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Naughty Biscuit…

Duly noted on the shoes, we will be exploring many options. Foot-a-Palooza ’round here.

Now COMPLETELY shifting gears…

It has been brought to my attention by several very smutty readers (winks) that our little Biscuit tagline might have a double meaning.

Now, I have never been accused of being prudish or naive, but I had NO IDEA!!!

And if you have no idea, and want to, and are not at work, and do not get easily offended and want to have a good laugh about what SOME people might think it means when I tell them to Butter Your Biscuit…head on over to Urban Dictionary.

And keep in mind, that MY intention, when I say “Butter Your Biscuit” is something more like this:

(Fast Forward to 2:10)

Oh no! Such the confusion!

I mean, it’s not that I strictly forebode such scandiness occur in our Biscuit Bedding, remember our original motto here is Follow Your Bliss. And if that’s your bliss, well then butter away, but do be sure to launder the sheets…

And thank you to my brave readers who risked exposing themselves as true freaks to make sure I didn’t make a fool of myself.

I honestly can’t stop laughing when I picture myself walking in to some big important meeting with investors, slamming my materials on the table going,

“Picture this, ladies and gentleman. Butter Your Biscuit. Butter MY Biscuit. What do you see? Do we have a deal here, people?”

Because I think in movies, it’s a little like this:

I die. I truly do. And laughter is good for a Monday.

So fess up, how many of you were thinking the same thing, but were too shy to speak up??

Secret Number 2…It’s exciting!

A few of you super sleuths were right…

No we aren’t pregnant, but I am kind of having a baby. A business baby.

I am starting a homegoods brand with two of my best friends. Our first product will be a line of high quality printed bedding that we are designing and producing in the good ol’ USofA! The bedding will be available online, and also in the brick and mortar store I am opening in Houston.

Ladies and Gents, I bring you…

If you have been reading here for awhile you know how I have complained about the lack of high quality linens in fun prints and designs. Working with my clients, we would spend up to $500 on bedding, and the end result was always cozy and crisp, but not necessarily as special as $500 should be.

One of my best friends, Isabel, is a textile designer and we had always talked about doing something together, and had discussed doing a bedding line about a year ago. However, I knew I didn’t have the time to devote to everything that would need to be done to make that happen, and I didn’t want to waste her time. Then in May my college roommate Christina (of wagon fame) came to visit and I told her my idea. She loved it and was totally on board with the vision for the brand, and told me that if I wanted to make it happen she would be a part of it.

Since then it has been a whirlwind of creativity, legal, finance, business, and a crash course in the textile industry. I have learned so much that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

I love our team, it is the most satisfying experience to bring a dream I have had to life with two ladies who not only get it, but are taking it to the next level. I am excited to introduce you to these two hardworking, talented, creative girls.

The store will open in Houston in the Fall, and will sell our bedding as well as furniture I am designing and refinishing. I will keep you posted on the progress of the store build out, pretty-fic-ation of items, and when our full site goes live with the bedding available for pre-order.

Thank you all for your support over the years, this blog and you community of foxy readers have inspired and given me the confidence to pursue these big dreams. A special thank you to my design clients who have been patiently waiting while I try to balance this enterprise, while still having some time in the day for GracieGirl/personal hygiene.

I hope we will impress you and earn your support, all three of us have been working 7 days a week to create the most beautiful, fun, cozy bedding that will be an affordable luxury. The designs are INSANE, so good, I am really proud of the work we have done so far. The store has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I am so thrilled to be on this adventure.

If you want to stay updated, and I think you do…head over to Biscuit to sign up for our mailing list, and follow us on Twitter.

So was it worth the wait, or are you all just bummed I’m not (yet) birthing another precious McBaby?

As promised…Secret #1

Some of you guessed it.

We moved! Again. Back to Houston!

As in we are not movING, we have already movED. A few weeks ago, right before we came to Chicago for the interim.

When we made the decision to move to Austin from Chicago it was under major duress. We knew we would have to be in Texas, and close to Texas Children’s Hospital, but Pete had lived in Houston with me our first year out of college and didn’t super love it and had basically said he would never live there again. And truth be told, I never thought I would want to either.

So we decided on Austin.

It was close enough to TCH, I had lived there in college and loved it so much, and Pete had loved it too when he visited me. We tried to stay in Austin after college, but the job/school situation didn’t work out. Making that quick decision when I was pregnant, it seemed like the obvious choice, and we really thought we would be there forever. And then when we were in Houston waiting to have Gracie and after she was born, we loved it, and kind of didn’t want to leave. But we had bought Mr. Banks. Which looking back was probably not the best decision, we were in such a state of flux not knowing what was going to happen to Gracie, making huge commitments like that didn’t really make sense.

But if you had told me that at the time I would have legit kicked you in the shins. I was pregnant and traumatized and needed to nest. And I will be forever grateful for the distraction renovating Mr. Banks provided during our tough time, and for being such a happy and healing place for us to live during Gracie’s first year. It was really hard and sad for me to leave Clifford, but when we went and visited the new owners there last week it made me so happy to see a family there loving the home, it was very meant to be. And I know some family is going to be very happy in Mr. Banks, too.

But we are back in Houston now.

Firstly because Pete has a work opportunity there, but also for lots of other reasons, some of which are part of Secret #2 that I will tell you tomorrow. And it is happy. Pete and I have had a lot of life adventures together, living in DC, New Orleans, Austin, and Chicago. And I think it is really good to do that in your marriage, if you can. It is strengthening to be on your own together, and bonding to be somewhere new. But at this point in our lives, and now that we have Gracie, we really just want to be closer to family and friends. When we were in Chicago it was so nice being able to have Pete’s parents near by, and it was so much easier to meet people and feel at home in the city having Pete’s best friends around.

We had so much fun in Austin, it truly is as great a city as people say it is, but I just don’t think it ever really felt like home to us. Pete’s job situation never panned out the way we thought it would when we moved there, and I felt really isolated without mom friends. I tried to make some, and I made a couple, but I was doing things like giving my number to cute moms at the pediatrician, who never called (womp womp) and then going on Facebook and seeing pictures of friends all hanging out with their babies together in Houston and I would cry. Hormones. But that is a whole other post.

So that is Secret #1. Sorry I was so trixie and keeping that from y’all. I know you guys all know we are a little cray, but I kind of fear redoing another house and living in it for less than a year makes me legit cray. Sorry Mr. Banks. And so because I know y’all are going to ask, yes we found a house in Houston. It needs very little work. We are repainting, redoing some cabinetry, fixing some foundation issues…We super love the house, we haven’t named it yet, but it is beautiful and cozy and we will be moving in October(ish).

That was tons of words, and if you are still reading, I am flattered and impressed. So Secret #1 is out, and I can’t wait to share #2 with you tomorrow. It is the one I am most excited to share. Ahhh. So excited. Tomorrow.

But I do feel so much better now. I am an over sharer and keeping secrets is almost physically difficult for me. Unless you want to tell me good gossipy secrets, and then I am a steal trap. I promise.