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Wanna play?

With me?


Because you can.

I am very flattered, and very awkward, to be asked to be part of Neimans Beauty Kick Off Event September 11. 

Beth, Monica, Samantha, and Paloma

I’ll be with these foxy ladies, and apparently there are drinks and beauty supplies, and you will be rescuing me from sitting all by myself at a table like the new kid at school. We bloggers will be sharing our favorite beauty supplies, and the first 250 people through the door get an extra special swag bag.

For more info head over to Houston Tidbits, and sign up to receive “the inside scoop for the gal about town”.

I’m excited to meet some of you!

Whose coming to see me??

This is kind of decorating…

I am so overwhelmed right now with getting everything ready for the brand and the store, and redoing our new house, and adjusting to my new ‘do (kidding, about that part). I haven’t really had time for my design work (thus the intern hiring, clients, I’m getting to you!). But this is kind of design work…I guess.

So we are back living at my Moms while we wait for our house to get finished. We are in the garage apartment where we brought Gracie home from the hospital and lived for a few months before we moved to Austin. And it is a garage apartment but it is fluffy, Gracie has her own bedroom, but it is still a garage apartment and we are tight on the space. The living area is all open to itself, so adding Gracie playroom functionality into kitchen/dining/office/living…It wasn’t working.

But Gracie’s bedroom used to be a guest room that we shoved a crib into, so I was a bit flummoxed on where to fit in Gracie play space.

But then we just decided eff it, we’ll store the bed in the garage, and use that space for her play area.

So before above…

And after!

I bought the floors tiles, the Ikea Expedit shelves I had in my old office and were in storage. The toys are Gracie’s…duh. 

But please just BASK in the organization.

And it is SO much better, because most of this stuff was shoved into these big ol bins (below), but she couldn’t see it.

She plays so much more enthusiastically now that she can see her playthings.

I am not going to lie, it has been super gratifying getting to do our past two homes, but this little space might have been the most gratifying “decorating” I have ever done. 

Gracie especially loves turning on her music dog…

…And then directing me to sing along with it.

The best part? She finds all of this enriching play time positively exhausting, and nap time is long. And I can work. And then when she wakes up we are both ready to play again!

Ok…Y’all were right…Sort of. A lot.

It has started to grow on me. Pun.

The overall length is still too short and so upsetting to me. For lots of reasons. Because I am ridiculous. Because hair is so weirdly personal, and I have had crazy long hair since I was 16, which I mean, I am 26 now so definitely it was time for a change, but such a big change is shocking.

AND AND AND I feel robbed because like my friend Alison mentioned in the comments, I DID want to do Locks of Love or something similar. I wasn’t ready to take that huge inches plunge yet, so the idea was to do a trim now and a chop suey in the Spring, but this lady stole a whole 8 inches from me and it did no one any good. Least of all my face.

SO, this is not another sads post, I am seeing the silver lining of the ‘do and namely it is this:

I have my hair in a pony tail 99% of the day painting furniture, playing with Gracie, cleaning the house, moving boxes, the occasional run, the hair is in a pony. NOW the pony looks fresh (if shrimpy) and the bangs give it some style and pizzaz. And I like that. It’s a good thing.

I am eating biotin and prenatals like candy, and bathing in Horse Shampoo 10x a day. Thanks for the tips and emotional support, guys. For real.

And there is that smile. Caused mostly by your kindness. Frown turned upside down. So until it grows out I will just keep it in a pony.

Because even though I am faking the smile here, this is how short it is. Consider the side by side. And recall that we agreed to 3 inches off.

Marcia Marcia Marcia.

Liz is such a Jan.

Have a fantastic weekend. Don’t get your hair cut. And don’t be a Jan.



So I did it. The long awaited hair cut/bang debate.

And it had nothing to do with you, Liz, you bratty little snot.

That comment was left on Gracie’s Birthday post. Can you even imagine? Humans.

Not to mention, have you SEEN ladies hair lately? No? Been hiding inside all day typing snarky comments? Let me demonstrate with the following:

Or listen to Mr. Simon Doonan. It’s a long haired circus out there.

Now shut your face, Liz.

ANYWAYZ. Inspired by my Britney before I loved Britney, Ms. Joey Potter (why do I always idolize the crazyprone?) looking all kinds of rawr on the cover of Elle: I was like ‘I’ll be in NYC, they have fancy salons there and famous stylists and junk, I’ll be in good hands, imma do it.’

So I did. And let me just say, if you have as rich an imagination as I do, it is possible to look at a haircut on someone else and convince yourself that you will look EXACTLY like them with that haircut. So it is easy to be disappointed when you set the bar as high as say, Katie Holmes. Nevertheless.


I am not even going to show you the full length situation because I can’t bare it right now. See how the bangs are .5 CRITICAL inches too short? Well the rest of my head is like 5 critical inches too short. And I want to cry. And I may have. And we all know it’s not great, so I don’t need platitudes, and I know it’s “just hair” and it will grow, but what I need y’all to tell me is how some combo of illegal cow hormones and rogaine is going to get me back to Marsha Brady status ASAP.

Please, and thank you.

Just a reminder…

Tomorrow is the last day to apply for the internship with Biscuit helping me with my design clients.

Head over to TheEverygirl to find out more of the specifics and email your cover letter and resume to

I will start reviewing applications Friday and over the weekend and will be in touch next week! I am really excited about the amazing ladies who have sent in so far. I have received a few questions on pay and length and whether or not Biscuit will be offering paid positions.

This internship is unpaid. I have mixed feelings, most of them negative, about the proliferation of unpaid work “opportunities” that seem to be the main positions for people our age, especially in the creative industry, but that is all we can provide right now. I wouldn’t offer it if I didn’t think the experience would be worth it without pay, and I also wouldn’t expect anyone to come on indefinitely without the promise of growth/compensation at some point. Biscuit being a start up, we aren’t even paying ourselves. However, we are really looking to build a team and hope whoever we hire for the internship will be a great fit and someone who we can bring on in a larger (re:paid) capacity at the end of the internship period and once we are open and makin’ some monies.

I have been in New York the past two days meeting with my other two partners, and we are all SO EXCITED about what we have come up with. I am literally combusting, I cannot wait to introduce you to the other two girls and our designs and plans and everything.

So thank you for your continued support. As always, if you want to be in the Biscuit loop head to our website to sign up for our mailing list, and follow us on Twitter. If not, you will miss gems like that little pic above from our team photoshoot yesterday that we tweeted. What a shame that would be!!!!!!!!