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We’ve been getting arts and craftsy at Biscuit lately.

Things are starting to arrive in store, and we need to hide the view while the magic assembles.

That’s our cute intern Maddie…


Happy Weekend, that’s all I got for you today, my brain is fried.


Do you follow me on Instagram?

Because if not, you really should.

I have been KILLING it lately. Or at least I think that might be a result of having had aboutttt 5 hours of sleep in the past 48.
Delirium=Cracking Ones Own Self Up.

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram you have missed the play by play of our trip to the factory to watch our fabric get printed. I cannot even properly describe the past 48 hours. So I am going to let the pictures do the talking. But I will say this to set up the situation:

We were told to arrive at the factory at 8am Monday morning and expect to spend approximately 24 hours a day in our “client suite” that would have a bathroom, TV, couch, desk, and wireless internet. None of those things turned out to be exactly true. We did have to spend 24 hours a day in the factory, but only for 36 hours, not 4 days. THANK GOODNESS. Because omg was it trippy. Like Willy Wonka meets Norma Rae? I don’t know. Isabel thought of it more like The Shining and kept explaining to me all the ways we could be murdered, like any second.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. And if you already follow me on Instagram, I apologize. This is kind of like when your teacher gave a pop quiz because only two people in the class did the reading, and you were one of them. Just consider it an easy A! AND I promise there are some doozies to come that you haven’t seen yet!

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, grow up and do it. @BaileyQuin Word.

Monday 9:00 am “Our home for the next 4 days…”

Another view of the room. The much-hyped TV.

Sneaking about the factory.

Monday 11:30 pm “Supply run to make it through the all mightier.”

Monday 11:31 pm “All nighter*. Point proven.”

Tuesday Morning 2:30 am “Guess which one of these items remains unopened?”

3:00 am arts & crafts time.

Getting snuggly to watch a little Katy Perry: Part of Me for inspiration.
Tuesday 8:40 am “Made it through the night…a little worse for the wear.”

Tuesday 1:20 pm “I want that cake cake cake cake cake cake”

Tuesday 1:45 pm “Things got weird for one of us last night during arts and crafts hour. I’m not going to say who.”

Tuesday 6:15 pm “From where we were to here, talk about a Cinderella story. Thanks for the rec @JamieMeares.”

The End.

Except not really.

So this is what it was like. We got there and met the guys who would be running our prints. They brought us the first strike off for approval, and it was like CHRISTMAS!!! Finally seeing the real thing, feeling it, rubbing it on our faces after working so hard to get there. I signed my approval and they spent the next two hours printing it. Then they brought us a strike off of the second print. We needed to adjust some of the colors so we selected a few pantones, described the changes, they went back into the factory did some magic, brought it back out 30 minutes later, we signed off and they spent the next two hours printing it before bringing us the third pattern. And so on and so forth 13 times. Straight through the night. Through a shift change. Through the point where Isabel or I were really of sound mind but it was so exhilarating because we were really doing it. Not just talking about it. Not talking ourselves out of doing it. It was happening and it is happening and I am SO. Effing.Tired.Right.Now. And happy.

So when they told us we would be done Tuesday morning instead of Thursday night as predicted and prepared for, we changed our flights to today and decided to drive from the middle of absolutely nowhere to Raleigh for a fluffy night to celebrate…I guess not celebrate our success yet. Counting chickens and all that. But our hope for it. And all of the work that got us here.

And also, how lucky we are that we got to go to the factory and really experience this. The guys were SO nice and SO passionate and SO enthusiastic about what we are creating and their work in the process. And the reason we got to be there is because we are doing this all in the good ol’ USofA. Which I think Isabel and Christina and I all vaguely understood was good and important. But now we really know why.

Being in this beautiful ghost town was really eye opening. The factory we are printing at was established in 1942, grew to occupy over 1 million square feet and at one point employed 1,500 people. They now have less than 400 people working there and much of the facility’s capability is unused. And I know there are a lot of reasons for that. BUT I will also say beyond our initial reasons for wanting to keep production local, we were blown away by the passion and gratitude exhibited by everyone we met.

And whether or not that means anything to any of you, you will be able to see and pre-order our goods November 2012.

It’s alllll happening!

I’m on an adventure…

With my Biscuit Homegirl, Isabel.

We are in the Carolinas for the next 4 days where we will be on call at the factory printing our Biscuit bedding.

I had the longest travel day of my life yesterday, and I feel a little disoriented.

I went to my best friends farm outside of Houston this weekend to soak up some quality time with Gracie and Pete and my friends…

Happy Girl!That shirt fits you perrrfectly Pete!

Then woke up at 7 am yesterday morning and drove from the Texas countryside, straight to the airport. I flew to Raleigh and finally finally ended up here.



I got to enjoy a beverage and a chat and some fried pickles with the Furbish ladies, before driving 3 hours to pick up Isabel at another regional airport at 9 pm.I feel like I have spent a lot of time at regional airports lately.

Isabel came with the screen strike offs for our prints, the first time I got to see the prints on fabrics all big to scale and I am SO EXCITED.

Aren’t YOU!?!

This. This I am less excited about.

In case you couldn’t read it…That is a handwritten post-it bragging that the “Duvet covers & Sheets are clean for your arrival”.

Because…There was a chance they wouldn’t be?

Sweet dreams…

I lied.

I said I didn’t want a present for my anniversary.

But that was a lie.

How could this exist in the world, and how could a man who purports to love me not get me one. 

Or two. Or lucky number thirteen.

How could he not want me to spend my days like this?

I just don’t understand.

Seriously though, I don’t understand. Maybe Biscuit needs a guard lamb?

Seriously Seriously though. Our Nash-a-Versary was the best gift we have ever given each other or ourselves. So needed and restorative as we head into what I know will be a crazy intense month.

 I hope your weekends are full of lambs, even though mine won’t be.

Gone Country

I’m not here.

Pete and I are in Nashville celebrating our anniversary. We didn’t do gifts this year, moving 4 times in 3 years had made us really rethink having stuff. You have to move stuff, and especially sentimental gifty stuff. Just try to leave behind or clean out an anniversary gift. Murder.


We both know we are kind of standing on the edge of a waterfall that we are going to be at the mercy of once the store opens and the stuff Pete is working on gets going and time together is at a premium, so away we go, for one more adventure together before Biscuit etc.

I am truly turning off for 24 hours alone with my husband.


pictures by aaron delesie