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Dipping my toe…

Back into the werk pond.

Beginning phases. It is going to be good.


I would invite any of these items to live with me.

Not to be braggadocios…But I feel like I can build a pretty attractive piece of furniture.

Not, like, you know, with my hands. But with my mind and can direct other talented people on how to make it a reality.

Like this couch which I mentioned having in the works awhile back. Candy cane dreams!

You know who else can design a delicious home good?


She’s good.

Real good.

And luckily the new site for her uhmaze store Furbish is live now…

So you can now buy spotty chairs over the internets!

Or this darling sitter, one of my all-time favorites.

I can’t help but notice that Jamie seems to be a fan of the pink and red as well.

Which make sense, as she provided me with these awesome side towers for Gracie Girls room.

Chick also slings lamps…


And many many fun and unique decorative items.

I got a pair of these for Clifford, and they are now hanging in our entrance hall. Love em.

Anyway, I don’t get paid to advertise on here because when I tell y’all about something I like I want you guys to know it is because I really for real love it, and not because of the dollahdollah bills yo.

So trust me when I say Furbish is my favorite store on the internets. Bold statement, I know. But I stand behind it.
And it should be yours too, as Jamie is offering a 15% off discount through Saturday if you enter in the code newfurb at checkout.

Go check out all the tickly fancy at Furbish now, please!

Getting Crafty

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most talented of DIY-ers.

But I am sure that is not what most of you come here to see. If you ARE interested in getting some inspiration from the Queen of DIY home projects, may I please direct your attention to Jenny of Little Green Notebook. Chick makes tufted headboards, refinished furniture…she’s a boss.

BUT if you want to take a look at my dinky projects, today is your day!

This week I built Gracie a swing. I didn’t, like, saw the lumber or anything. But I did paint it and assemble it, which I was pretty proud of.

I chose this swing which came in raw wood so that I could choose the color. I am mostly over the ugliness of most baby gear, but when an option to have a more aesthetically baby pleasing item presents itself, I will take it.

I used this spray paint, even though it was a wee little swing I needed two cans because I didn’t prime it. Told you I am no expert DIY-er.

Gracie was not that impressed by my efforts, she was more into the bubble wrap the thing came in.

But I think the end result is pretty darling, and it gives us something to do with her during the witching hour before her dinner when the wheels tend to come off a bit.

I also fixed up this boring ol’ lamp shade that goes in her room with some extry trim we had leftover from the windows.

A little hot glue gun…

And presh.

Next up I have big plans for this guy for a client/friend.

I am thinking dark green, some gold detailing, and light blue on the insides.

Yep Yep.

Humiliation Diet: Week 5

Y’all know the deal by now…5 weeks ago I started checking in with you guys every Friday as a part of my humiliation/accountability diet. I started with 35 pounds to lose, last week I refused to acknowledge my weight as a birthday present to myself, and this week I am down 4 pounds!

Which, although is not as far as I would have liked to have come in 5 weeks, is still good progress. And I finally feel settled into a routine or…wait for it…lifestyle.

For lent instead of giving something up, I have decided to take on working out every single day. Even if it is just 20 minutes with Jillian, or the abs portion of Tracy, doing something physical every day seems to keep my other habits in line. This week I have been doing two a days, Jillian or Tracy in the morning, and then either an hour at the gym or a walk with Gracie in the afternoon.  I have a lot more energy and am much happier.

Which is great because Pete has been studying crazy hours preparing for the Bar which he is taking next week (he couldn’t take it as planned this July because the Doctors were afraid Gracie would arrive in the middle) and has been minimally helpful/fun around the house. All work and no play makes your only child needy wife very grumpy.

And even though it is only 4 pounds, I can tell my body is changing. I am not going to describe to you the gross rolls that are no longer rollin’ or sags that are less saggy, but it is happening. Next week I am going to share some of the recipes that we have enjoyed, and I am also doing a body comp at the gym to get a better idea of the muscle gain/fat loss situation which is always really motivating.

How are you guys doing? Any new tips/recipes? Progress? The best part about this is knowing y’all are working along with me, so don’t abandon me now mister sisters!


I so love Damien Hirst’s Dots.

Especially the colorful variety.

                                                                                                                                    Source: via Bailey on Pinterest

And all of the dotty items it has inspired.

So fun.

I am normally not a wall decal kind of lady, but this I can get behind.

How did that cakeporn get in here?

Rockin’ Dots.

Banksy Dots.

DIY Dots

Gummy Dots.

Nick Olsen Dots

That is all.