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Monday Werk

It’s funny, the majority of my clients have all been working with the exact same budget. So it has been interesting to see what that money can buy depending on the clients style, what they already have going in to the room, and what they are willing to do themselves to stretch the budget.

This client has been a dream. For her bedroom she had already painted the walls this dark purpley gray, which was staying. As were her campaign side tables painted in the same dark gray. She also had a swatch of fun fabric she wanted to use as the inspiration for the rest of the room, which we had made into a bolster pillow on the bed. And that headboard. I can barely even speak of. Brass button tufted.


They needed some extra storage, and wanted some seating. I suggested this Jonathan Adler chest, which was within their budget, but I also suggested she look around locally for something with the same scale and feel.

And look what that boss client lady found.

On her local craig, $150 bones. I don’t think I need to tell you that is a LOT less than the JA piece, and I love the vintage character.

Loved how everything came together in general, and can’t wait to see her execute this slexy (that would be sleek and sexy) master.

If you want to see what I can do for you, email me at for rates and availability.

Hint: I am affordable and available.

Such a hussy.

Humiliation Diet Update

I have no idea what week we are on, but I do know save amputating a limb I am not going to make my goal. But that is ok. I feel mentally about 19 pounds lighter since I started this which counts for a lot.

Also, the 10.5 pounds I have lost this week count for a lot too. I am officially out of my maternity clothes, and it took every frugal part of me (I do have frugal parts of me, I promise) not to burn them, instead I relegated them to a dark closet where they will stay until next time I am 6 months pregnant.

I have kind of sort of stopped working out, mostly because I have gotten too busy since I have been working again. But I want to start that up again for overall heart and mind health.

Plus, I only have a month to go on my original humiliation diet and I would like to finish up strong!

Ok, that’s my update. How are y’all doing?

Lick the walls

Have y’all seen Wanderlust?

It is a supremely silly movie…


The apartment in it is ridiculous.

I think they were trying to make it appear ridiculous because it is so tiny, that space you see right there is the entire thing. There is a murphy bed in that delicious paneled wall. But all I could concentrate on was that awesome paneling.

It’s a lot of look, but I LOVE it.

What is it exactly? Burl wood paneling? I need to know for my fantasy modern Jonathan Adler with a hint of Nate Berkus-esque apartment the city mouse in me dreams of.

I don’t mean to brag…

But my baby is a genius.

And she is obsessed with me. She only has one word in her vocabulary.

And it is Mama.

Or mamamum maana.

I will answer to either.

This will be my favorite.

Kitchen ever.

Ever in the world.

Hunter green cabinets, hicks pendants, la cornue stove, vintage bakers island, brass hardware.

I’m pretty proud of this gentleman.