Mr Banks Before&After Playroom and Laundry Room

I love the before and after of the playroom because it shows what a big difference some paint can make, and also because I basically just reused the concept I came up with for the family room in Chicago, and took it to the next level. If you want to see our first go at this, here is the post on our Chicago playroom.




And a close up…

…and another angle


After…The gold disco ball is everything.



Laundry Room

Before: Our garage is attached and you enter into the house through the laundry room. Before it was just poorly laid out, and there was oddly a toilet in there with no door that was open to the playroom. We closed off that access and changed up the floor plan…

After…So now the wall that it shares with the garage has the washer, dryer, and sink. Obviously these aren’t styled and pretty. Laundry room is for real life, always.


After…And this side has a mudroom bench with cubbies. I am showing you this to keep it real…Not everything is perfect and finished. I want to get a cushion made for the bench, and hooks…And to clean all the junk out of here. But I still love this room, it is so functional, but still not bad to look at! One of these days I will get it properly fluffed and show y’all. And then I will be one of those people who even my laundry room is fancy like in those show houses.


As always, I will do my best to answer whatever questions you leave in the comments.

Monday we will do the upstairs guest beds and baths!


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