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Ciao Ciao Ciao Ciao

As some of you on the twitters may have noticed, I finally caved and joined Instagram.

Real fiddle fig leaf action

I am not sure why I need it.

pretty signage

I am not even sure that I like it. I mean can I not access my pictures online? I don’t understand.

saffron all up in my face

But peoples in the know tell me I should do it, so here I am.

pink hydrangeas as big as my butt. which is big.

Follow me or something. My name is BaileyQuin, I tweeted some of my pics so far. 

You will be treated to pictures of pink marble bathrooms.

Which in my opinion, is quite a treat.

You will also see pictures of me being vain. For the first time in 11 months I am kind of feelin’ myself, don’t hate.

There will be pictures of my goofy baby.

And pictures of how I got drunk and sunburned like an amateur on our first pool day. Rose is a sneaky little beverage.

The Importance of Context

We made it to Italy safely. The flights were a learning experience, but I will tell you all about that in another post.

I don’t mean to shock y’all or be overly controversial, but Italy is beautiful. 

However, this time I feel like I am seeing Italy through new eyes. Eyes that watch The Jersey Shore, and Real Housewives of New Jersey/Orange County etal and I have a newfound sympathy for the epic bad taste showcased on those programs.

You see, in my recently educated opinion, design is all about context.

I can see how some poor Goo-Dee-Che gets confused about the difference between this:

And this:

I want to bring Italy home with me too. Sincerely. It is fabulous and overthetop and goooold. But this…

Is just not the same as this:

It’s confusing. Things can go bad very quickly. But I am just not sure there is any way to replicate the real deal, and so I empathize. Snaps for trying.

Just wanted to check in and say hi.

Gotta go eat some bread and gelatto.

I apologize…

For the extremely sporadic posting this week. The post bonanza of the past few weeks wore me out. Also, we are leaving tomorrow for an international vacay with Gracie and packing up a mobile child is a lot different than a little slug nugget baby. Chicks got gear.

We are very excited for this trip though. The timing is right, Pete and I both have major life changes on the horizon, new jobs/projects/life situations that I will tell you more about in the Fall and are in a kind in a transitional lull until those things start. Plus, we figured we should do some of the traveling we have been dreaming of while we have one baby, who knows what our family situation will be next year, and traveling with a brood seems much more overwhelming than just the one. So away we go!

We are off to Italy, Pete’s family is coming with, and it is going to be awesome. Please don’t be an asshole and comment about how spoiled I am. Not because it will hurt my feelings, I will be in Italy, what do I care? But it isn’t good for your spirit, so resist the urge.

If you are feeling crabby, although why would you, TGIF babies! This article will make you happy weep and maybe even do a good deed.

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People aren’t always awful. Sometimes, they’re maybe even just a little bit wonderful. Here are 21 pictures to remind you of that fact.


Weep, I tell you.

I will try to post from our vacay, I have some before&afters of the yard project at our house that y’all might enjoy.

Also, welcome to you new readers here, I am thrilled to have you. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Picture me rollin’

A few weeks ago my bff and college roommate Stina came to visit us (with her handsome BF, whatup Paul!) and brought us a little housewarming gift.

Literally, she brought this for us on the plane. And that kind of can-do attitude, and major creative sparkle, amongst other things is what makes Stina my favorite.

I think she is now Gracie’s favorite too.

Gracie LOVES her party wagon. 

1. Yes that is a customized pink&red situation as per Gracie’s theme. 2. Custom cushion Stina had made. 3. Decal on the side reads “Gracie’s Lil Red Wagon”.

So, naturally, I had to steal this brilliance for the bubbles in my life.

The first party wagon project for my sweet baby nephew Noah.

Noah’s Ark.

Obviously. Sunbrella stripey cushion fabric. So cute, just wish I had a picture of the cute nugget this is for in his ark.

The second was for Gracie’s best friend Mary’s 1st Birthday.

The Mary-Mobile.

Adorable Cath Kidston picnic cooler and fabric.

Another sassified customer.

As per Stina’s instructions, here are the DIY steps.

1. The wagons are available from RadioFlyer. Stina got me the old school version with the cuter wheels, but they are hard to find, and even though the bigger wheels aren’t as cute, they are more practical on bumpy roads. The wood sides come in a sealed natural wood, with some writing on them, so you have to sand them down pretty well first to get all of that off and get it ready to receive the paint.

2. Once you sand it down and wipe it off with a damp cloth, pick your color and spray paint. Stina recommended, and I would as well, Plutonium spray paint. They don’t have as many colors as some of the other brands, but it dries instantly for a great smooth finish, has great coverage, and very little smell. I think the colors that work best are either primary to go with the red, or more pastel to tone it down.

3. For the cushion, pick a fun fabric. I recommend an outdoor or oilcloth or something durable. Stina and I both enlisted the help of professionals for this part. The wagons come with a handy pattern to make the cushion, if you look there in the wagon you can see that brown paper template. I took that to a seemstress and she cut a piece of foam and then made the cover with a zipper so that you can take the cover off and clean it. We did ours as deep as the red wagon base since the sides go on to hold the bebe in, but you can make it shallower if you are concerned about them tumbling out. 

4. Before you attach the sides, I would recommend adding your decal. I got my vinyl decals from Lettering On The Cheap. They were cheap and fast, and had fun fonts, just be careful when you choose the scale that it isn’t wider than the slat it will be going on, or longer than the space between the supports. We had a bit of a mishap with “Noah’s Ark” and I had to cut it so it would go above/below because it was too long. The decals come with instructions for application, and it is pretty simple. The hardest part is picking a fun name for the wagon!

5. The umbrella accessory is from RadioFlyer. I got the fabric and picnic basket for Mary’s from Cath Kidston. I also ordered their adorable cowboy fabric for Noah’s Ark but it never got here…a mixup with customer service or something. Bummer.

That’s all, folks. Super thoughtful, adorable, unique baby present. You will be the hit of the 1st birthday party!

Dear Stina,

I think we need to start a West-Coast Customs for wagons.

And can we please consider this love letter to your genius our thank-you note? I’m sorry for being so sucky with my written correspondence.

You rule. In every way.



I really wish I felt like this…

But I actually feel like this. 

Gonna go wipe the proverbial sauce off my face.