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Come and knock on my door…

And I will let you in…On Monday!
Like I said, I swear I am not trying to be a tease.The pictures took a bit longer to get all edited, and I promised another site an exclusive for the premier.

I just was told that they are running them on Monday, so next week is Banks-a-Palooza. Literally hundreds of beautiful pictures from my brain as captured by Paige Newton Photography.


I don’t use much orange in my decorating, but I could definitely get with Farrow&Ball’s Orangery.

Aerin Lauder

It’s like part Hermes or Veuve.

It definitely feels bougey.

Miles Redd

Fancy Orange.

Stately, no?

Black and White Bathrooms

I am currently working on a couple of bathrooms for clients, one of whom has requested black and white.

I personally love black and white bathrooms, these were ours in Chicago…and there might be a few more images of black and white bathrooms from our Austin house coming at you this week? Hope so.

Black bathrooms are classic.

They can be preppy.

Happy chic, ala Jonathan Adler:

They can be a little bit country…

Or a little bit rock n’roll



And everything in between.

When in doubt, black and white.

Are you sick of black and white or can it still excite you?

Back from the Highlands

Hi Everyone, I’m back!

I survived my separation from the bubbsy.

And had a fantastic time with Pete and his family.

Scotland is BEAUTIFUL, y’all!

Not to mention that there are more sheep than any insomniac could count.

Which is awesome for me, because how Kristin Bell feels about sloths, I feel similarly about lambs.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to pet one, poor planning on my part, really.

But I got to observe several in their natural habitat which was pretty thrilling on its own.

We went to a whiskey distillery.

Scotch not being my drink of choice, it was still cool.

We walked around St. Andrews.

St. Andrews is super charming. Not to mention knowing that is where Will and Kate fell in love was magical.

And now I am back with my girl, where I belong. Refreshed and replenished.

I hope you are all having a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!

Wish Ewe Were Here

I’m not here right now.

I am here.Frolicking with flora and fauna. 

Clearing my overcrowded brains. 

And trying not to have a complete nervous breakdown about leaving my baby with her grandparents for a few days.

Pete’s family has been planning this trip for years. Like P.G. (that would be pre-Grace) and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle it. And if you hear about some crazy woman trying to swim across the ocean, it might be me. 

 I think a little break will be really good for me and Pete, so I am really going to try to relax and enjoy it and not worry too much. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up, and I want Gracie to have that closeness with her grandies, and I know she will be fine. I clearly am still trying to pump myself up as I write this, so if you sometimes get the urge to be jerky and leave a snarky comment, please refrain this time.

Only tender thoughts will be accepted.

Also, I am not trying to tease you guys, as SOON as the pics are ready I will show them! That Monday sneak peak was my sneaky look from our photographer and I wanted to pass them along.