know that given the choice between personal vanity and my nugget, there is no contest. I would never advocate eating issues to my daughter, but I will be advocating a sense of humor.**

Nursery Diaries Roundup

Ok, so I am a copycat. Erika of Urban Grace called her series pulling together the nursery for her precious Sloane “The Nursery Diaries” and I couldn’t think of anything better sooo- we are too.

I thought things were getting confusing for all those following along on Girly McBaby’s nursery with rapt anticipation, and that we should organize things a bit.

In the beginning, before we knew if Girly McBaby was a hims or a hers, this was my potential lady baby nursery inspiration.

Then we found out that she was a Girly kind of McBaby- and that the fabric I HAD TO HAVE for my baby girl was discontinued.

I cleaned out and painted GMcB’s nursery in Chicago, which turned out not to matter because we found out she was sick and that we were up and moving to Austin!

Then I showed you the floorplan for GMcB’s Austin nursery, and the design plan for her bathroom.

Finally I showed you the plan for GMcB’s Austin nursery

And her Houston nursery since that is where she will be coming home from the hospital.

YESTERDAY the gliders came for her Austin nursery.

I got a pair, and both will permanently reside in Austin, but until we move I am using one in her Houston nursery.

It’s a smooooth ride and I am very pleased.

My only question is do you think they would benefit from a throw pillow situation. Above you can see with or without, and I just can’t decide. To clarify, it would not be that specific pillow, that’s just what I had lying around to see how it would look with a little accessory

Thoughts and preferences?

Just a quick post…

…To offer proof on the necessity of the Crocs for all who (understandably) doubted me…

That swolen pork sausage you see there is my foot after one hour walking around in a flip flop.

Now that you have probably vomited, I also should tell you that San Antonio was great.

The Havana Hotel was really groovy…

Ocho (their restaurant bar) was delicious

I finally interacted with my first smeg refrigerator (each room has one) and was delighted.

You might not think that looks like a fluffy biscuit, but you would be wrong. Comfylicious.

And the most magical thing to happen this weekend by FAR was that Girly McBaby’s best friend was born.

And she is so beautiful and sweet and I can’t wait for Baby Mary and Girly McBaby to grow up together and have as much fun with each other as Pete and I have with her amazing parents.

Congratulations John and Katherine!! She is perfect.

The entire blissful hour I was holding this adorable brand new baby, GMcB was kicking like CRAZY probably saying “let me out, I wanna hang with y’all too!!”

Soon enough, my nugget. Soon enough.

Meanwhile, we have some dear friends visiting from Chicago and some important Doctors visits so I’m outta here.


You guys are seriously amazing.

All of your advice was super super helpful.

Some of it was also super hillarious-Lauren@Baylor I’m talking to you…

Thank you all for keeping it real on the not so ladylike aspects of childbirth.

You’re all homegirlz.

And because we are now close like that, I am going to reward you by sharing a deep dark secret I would normally only share with my best girlfriends.

This blog is now a circle of truth. Don’t judge me.

I have been wearing crocs the past few months of my pregnancy.

I know…I KNOW!!!!!

But my feet have been hurting so bad and they are the only thing that comforts them. Cradling them with love in their freakishly heinous foamy rubber cocoons. I only wear them in the privacy of my own home, like a beloved family pet they are waiting to greet me by the door when I return home each day.

But yesterday I made a horrible horrible mistake.

Pete took me out for a hot date, and as we were walking into the restaurant I noticed how comfy and bouyant I felt. I looked down and…


I feel so ashamed. It is a slippery slope betwixt being a mom and well…mom jeans. And I feel as though crocs in public are definitely on the mom jeans side of that line. I vow to all of you and the internets to not let this happen again.

Scouts honor.

I feel much better now for sharing.

Moving on.

Today Pete and I are off to Austin to check on the house, and then San Antonio to pick up a friend who is visiting from Chicago- and of course to show Petey the Alamo!

I am really excited, we are staying at Havana, a hotel by the same lady who did Saint Cecilia in Austin.

And it looks pretty rad.

As I mentioned we will also be taking in some touristy sites as Petey has never visited Ol’ San Antone before.

I will report back Monday.