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Merry Merry!

I wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas before I check out of here for a bit.

Last night we all got to sleep with some Biscuit bedding for the first time.

It was very comfy, and Pete was being so sweet telling me how soft it was and how he liked it even better than our former ultra-fancy sheets.

Our house is so cozy for Christmas. Pete’s family are in town visiting and this will be our first Christmas we have spent in our own house as a family. Ever. Every other year we have been traveling.

I get very choked up with gratitude about it all.

How beautiful are our stockings? Growing up I had the most special needlepoint stocking my mom had made, and we have looked for ages to find a seamstress that can do these intricate stitches. We finally found someone, and started making the stockings last year right after Gracie was born. You choose these painted canvases, and can change out some of the details to be specific to your family. Like in Gracie’s we put in our puppies, made her hair light brown, and had her holding her favorite stuffed animal bunny. We just finally got them all the other day, and they were so worth the wait. Special family heirlooms we will have forever.

These past few weeks have been crazy, and very draining. Jordan had to quit to move home and deal with some family things, and Maddie was only working in the afternoon, so it has just been me in the store most of the time. I have been working 6-7 days a week, 10 hours a day since we opened and I am burned out. It has been so incredible seeing our vision come into fruition, and I thank you all for your support. It has also been very frustrating dealing with delays and things just taking a long time to get where they need to be, and so I also thank you for your patience. We were able to get a bunch of orders filled and out in time for Christmas, and I am sincerely sorry to everyone who hasn’t received theirs yet. We will have all of our printed items in as soon as we reopen, and the white items shortly after that.

January will bring some big improvements to our site and store, more offerings, and bedding in stock and ready to ship! We will also have our house properly shot to show you, and some other fun projects to share as well.

So Merry Christmas to all of you. I am going to shut off and enjoy some much needed quality time with my family for a week and will be back in the New Year!


Guys…I need your help.

Hear ye, Hear ye.

Everyone. We need to do this. One of my giveaway winners tweeted me about this, and I think we all need to help out. Everyone needs to send a Christmas card to Dalton Dingus- a 9 year old boy with cystic fibrosis who wants to break the Guinness Book of World Records for receiving the most Christmas cards.

EITHER, please please please send him one on your own.

Or if you buy a Christmas card from Biscuit, write a note in your checkout comments, I will fill it out and fedex them overnight all together with a toy from the store.

Some reports have said he has already broken the records, but I’m not taking any chances. I want to send him DOZENS of cards of love. If the feliz navidad cards sell out, you can buy any of our other cards and just leave a note in your checkout that is what it is for. If you want to send him or his family a treat, you can purchase something from the store for him and I will put it in the package as well.

HC 62  Box 1249
Salyersville, KY 41465 

Place your order by 2:30 pm CST and select “store pickup” to get your card in the package!

Also…Don’t worry.

The office got situated.

So pure.


Merry Christmas.

Pages From My Diary

My phone is pretty much my diary.

And according to my diary, this is what has been going on in my life lately.

Our entryway got some rug love from Amber.

Bella is quite fond of it. Says it really sets the tone for the house experience. She thinks the large porcelain Dalmatian is just horrible though- she won’t won’t even look at him.

We have been hard at work getting the prints for Season 2 going.

The hand-painted drafts are so pretty.

Our office at Biscuit has been a disaster pretty much since the day we opened. The store is small- the storefront itself is about 1,400 sq feet and the office in the back is probably 12×18. Out of that office we do all of our design work, run the business of the store, plan future seasons and product development, store merchandise, ship orders, receive orders…It’s mayhem.

This is what it looked like on a good day.

Yesterday I had a lightbulb moment that our floor plan was not the most functional. So about two hours before close I called Pete and asked him to come over and help me and Maddie rearrange the entire thing.

That meant taking every.single.thing. out of our floor to 20 foot high ceiling shelves and cleaning it out. Taking every piece of furniture out of the office, and moving it back in.

We switched the desk and couch so now you can actually get into our file cabinets, and we have room add two Ikea expedit shelves on either side of the couch for design books and product catalogs etc. and will be able to use all of our built in shelving for inventory.

We made some progress…But I shudder to think what awaits me when I get in this morning.


Gracie became a toddler and learned how to throw a full on temper tantrum.

This one started about me making her wear shoes. 



WHAT!? I was just kidding! I love my red shoes! WHERE ARE MY RED SHOES!?!? These black ones don’t match!!!


These black shoes are quite fetching. Have you seen my black shoes??

I am sure these toddler meltdowns get old. And you can remind me about this in 6 months when I am complaining about the terrible-twos…But I kind of think Pete and I are well equipped for this stage of baby-hood. The first year was rough on us- I know real live actual people who love the newborn stage. Us? Not so much. I think everyone has different strengths in parenting and times where they shine and are challenged by their kids development. But I am going to be bold here and say I think Pete and I love this stage.

Pete can turn a temper tantrum faster than anyone I have ever seen. And I think they are hillarious/cute- although I need to work on not laughing/rewarding her behavior. Honestly though, after so many months of worrying if every single cry meant something was seriously wrong, and if our responding/not responding was making her co-dependent/betraying her trust- it feels good to be at this point.

We have more confidence now as parents, enough to know most of the things the various “ism” schools of parents try to scare you with are BS. And we know our girl. We know when something is really wrong- and better yet, how to fix it. And we know when she is just imposing her will upon the world. And I love seeing that strong little will in action.

And if it ever gets to be too much? We can just pull out the bubble blower.

Obsessed Lately…

I surprised even myself with the color palette in our new house. While there is nary any beige to be found, the colors are a bit more subdued and richer than my normal fresh and vibrant favorites. I think I went in this direction to honor what the house really needed- hims a cozy old school green/gray guy, he would look ridiculous with neon insides.

This time I went darker, more monochromatic, and textural. Like this guy:

Or him:

Does this mean I am growing up? Doubtful.

But I have to say, I am really loving this new take on my style. And I have become OBSESSED with these fabrics by Mulberry.

It started with this chair we have in the new display at Biscuit, which I recovered in a fabric remnant I had been holding on to for awhile without giving it much thought:

And then it was there staring at me everyday and I started giving it a LOT of thought. And discovered the velvet color ways:


At first I wanted to do a chair in it for our guest room, but then I was like nay- I will never see it! I want to gaze upon its glory all day! So now we are doing shades in our den. Which is surrounded by windows. Like 12 of them. Twelve times velvet scenic shades? Not sure, but I’m going for it. And you will get to see it in February. I am SO behind getting things wrapped up- but I have set a January deadline for me to finish, photograph, and show you good people.

I love mulberry because it is sneaky awesome. Like this chintzy guy. Not bad. Kinda granny chic.

But what is that perched there atop that peony?


It’s like the personality I wish I had. The kind that sits back and is secure in their secret awesomeness, takes their time to let you figure out how great they are. I am much more, “Nice to meet you. THIS IS WHO I AM! KNOW ME!!! LOVE ME!!!!!”

It’s kind of exhausting, sometimes.


Last night my baby laughed at a bubble blower for 20 minutes straight. It was such pure, contagious joy and I have watched the video 100 times since then. I was going to post it here, to maybe bring some smiles to a pretty bleak Christmas, but I just can’t. I don’t want to share my girl with this kind of a world. But then I watch the video again, or walk in to her room and see her goofy face this morning, and have faith again.

Here are 26 (other) beautiful examples of the power of love, pure and simple. Like bubbles.

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