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Squillions of yards of delicious fabric and it’s MINE all MINE!!!!!!

I want to thank all of you who sent me similar fabrics and leads on how to get some yardage of this preciousness. I decided to take a walk on the wild side, in the dark seedy underbelly of the fabric trade. It made me feel dangerous and alive. Some very talented people made this happen, and if they hadn’t specifically requested I not give them credit I would be shouting my thanks from the rooftops. But it makes me feel better knowing that there are talented little magic elves out there that can make dreams come true when all fabric hope has been lost- for lots more monies than it would have cost to just get it from the original dealers had they not discontinued the pattern- there is always a catch. :)

I am so pleased with how it came out, and I can’t wait to see it in Girly McBaby’s room!

Happy Weekend, indeed!

I found pictures of my baby nursery! So trippy.

Preparing for Girly McBaby has made me super nostalgic for my own babyhood.

While searching for hidden treasure in our attic the other day, my mom and I came across a photo album of the house I grew up in. Not pictures of us in the house, like my dad had shot it as though for a magazine and put together an album for my mom for Christmas. We moved from the house when I was in Kindergarten and it was so fun to get to take a look back through the rooms from more of a design/architecture perspective- especially my own baby nursery!

I have said many times that I get my love for design from my mom, and these pictures really prove it.

These are a few of my favorite rooms:

I remember this dining room so well.

The previous owners had installed Gracie wallpaper that my mom had antiqued.

It’s crazy to me how much this room still holds up 20 years later! So trendy with the painted mouldings. The archway on the left led to the living room, while the doorway to the right… Led to this sort of library/bar room.

Again with the “on trend” high gloss green paint. These pictures have faded, it was a much more vibrant not quite emerald, more olivey green.

Now my baby room.

It is crazy for me looking at these pictures while planning Girly McBaby’s nursery.

Obviously the most important thing about a nursery is the nugget in it, but for a nester like myself- and I suspect my mother as well- creating the perfect space is a way of showing your love.

I so remember every detail of this room. The bow wallpaper, and the Beatrix Potter scenes framed above my crib. My porthault upholstered Big Girl Bed! I also remember that my mom got her hands on a constellation book and put some of the constellations on my ceiling with glow in the dark stars.

I can’t believe it is my turn now, and I really hope I can create a space for Girly McBaby that she remembers as fondly as I do my first bedroom and home.

Do you remember your first bedroom? What were your favorite elements in your nursery/childhood bedroom?

Nursery Diaries: Girly McBaby’s Bedding

I am so so happy with how Girly McBaby’s bedding for our home in Austin came out.

If you need to catch yourself up on the overall scheme of the room, check out this post.

Otherwise, you know that I pulled all of the colors for the room from this fabric:

The crib is a lovely turquoise:

And the walls are wait for it…

Peppermint Pink.

I know, I know.


So yesterday I picked up her bedding. And I am dying, I cannot wait to see her cute little bunnyface snuggled up in it.

Her bedskirt…

Baby Pillow.

And crib sheet.

Sorry for the blurriness, I didn’t want y’all to know her initials JUST yet.

Soon enough.

I am still waiting on the bumpers, there was a bit of a mixup, but they will be white with red piping and red bows. It is going to be ridiculous.

What do YOU think Girly McBaby’s initals are? Any guesses as to what we are naming her?

Not in labor…

…Just lazy/late today and couldn’t really think of anything to post.


I did, however, see a post on Mrs. Meares’ blog last week that disturbed me and I felt I should comment on the situation.
Apparently dip-dyed hair has become a trend.
Even Lauren Conrad, someone I consider to be very beauty and well-groomed and style iconish has been sporting the look. And I mean how tempting are these pictures, it looks pretty amazing.

They also brought up some traumatic memories for me.
The highly important summer betwixt 8th Grade and my Freshman year in Highschool I made two really poor decisions. One was to get braces. The other was to dye the tips of my long, thick, blackbrown hair pink. I had seen a girl on Road Rules do it, or maybe it was Gwen Stefani, and thought, “yes, that is the look for me”.
First I had to prepare my dark brown hair to receive the dye. That involved bleaching it to the shade and texture of straw. Just the bottom 3 inches.

Throwing myself into flaming red hot humiliation for your enjoyment. Mind you, this was more of a “before” picture, it got a whole lot better once the pink was involved. It also appears from this picture that I lived in West Virginia. That was not the case, I got my brilliant stroke of hair genius on a summer trip to Alaska.

Next I applied the manic panic pink and waited for the magic to happen.
The result and overall affect was almost exactly like this.

Except not at all. It was much more like this:

Yes, that is Gwen Stefani.

 I spent a great deal of time looking for more photographic evidence, to no avail, so you are just going to have to trust me on this one.
What I also failed to mention was that I would be starting at a new school for Highschool. A boarding school across the country. My mother was less than pleased with my new ‘do and made me either dye it back or cut it off before I left for school. I was nonplussed with the idea of parting with my long lucious locks, so I attempted to dye it back.
It turned orange. I tried again. Orangey brown. I thought, that looks phenomenal.
And off to my east coast booooaaarding school I went. Not only was the bottom 3 inches of my hair an indistinguishable orange mud color, but it was completely fried while the top of my hair was silky and virginal. The resulting shape was very much similar to a trapezoid.

I also was going through a chunky awkward phase and had braces.

ALSO I was attending a school without a uniform for the first time in my entire life. I remember when we got the packing list from the school, begging my mom to take me to Abercrombie and Fitch because I had zero clothes. I got a whole new A&F wardrobe and was fairly confident that my shiz was smellin’ pretty good. On the packing list it was specified that I would need a blazer and a long winter coat. Since Texas in August isn’t exactly known for its winter wardrobe shopping options, for those items we went to Burlington Coat Factory, which was every bit as elegant as it sounds and was an outlet store in a not great part of town.

I’m not going to get into it, but as you can imagine I made a real splash at my new school.

SO basically the point of this post is that dip dyed hair leads directly to A&F, braces, and humiliation.

You’ve been warned, Lauren Conrad. I would hate to see you follow down the same tragic path.

Progress at Meestah Bahnks.

I hear ya on the stairs, it’s a no go for sure. I’ll keep looking.

There is progress occuring at Meestah Bahnks.

The Kitchen which once looked like this:

And This:

Came to look like This:

And This:

And NOW has drywall and looks like DEESE!

Cabinetry has been ordered…

…And hardware has been selected.


In the other main construction area, little bitty baby girls room, there has been progress as well.

Remember how it was the weird walk-through master…And we decided to blow out the wall between the bathroom and the master and reconfigure the space so that we could have an actual hallway etc.

Well without no walls it was like this.

With a pretty bay window situation.

And now with WALLS!

Now that we are mere DAYS away from Girly McBaby’s arrival I am rushing around trying to get everything together.

Check out these towels my mom got for her…

Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life?

Stop lying. No you haven’t.