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Christmas Cheer

Oh hay there! Four days until Christmas. Today we are discussing the magazine holiday spread.

I love a holiday design mag spread.

For lots of reasons.

Firstly, it tickles me to think of people full on decorating their homes for Christmas in September so that the spread can be shot to run in the holiday issue.

What do they do? Leave it up until Christmas? 

Take it all down and start again two months later?

Dunno. But it amuses me.

Also, I love holiday spreads because of how “designery” they are. Actually, I love bloggers in general this time of year who come up with a whole Christmas decor scheme.

Like this year I am getting a pink tree and having a pink Christmas. And next year I am getting a black tree and having a black and white Chanel Christmas.

Do you even know how fabulously insane that is??

Oh! And the wrapping paper themes!! Every year my dear friend and blogger Alaina has a color scheme that she uses to wrap all of her presents. I, contrastingly, currently have an unwrapped box from amazon under my tree. I wish I had a wife like Alaina to take care of lovely details like that for me. And don’t even get me started on my new sister-in-law Rachel who is like a kind and gentle Martha Stewart. One of these days I will show you the delightful touches she brings to life and your mind will be blown.

Bloggers in general tend to be pink unicorns, but I think it particularly shows at this time of year.

And I know I say “Bloggers” as though I am not currently typing this on a blog, but I just don’t have that level of sparkle in me.

I am fine with that, though. Because if I did, if that effort and attention to detail came naturally to me, I might not appreciate those talents in others that so cheer my heart this time of year!

So tell me, are you a Pink Christmas Unicorn? What do you do to make this time of year special for your friends and family and yourself?

Merry Christmas Love, The McCarthys

Rifle for Tiny Prints

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Happy Friday!

“And Lincoln wasn’t a douchebag, so he was like ‘ok, I’ll meet with him!”

“Shh. I get it. I know. I know who you are. It’s been explained to me. I’ve been following your career forever. Be quiet. I’m into it. Let’s talk.”

Some losers won’t let me embed it, but you should watch it.

Drunk History.

Sick on your Birthday should not be allowed.


It has been a rough few days. Pete has been deathly ill since Friday, so I have been single parenting- and let me just tell you. My hats off to any of you who actually are. I do not have the constitution for it, I discovered last night when I just started weeping after I put Gracie to bed out of sheer exhaustion.

The be fair, it wasn’t just normal dealing with baby time. My step brother got married last weekend in Fort Worth, and Pete is contagious so he stayed home and I drove 3 hours there and back in 24 hours with Gracie, by myself. It was…intense. And I seriously felt like such a badass. Like no big deal, I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that means!

And then Monday came, and he still wasn’t better. So I was on my own again a little worse for the wear. Then yesterday, it was like he was actually getting worse. Poor thing. So I attempted to cure him with my love. And made him some chicken noodle soup and brought it to him in bed.

And when that aesthetically pleasing presentation didn’t immediately heal him I got irrationally angry and just started crying.

Now today I will again journey by myself with GMcB to Houston for my best friends wedding this weekend.

I am a little fragile.

And it’s not even my birthday.

It is Pete’s Birthday.

How tragic is that??

He even had to cancel his birthday party. Real talk.

So Happy Birthday to my husband, Pete.

You are a stone cold fox.

I could not have known it when I fell in love with you Freshman Year of college watching you chug bacardi limon on Halloween, but you are the best husband and daddy a girl could ask for. Watching Gracie’s face light up every time you walk into a room is so good for my heart.

Thank you for letting me paint our house pink, and for getting up with the baby girl in the middle of the night. Thank you for taking me on sushi dates on Saturdays, and for looking so good in jeans.

I like you so much, for so many reasons. For your humor, heart, family, character, aspirations, and, of course, your face. But most of all I love the way you love me and our girl.

Happy Birthday, and get well soon!

Everyone, please leave Pete a note letting him know how bomb you think he is. Maybe it will be like when tinker bell drinks the poison and is dying but then everyone claps and says “I believe in Fairies” and Tinker Bell lives!

Anyone else watch Mary Martin, Peter Pan as a child or are y’all all looking at me like I have a star shaped head about now?


Despite the controversy over the one shouldered baby bather, I have bravely decided to forge on with our plans to bring Gracie Girl to the beach over New Years.


Gracie loves her bath time pretty much more than anything else ever in the world, and I am dying to get her in a pool and experience some new levels of baby joy.

But I know literally nothing about beaches with babies. And as I have discovered in my four months as a mother, there tends to be a lot more involved with every little activity when you include a baby. I am up for it, but I am going to need your help.

Like what diapers do I use? If Gracie makes poops in the pool I might just die. It is going to be challenging enough for me to appear in public in a bathing suit in my current state, to suffer any humiliation whilst so scantily clad will probably cause some sort of mental break. So I need to know what are the best poop containing diapers.

Also, sunscreen? How do I protect her little baby skins? I got a floaty raft thingy with a shade so she can enjoy her giant bathtub with minimum sun exposure, but still, GMcB has her father’s lily white coloring so ultimate precautions will be made.

Toys, Grace isn’t so big on the toys lately. As long as she can rip out clumps of my hair she is pretty happy, but are there any miracle little baby pool/beach things I should know about?

Also, is this what dolphins look like as babies? Or is this baby an alien?

Why is it underwater and alive?

I have so much to learn and I need you all to teach me.