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Good Photography is Important

The reason I still haven’t shown you Mr Banks is because I am waiting for a few key elements before I hire a photographer to come and photograph it. I could just photograph the rooms that are ready myself, but that wouldn’t do them justice. Wanna see what I mean?

So this place that was designed by Alessandra Brance and was in House Beautiful a few years ago is on the market in Chicago.

Here it is in House Beautiful.

And here is the same room in the listing.

Kinda woof, right?

House Beautiful entryway.

Listing.I mean, it’s not bad. But definitely not as alluring as the HB spread.

Again, living room in House Beautiful.

Listing.House Beautiful kitchen.


Den in House Beautiful.


And finally, the Master in House Beautiful.

And in the listing.

And if you are thinking that looks pretty familiar.

Well the congratulations because you have been reading here a long long time!

Because I was obsessed with that room…

And wanted to copy it for Clifford, The Big Red House.

But m’glad I didn’t. Because 1. Copy Cat. and 2. Isn’t it funny how your taste changes?

Our actual Clifford master as pictured in Rue by Emily Anderson.

And how important good photography is?

And that was Cliffords bedroom in its real estate photos. Not quite as pretty. Although I do like seeing the different, usually more open perspectives of rooms presented in the real estate photos.

Now do we understand why we are waiting a tic on Mr. Banks? Gotta get it right people. But it is soon, just waiting on ONE MEASLY WINDOW TREATMENT.

Paaaatieence Iago. Paaatience.