Baby Stuff: 5-7 Months

The last guide we did was at 5 months, right before Gracie started sitting up which changed the whole game. And now she is on the verge of crawling, so I know my whole world is about the get turned upside down again. So this guide is for that sweet spot between sitting and crawling. Also known as the best time in babyhood (thus far).

If your baby is anything like Gracie, sitting up made her a whole new happier baby. I don’t blame her, who wants to have to lay down everywhere like an adorable little slug? Once she started sitting up she was much happier entertaining herself for periods of time, and since she can’t move anywhere yet I got to give my momma arms a break, but didn’t have to be the vigilante I know I will have to be once she is on the move.

I tell you this because the first few months of babyhood can be hard, and it helps to have things to look forward to. I remember the first 6 weeks were the hardest, everything is so new. Then after that 3 months was big, Gracie started engaging more, smiling a little, and was sleeping through the night. And now I am here to tell you, in our family, 6 months has been everything. Gracie is like her own bizarre, hilarious little person now. She laughs constantly, speaks in her own dinosaur squeal language, and reaches for you when you go to pick her up which is by far the best feeling ever.

So now the stuff, including the stuff I found most helpful while traveling solo on an airplane with Gracie girl.

First up, eating.

Gracie is a full on eating monster now. We went on a highchair testing spree, and just finally committed to one:

The Boon. As much as I loved the simple practicality of the ikea I was worried it wasn’t sturdy enough for Gracie’s ninja maneuvers. I liked this one because it wasn’t overly padded so it isn’t a gross food sponge. It has an adjustable height and it is moveable. I will let you know in the next guide if it lives up to our expectations.

For feeding these bowls and spoons are awesome. The bowls suction cup onto the table so Gracie can’t knock them over, and trust me, she tries. The spoons are rubbery which was great because when she was still refusing to eat we gave her the spoons to play with and teeth on to get her used to the idea of a spoon entering her mouthpiece. We got a few extra spoons for her to bang on while I feed her with the business spoon.

These bibs are so cute and so practical. They are seriously soak proof, they are a good size for coverage, and they have so many  fun patterns and colors.

Last week we took Gracie out for sushi wearing her kimono and her sushi bib. Gracie loves a theme.

Gracie still likes her sprout single flavor guys I mentioned in the last post, but we have really expanded her food repertoire with the Ella’s purees. They have tons of funky combinations that are ALL a huge hit with her. Peas were on a total ban until their broccoli, apple, and peas combination. Now that she has gone through all of these we are starting to do our own combinations. These are also good for travel because of their cap and squeezey capabilities. You can squeeze a little bit onto a spoon or directly into babies mouth for traveling on the move.

These are a miracle. For traveling. For eating out. For adorable baby watching. Stick a whole piece of fruit in here, like a slice of apple or pear or berries. Freeze ’em for teething relief. Baby can go to town on this for hours. Quiet, silent, happy hours.


First off, Gracie still loves her mat, her office, her bouncy swing, and her chair. Those are the VIP toys. 

Now that she is sitting up Gracie really loves blocks. Specifically these  blocks. They are rubbery, which feels good in her mouth, and they make a little squeaky noise which is always exciting. 

For some reason these wooden beads are a hit too, which is good because they don’t really make much sound. Good for traveling.

These nubby balls…don’t ask me why, she loves it though.

Xylaphone. Loves it. I loves it. I can’t explain why, but it is the MOST hilarious thing ever watching her bang away on this guy.

Gracie has become quite musical, in fact. These rattles are awesome.


Mozart Block. Obsessed.


This book, and the like (there are a few, if I were a hippo, if I were a cow…) are a huge hit. She likes swinging it around by her tail. She likes putting it in her mouth, and since it is a board book it is pretty indestructible.

This book is for me. Pete’s dad gave it to Gracie for her christening and I weep EVERYSINGLETIME I read it to her. I have memorized every word.

Oh, also, we finally broke the swaddle. It was time and Gracie sleeps much better with her arms above her head, just like her mom.

We are doing sleep sacks, and although the aden & anais ones are great, she keeps busting the zipper with her karate kicks. We were gifted a squishy one that snaps at the shoulders instead so I am going to do more investigating into the best of those.


So I definitely don’t have traveling figured out after one flight, but I have learned a few things. Firstly, most strollers won’t go through airport security. Which I was really bummed to hear because I REALLY super didn’t want to have to buy another stroller situation.

But I was encouraged to buy a snap and go base for our carseat and do it that way, which I think was probably the best decision. Firstly, it folds up really easily. It has the storage area on the bottom where I threw my bag. You can bring your carseat to your destination without it really being an extra piece of gear. On the way there since I was by myself and nervous I bought an extra seat and planned to put Gracie there in her carseat while she slept like a little angel. Which she did for just long enough for me to order a cocktail, and upon delivery of said cocktail, she awoke screaming and spent the rest of the flight in my arms. Cocktail was returned. You live and you learn.

I also got a new diaper bag for the trip, and let me explain to you why. I loved our old diaper bag, but all of its goodies were contained on the insides. It had organizing pockets, but you still had to dig around in the same dark cavern for everything you needed. On this guy, the bottle pouches, diaper/wipe storage, and mat compartment are all on the outside for easy access. Which frees up the inside for toy storage. I stuffed in a few of her rubbery blocks, beads, the most important toy of all time, some ear plugs for fellow passengers, stuffed animals, packed it to the brim with toys.

My other key travel advice is probably obvious, but if at all possible, choose a flight the takes off during a feeding, preferably before a big nap. Gracie feeds at 12 and then has a 2-3 hour nap. On the way back we took off at 12:15 and landed at 3:00 and I fed her during takeoff, she feel asleep straight after, and it was way easier than our flight there when we took off at 1:30. Again, you live and learn.

So that is my guide on 5-7 month baby stuff. Anyone have anything else to contribute? Either for 5-7 months, or the immediate future? I would love to hear what is working for you guys!


  1. Archana March 6, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Hi Bailey –

    Thanks for putting this together. My daughter Amaya and Gracie r 1 month apart(can’t wait for Amaya to start sitting). The other thing we have in common is my love for design..hence more reasons to follow ur blog..

    I wanted to point out how much I love our lightweight umbrella stroller for travel(our baby is a lil globe trotter ), I have the Maclaren Truimph and highly recommended it. I have the Bugaboo which I hardly use.In addition to this our baby loves her Gymboree and Kindermusik classes..its a grt time for me to bond with her as I am busy with my corporate job during the week. Our baby loves the traditional Melissa and Doug wooden ABC blocks..

    Sorry abt the long essay..

  2. Melissa March 6, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    I love these posts! Please keep doing them. I’d also love one on what you were conned into buying that was a waste (I hear anything with the word “warmer”). I’m not a mom yet, but we’re going to be summoning the stork soon :)

  3. Johanna March 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Tell me more about this sassy teething feeder. We leave on Saturday and I feel like I should know about this. You put whole fruit in it?

  4. Sheila March 6, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Hi Bailey,
    My kids are older so I don’t have anything to add other than you have the cutest baby girl! So lucky!

  5. Anna March 6, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    I love the sushi outfit. I can’t think of anyone else who would think of such a thing! I do love me a good theme

  6. whitney March 6, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Psyched to see Gracie inherited the theme gene!!

  7. Helen March 7, 2012 at 12:13 am

    How’s about a pic of Gracie with her nanny/ namesake Gracie?!?! See you tomorrow! Xoxo Helen

  8. Carrie March 7, 2012 at 9:45 am

    So funny that this post coincided with my day- I have a 2 year old that I take care of and I cleared out his baby stuff yesterday which included those bibs and bowl and spoon set. He also spent about 30 mins quietly playing with his Mozart block.
    When she starts moving your day is going to become a whole lot busier… and you’ll be singing the praises of exersaucers or anything else that confines her! You may want to consider looking into a gated baby yard- the North States Superyard is great. Essentially it creates an enclosed play space which is particularly helpful when you’re cooking or need to run to the bathroom- she can move around but can’t zoom off the minute you turn around. Cardboard nesting blocks are always fun and once she gets moving she might have fun with the Busy Ball Popper. She’s too young for it yet but check out the Melissa and Doug sushi set- it’s adorable and matches her sushi ensemble perfectly.

  9. Molly March 7, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Love this!

    Have you thought about buying an umbrella stroller? I have a 6.5 month old and we have the Uppa Vista stroller but I’m considering buying the G Light for travel, etc.

    Also, On the Night You Were Born makes me sob every time I read it too! Best book ever.

  10. Kbs March 7, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Have you gotten the boon twist on spoons for the pouches? They work on all the ones we’ve tried. You squeeze the pouch and puree is deposited on the spoon. Super handy until she can hold the pouch and just mainline it!

  11. Kayla March 8, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Bailey, I love the blog. I

  12. Kayla March 8, 2012 at 12:01 am

    Bailey, I love the blog and thought that you and your readers would be interested in my online high-end childrens consignment store called The Closet Space. It is on facebook.

  13. Louisa March 10, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Hi Bailey,
    I adore your hilarious blog! I can’t remember how I first found you but I’m so glad I did. You have a wonderful sense of style and I love your honesty & humor.
    My daughter is 21 months now but I remember the 6 month milestone well! Watch out – she will be crawling before you know it and then standing, cruising, and then you are screwed! :)
    I was reminiscing as I read your blog – we used -and still use- a lot of the same things. Ella’s Kitchen is awesome. I love the “On the Night You Were Born” book too – can’t get through it without tearing up. Do you have an exersaucer and the playard (north states?) and the foam playmat so she doesn’t hurt herself when she wipes out? We used the Boon highchair and it was great until my girl was about 19 months and wanted a big girl chair. Now we have a Tripp Trapp which we love. When she starts standing, I’d recommend the Fisher Price house – it’s big, sturdy & ugly but babies seem to love it. We also had the iPlay tractor that my girl loves and the playful pals piano (both on amazon). Oh, and her whoozit and crinkly books. We used the Inglesina fast chair or a Balboa Baby cover for going out to dinner. Also love TableToppers when eating out. For diaper bags, I have an MZ Wallace which is big enough to fit all of our stuff, easy to clean and I think they have some cute styles. Hope that helps! Your daughter is beautiful – congratulations!

  14. Sarah Greenman March 15, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    So much good stuff here. We read “On the Night You Were Born” almost every night to Charlie. Its my favorite.

  15. Dennis Stone March 17, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Just had one of your blog readers from O’Fallon, Mo visit our Specialty Wooden Toy Store “Play Simple Toys” and purchased the “Classic Baby Beads.” These are a big selling item at our store. Lots of moms love them!

  16. ROK April 2, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Fyi, strollers don’t fit through the x-ray machine but the guards wheel them away and wand them and give them back. I bought a Quinny Buzz b/c it folded through security, but with 2 babes I just bring my ENORMOUS stroller and have them wand it. At least in the US (didn’t bring a stroller when international). And don’t forget to turn the air off. It blows other people’s germs at your baby.

  17. Leni April 15, 2012 at 2:35 am

    As far as baby food goes, I have made 99% of all of DD#1 & DD#2 food. Honestly, a few of the packs are fine for travel, but other than that, you really don’t need them. Check out

    Feed the baby before you go out to dinner. Then just bring some snacks with you (I like Mum-mums & organic puffs).

    Travel: try & time around naps if you can. Feed them a bottle before or during take off. Honestly, it was SOOOO easy to travel with one infant (birth to 8/9 months). Add a 2nd one in less than 2 years apart – then we will talk again.

    The highchair – like you, completely over thought the stupid thing. Should’ve just gotten the Ikea highchair. Kid woud be fine. Highchairs are the biggest rip off of $.

    Have the same stupid wood balls. Both babies prefer any type of cords – preferably, iphone charges and laptop charges. And the cat toys. Anything but the natural, safe baby toys.

    The themes – yes, it IS all about the parent, and not a darn thing about the baby (see the part above about chewing wires). Trust me, in less than a year this will all be forgotten about as your daughter tells you what she wants to do for the day & proceeds to knock down DD#2 for the 10th before lunch (with timeouts).

    From one that’s been there – stop the overthinking. It’s not worth and is definitely a WG problem. Enjoy just being with the baby – b/c it goes way to quickly.

  18. Helen Ryan June 7, 2012 at 9:02 am

    For sleep bags try Gro-bags. Super sturdy and withstand standing-up in the cot etc. come in various togs 2.5 for winter time back thru to 0.5 for hot summer nights with just a vest. They wash really well and tumble dry with little or no shrinkage. Be wise about the patterns you buy – I have two little girls so thankfully the cute florals I bought first time have worked as hand-me-downs. Our third might just have to put up with whatever they get!!!
    As for travel – I did Australia to London & back with a 8mth old & 21/2 yr old. Highly recommend an umbrella stroller – Mclaren. In the end you’ll end up letting them eat Oreos for breakfast. 30,000 feet is no place for an argument on ‘growing strong’.

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