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The prettiest pink you’ll ever see…

Although I can’t be up in Austin to check on Mr. Banks as much as I would like- or ever- our contractor sends me updates every few days.

Yesterday Gracie’s room was painted.

The prettiest color pink in the universe. Guess what it is called.

I know. The name definitely influenced my decision but I do think it looks lovely. It is a lot lighter than the color we had originally chosen in Chicago and I much prefer it.

Her closet was also fitted with a drawer unit we had made to fit into the existing cabinetry.

Which will also be getting a coat of lovely watermelon red paint soon.

And the tile in the guest bedroom has started being laid. 


Things are movin’ along. Which is good because this apartment is starting to feel reeeallll small for the five of us.

(Pete, Me, Gracie, Bella, and Bernie)

We’re still alive!

I was planning to resume posting as usual this week.

Gracie had other plans.

My sweet docile little buddha baby found has recently found her voice. 

And while I am proud of her for developing her own point of view on the situation, were it not for this chair I wouldn’t even be able to type these few words.

I’ll be back soon though!

Meanwhile, happy 4 week birthday little girl!

Happy Monday

‘Sup, Babies!

Just giving you a glimpse of my precious mug to apologize for my mom being a super slacker around these parts. In all fairness it does take a lot of work on her part to keep this baby body looking so amazing, but I hope she gets the hang of it soon and can do a better job of entertaining you guys. Until then- enjoy the view while I enjoy her full undivided attention- suckahs!


Baby Grace

I am mostly just obsessed with my baby these days…

…Because, I mean, honestly.

But a large portion of my brain still thinks about decorating.

I’m really enjoying the idea of a bright colored upholstered headboard for our new master bedroom.

Like these yellow guys:

So festive.

 Doesn’t that make you happy?

Cool people like Kate and Andy Spade have one too.

Perhaps in one of these fun colors from the latest HB.

Speaking of the latest HB…








It’s flattering…I guess…But seriously!


Speaking of home…

We are planning to move into ours in Austin one month from now. Just in time for our one year anniversary.

Crazy how much has happened in a year, right??

Anyway, shall we check in on Mr. Banks?


Our kitchen is coming along. For a refresher here is a post on past progress.

And here is my post on the inspiration.

Pete is heading up to Austin on Thursday to check on ol’ Georgey Boy.

Graciella and I will be bonding without P-Daddy for the day.

I have to say it is SO STRANGE not being there to oversee every little detail like I did with Clifford, The Big Red House, but I have full faith in our contractor and I am kind of hoping the experience walking into the house in a months time will be like at the end of the ’90s version of Miracle on 34th Street.
With everything just done and perfect like in my dreams.

Anyone know what I am talking about here?