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Is it me or is there a serious lack of attractive affordable bedding out there?

Anthropologie has some good stuff, but can get really expensive really fast. Pottery Barn can be cute, but it can also be super marginal and granny. I was surprised to find some good things from Garnet Hill when I was helping Alaina with her bedroom makeover the other day, but again, it’s generally not awesome.


What kind of look do you like? 

Traditional white?


More funky?


Which look is your favorite? If you go for patterns, are they more graphic, floral, traditional?

Where do you go for your bedding?

Any secret resources I don’t know about?

How much would you ideally spend to properly butter your biscuit?

Talk to me.

Humiliation Diet Update

I started with 35 pounds to lose, last week I had 33, and this week I am at 32 pounds to go.

Not as much as I would have liked, but not a total loss seeing as Pete brought me back Laduree Macaroons from New York. And my approach to handling temptation is to make it go away. Into my tummy. So I ate like 18 macaroons in a day. 

I couldn’t help it! They got all smushed in his bag and I didn’t want them to think I was judging them or thought they weren’t pretty enough to eat!

For workouts this week I have been walking with Gracie, doing the Tracy Anderson post-pregnancy video which is NO JOKE PEOPLE! I did half of it on Saturday and couldn’t move for two days. I like that it is only 45 minutes and is sort of divided in three sections, abs first, then legs, then arms so that if I don’t have time to do the whole thing I can do at least the abs first thing in the morning and maybe legs later if Gracie is chillin’ for 10 minutes. You need weights (no bigger than 3 pounds) but other than that you can do it anywhere. It is all mat work mostly using your own body weight and Tracy’s crazy kookie (you were right, Jenny) moves.The things I don’t like about the video are that she is super quiet so sometimes you are mid pike and check the TV and she has moved on without letting you know. And also the music is bizarro. Otherwise I feel like it is really doable and effective.

Diet wise I have basically been doing a paleo diet, at least at night, fish or chicken and veggies. My new favorite thing is roasting a brussel sprout within an inch of its life so that it basically become like a potato chip. I am sure I am cooking all the nutrients out of them, but it is delicious.

I have been trying to keep up with weight watchers online but I don’t super love it. I think it works really well if you are eating prepared foods or cooking their recipes, but trying to log in what I cooked and how I cooked it is super tedious. I am going to look into the other food/exercise logs y’all suggested this week.

Also this week I am going to try some barre classes, Tracy Anderson cardio, and slim in 6. And I need to start limiting my alcohol. FML. But its true. Skinny girl margaritas probably aren’t “skinny” when you consume and entire bottle at a time.

So, how are you guys doing? Any progress? Favorite workouts or foods I should try? Anyone else fall victim to some aggressive macaroons?

I am shocked.

SHOCKED by all of your depravity.

Carrot Top?? REALLY!?

Who knew all of my readers were a bunch of filthy perverts. 😉

I’d go cheese FOR SURE!!! I think a lot of you Carrot Top choosers didn’t consider that maybe society would consider sweating cheese to be an incredible gift/skill. You could be the patron saint of CHEESE! WHAT an honor.


 Thank you for all of the chair advice, even though it left me utterly perplexed.

Luckily, our DWR here is awesome and let me check out both chairs on loan for a few days so we could see not only how they serve Pete’s delicate behind, but also investigate the other issues y’all mentioned. I was fully expecting to not like either of them.

But…We have a winner!

The eames was quickly nixed by Pete because you can’t tuck your legs up under them. K- you were right, TOTAL pain in the ankle/achilles heel. 

I am, however, surprised to report that we both LOVED the tulip chair. I totally believe all of the issues you guys mentioned, but maybe they redesigned them a bit? They weren’t heavy at all…And scooted really easily on the floor. And that swively function is really a lot of fun.
Now I am slightly concerned that the vintage set I found won’t be so light and maneuverable…And I won’t know unless I buy them and ship them here.  What to do what to do.

Buying them new is just too expensive…although for all of you who may be interested in a tulip they are supposed to go on sale from DWR soon.

I guess y’all will just have to wait and see what we decide on. Which should be soon, my February resolution is to get this place properly photographed!

Would you rather…

…Make out with Carrot Top for 27 minutes or sweat cheese for a year?

That’s a tough one, no?

But our real predicament is a lot less foul and has to do with the seating situation in our kitchen. When Pete and I moved in together, and in Chicago, we had Louis Ghost Chairs around our table and Pete superhated them. I kept explaining that they were awesome designer and fancy and cool but he was all they are plastic and hurt my bottom and they are ugly and I hate them. Which is annoying, but he also lets me paint the majority of our house pink and stuff so if this is the one thing he can’t handle, fine. We sold ’em. But now we need to replace them.

And I can’t decide betwixt these:
Eames molded plastic chairs in the red/tomato/orange color


I found six vintage tulip armchairs for almost the same price per chair as the eames molded guys, which is an awesome deal for real deal saarinen.

Normally I would be like, duh, go with the great deal on the saarinen. But our table is a saarinen tulip table and I’m concerned it will look too matchy matchy.

I think I know what I am going to do…

…But I always like to consult you guys on my big decisions.


What do you think?

Special things…

Ok guys, I had to delete that post. I think that was literally the weirdest thing I have ever posted. It’s almost like I was blackout drunk when I wrote it. But I haven’t been drinking. Suzanne–Maybe you are right and it is delirium from hunger. But whoa. Sorry about that. I am going to work on a post for today that doesn’t come from the strangest corners of my brain. BRB!!!!!
Ok, here we go…Let’s try this again.
Doesn’t it remind you of that wallpaper I love? With the glow in the dark constellations?
I used it, by the way.
And when Pete had pneumonia I slept in that room to avoid his plague, and it was magical sleeping beneath a canopy of stars!
Now..can we forget about that other thing I wrote about today?
Which if you are REALLY curious was about this little pearl thing and these extremely bizarre videos my roommate in college and I were obsessed with called Salad Fingers.
K, thanks.