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One WHOLE Week!

I did it!

One whole week of me talking about things other than my baby. I didn’t think it was possible…

But success!

I have other parts of my brain that still work!

Although the biggest part of my brain and my heart are still with her.

But we are going to finish up strong with more werk.

Remember this room?

Well it is still a work in progress.

Needs some ‘cess-er-ies.

And some stylin’

Like these lamps would be perrrfect if Anthropologie didn’t think it was appropriate to sell a lamp for $900 bones. A piece.

But overall a vast improvement from the “before”

Wouldn’t you say?

And using all of the same furniture, just tweaked and reimagined.

There is NO life I KNOW to compare with PURE IMAGINATION!

Happy Weekend.

Gracie’s Bathroom…

…Is ridiculously perfect.

I want to lick those walls.

And, just as a reminder, the chair rail situation peeking out on the left side there? Is this:

‘Cept the bow is the same pink as that subway tile.

Lucky McBaby.

We are moving into Mr. Banks in a week!

More like 10 days. Really, it is soon. And that is all that matters because I am about to lose my ever loving mind in this apartment. Kudos to you big city dwelling moms with tiny spaces, because I sure don’t have the moral fiber for it.

In fact.

Have y’all heard about that book Room? It’s a bestseller and I have it on my iPad to read but I think it might hit a little close to home these days. It is about a little boy who grows up living in a windowless room with his mother- they are abducted or something- anyway he thinks the whole world is ROOM and I am kind of frightened that is how Gracie might start to feel if we don’t escape these four walls soon.

Which brings me to happy news!
Look how good George Banks be looking!

For a refresher here is the pro-cessss.

Before when we bought it…

During demo.

And now.

Again, before.


and NOW!


Remember when I used to be an interior decorator? And I would show you things that inspired me and stuff I had done or wanted to do and we would talk about it?

That was cool.

Remember this project?

And now!

Looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Those lamps are everything as my friend Rachel Zoe would say.

And I do. That is some nailhead action on the window treatments, btw.

We still need some accessorizing and stuff for the walls, but I think it is a very pure cozy guest bedroom for an uber All-American family.

The ol’ girls still got it!

Yes? No?

It’s fall!

My most favorite season. Not that it is that pronounced in the southern climes we currently find ourselves in.
But my fingerling potatoes are very festive.

Look at them in their olive/military green finery. I was recently told olive green is “my color” and as I am VERY receptive to compliments about my physicality these days, I am taking it and running with it.

Look at those saus-eeej-ez. Still a bit swole from the pregnancy. Or something.

The color is called “Ugh, Roll Down The Window” by OPI- and what could truly be more charming than that?

And I will be rocking it all fall. I am really loving the purity of a good manicure these days.

Do you go darker in the fall? What are your signature colors?