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Humiliation Diet: Week 10

Week 10…down no pounds from last week. Sads. Still down 9 overall.

Gracie’s ego is out of control after last weeks post on her Tracy Anderson body, and now she is kind of insufferable constantly showing off her fitness moves.

Planking on a million.

Look at that form!

I mean, you have to admire her dedication to a healthy lifestyle, and the roles results speak for themselves, but after awhile I am like, I get it. You are super fit and athletic, I am very impressed, can we please talk about something else now?

But on the plus side, I am saving a LOT of money on personal training under Gracie’s tutelage.

You don’t know me!

But you might learn a few things if you head over to Amber’s blog and check out the guest post I did for her!

In case that picture doesn’t entice you enough, there are funny Gracie pictures over there as well.

And while you are there poke around and fall in love with her. She’s real talented, kind of boho chic with a rocker thing going on, and she is funny and pretty and has a super cute baby.

These are all good things.

Getting there.

Every time I make the decision to go ahead and have Mr. Banks photographed, some new project presents itself and I am like ohhh maybe I should wait until that is finished and fabulous.

 But I have finally come to the realization that my brain being what it is, there will always be some new project and enough is enough and it is high time to stop teasing you good people.

That is…Once these last projects are completed.

See you guys are partly to blame as y’all were so enthusiastic about the wallpapers I was contemplating, now I think I might have to make at least one…or two of those happen.

Like maybe in Gracie’s bathroom. 

Because this chair is coming to live in that little corner.

I love the vintage faded red velvet, and it is wee! Perfect for the baguette.

And that is Audrey over there on the wall. And it just feels very parisian and fitting of that paper.

So we should wait for that to be completed…right??

And then there is the office. 

I finally got some proper chairs, and a bulletin board…But it still doesn’t feel complete. However, it might if…

If If If. If only. I think that one might have to wait.

But don’t the chairs go so well with it??

  They are CB2, a super decent price considering DWR charges 10x that for their similarly attractive office chairs. AND I have found it is good for my posture. At least if I find myself somehow in the possession of a few rolls of that magic paper, I will be ready for it with my matching chairs.

I am also considering this nifty fellow.

For Gracie’s bathroom. Wee. Good price. Painted black and paired with her red velvy chair could be pretty cute. Totally unnecessary since she is only 8 months old, but I always have my eye out. Filed away under “some day”.


I think we can all agree that photography should wait until this rug…

Is married to those stairs.


Celebrity Doppleganger.

Gracie may have the physique of a baby Tracy Anderson.

But I have nailed the Winona Ryder.



I am told this bizarre hair loss and regrowth is just another one of the miracles of pregnancy, although I have been decidedly unpregnant for about 8 months now.

So shall we revisit the Zooey proposition? Better than Beetlejuice hair, right?

No? We are liking the 90s throwback spiky banglettes?

And a note to my body:

If you ever want our brain to agree to host another baby in our belly, No more crazy hair situations, scars, pyrogenic granulomas, insane weight gain, etc. Just cool it, ok?

Humiliation Diet Update: Week 9

9 Weeks…9 pounds BETCHES!!!!!!!!!!

Gracie has been helping me with my Tracy Anderson workouts, and dare I say, I think she has nailed it.



See that one is Gracie

And that is Tracy

In case you were confused because they both have such defined muscles.