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I found pictures of my baby nursery! So trippy.

Preparing for Girly McBaby has made me super nostalgic for my own babyhood.

While searching for hidden treasure in our attic the other day, my mom and I came across a photo album of the house I grew up in. Not pictures of us in the house, like my dad had shot it as though for a magazine and put together an album for my mom for Christmas. We moved from the house when I was in Kindergarten and it was so fun to get to take a look back through the rooms from more of a design/architecture perspective- especially my own baby nursery!

I have said many times that I get my love for design from my mom, and these pictures really prove it.

These are a few of my favorite rooms:

I remember this dining room so well. The previous owners had installed Gracie wallpaper that my mom had antiqued.

It’s crazy to me how much this room still holds up 20 years later! So trendy with the painted mouldings. The archway on the left led to the living room, while the doorway to the right… Led to this sort of library/bar room.

Again with the “on trend” high gloss green paint. These pictures have faded, it was a much more vibrant not quite emerald, more olivey green.

Now my baby room.

It is crazy for me looking at these pictures while planning Girly McBaby’s nursery.

Obviously the most important thing about a nursery is the nugget in it, but for a nester like myself- and I suspect my mother as well- creating the perfect space is a way of showing your love.

I so remember every detail of this room. The bow wallpaper, and the Beatrix Potter scenes framed above my crib. My porthault upholstered Big Girl Bed! I also remember that my mom got her hands on a constellation book and put some of the constellations on my ceiling with glow in the dark stars.

I can’t believe it is my turn now, and I really hope I can create a space for Girly McBaby that she remembers as fondly as I do my first bedroom and home.

Do you remember your first bedroom? What were your favorite elements in your nursery/childhood bedroom?

HGTV did something not eye bleedey

Normally HGTV “design” makes me sad.

But I still watch it, like, all day every day- esp since I have put myself on semi-bedrest to avoid the heat.

Recently though, I saw an episode of Dear Genevieve that was actually kind of great.

Genevieve redid this teensy teensy tiny crash pad used by two designers on her team, who although they are based in Philadelphia, have found themselves in New York more and more through their work with her. And their digs were pretty sadsville USA before. 

But how pure and fabulass after!

Looking back towards the entry before…

And after.

The little lofted bed nook before…

And OMG after!

So much goodness in such a teensy space.

And I am loving the screens. Lots of smartness in this pad. Not to mention that ladder pushes back so it is flush with that wall for a bit more floor space when it is not being used. 

Perhaps the most genius use of space is this storage solution, for sure.

Each one of those sections pulls out and offers various storage solutions. brills.

There were some not so brills things though, or rather things I would have done differently.

Namely the furniture layout on the main floor.

They put in this dumb dodo murphy bed… So that the other lady that shares this space from time to time can have her own bed too.

Which is dumb because 1. They have to move the bar over to pull it out since the murphy bed extended width wise takes up the entire width of the apartment. Which is too much work and a stupid use of space.

I would have instead put a pull out couch in front of the windows where the dining table is, so that way it extends into the larger length dimension of the apartment. Plus I know its just a crash pad, but they gots nowhere to sit and chill. The dining table I would move to where the murphy bed is. It would only protrude a bit wider than the uplocked murphy bed does, and you wouldn’t have to move the table or the bar to pull out the couch. I also probably would try to find a dining table with two fold down leaves, so that it would be narrow seating for two pushed against the wall most of the time, but could be pulled out into the middle of the room to seat four if they wanted to be festive.

Like that, but prettier.

Overall though, really lovely, right? Super inspiring, I would think, for all of you small space dwellers.

And significantly better for my eyeballs than this grahdoo constantly slung by some other HGTV designdumbdodos.

Like this. Foul.

I declare this the Best HB Issue of the Year

And you’re prob like, oh no way is this chick going to take pictures of a magazine with her phone and call it a post.

And I’m like, oh yes I am.

And not just because I am a slacker, it’s really good y’all! And you need to know about the delightful treats that await you if you go out and by it.

These kinda rule, right?

Which you should.

I mean can you even imagine an image I would love more? I can’t.

It’s the small space issue, so there are squillions of delightful small homes and apartments and I think I just like the small spaces featured in magazines better. It’s like great design ideas that are actually super thoughtful, not just ‘spensive. And concentrated in teensy rooms with huge impact. The small space issue last year was phenomenal as well, remember the one with that awesome David Kaihoi space we discussed last week? Another Miles protege, Nick Olsen, has a petite space (300 sq feet) in the issue which I unsurprisingly love. He used a mexi serape on that fab chair, and one of these days imma copy hims.

There was also this badass wee kitchen that I adore. It might just be my dream kitchen, even considering the dimensions.

I feel like we are right on the verge of pain in the ass First Adapter types being “over” black. I will not be over black. Ever.

Look at these peoples fabulous jewely barware!


And there is lots more in there that will tickle your fancy, get it girl.