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Guess who is home??

Gracie Girl got to come home from the NICU yesterday on her 2 week birthday!

Daddy has never driven so slowly in his whole life.

We are so happy to have her home…

…And are very very sleepy. We are. Gracie is not. Gracie is too excited about her new digs to sleep.

The pupperz are adjusting well. Or adjusting at least, Bernie kind of seems like he has had a psychotic break of some sort. Riding a major wave of anxiety.

Bella is so protective, like Nana from Peter Pan ‘cept lit’ler.

Now we are going to start trying to transition back to a new version of reality.

Thank you all so much for your support during the toughness. Now it is time for the JOY!

** UPDATE: I have already received one comment about this so I wanted to clear it up before I get 20 more. The pillow already came out of the crib, the stuffed animals are securely attached to the bars of the crib- one is actually a noise maker- and the bumpers will be coming out as soon as she gets a little stronger. Thank you for the heads up, we have the crib safety thing under control, but we certainly don’t want to do anything to hurt Gracie Girl. Which became evident last night after the 1000th time I tip toed in there just to make sure she was still breathing.**

Amazing Grace

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on Gracie’s surgery. Bailey and I went down to see Gracie this morning at 7 am and she was really alert and seemed calm and happy. The anesthesiologists came and spoke with us before they took her into surgery around 8:30. We got our first update from the OR nurse at 10:30 that they had just started and we would be updated every hour. At 11:30 they called to say that our surgeon had begun the procedure resecting the tumor from her back side. Because the tumor had a large internal component we had been told that they would need to make an incision in the front and the back to completely remove and reconstruct the affected areas. They called again at 12:30 to let us know it was still going well, but that they thought it would be a few more hours. At 2:30 Carmen, our nurse coordinator who has been with us since our first visit at TCH came up to our room and told us it was time to go see our baby.
We went down to the NICU and were soon joined by our Doctor who brought with him pictures of the surgery. Although they had planned to do the two incisions, as they started resecting and draining the tumor from the back, the internal component started draining and coming out as well. Nothing short of a miracle. He said he was pleased with the muscles that had developed and felt confident that they were able to reconstruct Gracie so that they don’t expect she should have many long term consequences. The incision looks very clean and we believe it will heal well without too much scarring as well. 
As we were thanking the Doctor profusely he said, “Don’t thank me, thank God, that is who I work for”.
I know our family has experienced a miracle performed by all of the amazing doctors here at Texas Children’s Hospital and St. Luke’s, facilitated by the incredible prayers and support of all of you, and the Grace of God. We are so thankful and so happy and so in love with our little girl. Thank you all for lifting her up these past few months, and carrying us every step of the way. We are continuing to pray for a speedy recovery, but are just so relieved that this huge hurdle has been overcome.
The McCarthy’s
*Update* Pete and I went down to say goodnight to Gracie last night after we had written this, and spoke to the nurses for a bit. She was supposed to come back intubated from the surgery so that they could help her continue to breathe- which is sometimes hard for infants after such an ordeal and under strong pain medication. When they brought her back Gracie had either removed her breathing tube on her own or it had fallen out- and she was breathing strong on her own. The nurses keep commenting that they cannot believe how strong she is, and how calm and peaceful she seems. She rarely cries and has the sweetest, wise presence about her. I also attribute this to all of the prayers and good energy being sent her way. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Prayers Please…

Prayers, positive thoughts, sun salutations, and/or sorcery…

Whatever you can muster, please send strength to our daughter, Gracie Quin, who will undergo a major surgery to remove her SCT today.

And maybe, if you have any left over- send a little to her mommy and daddy who love her so very much and are scared this morning for their precious baby girl.

She’s Here

Grace Quin McCarthy was born today at 8:55 am. 8 pounds 1 ounce and adorable. Bailey was amazing and is healing well. More pictures and details to follow!