New Year, New Start!

I should probably post some reflections on an incredible 2012. But, as it occurs, I don’t feel great this morning and so…I’m not.

However, I DO have a job opportunity for anyone sitting at their computers right now thinking it’s time to make some moves in 2013. We are hiring at Biscuit!

Hiring, like for a real paid job. It is only part time, but if you are extra awesome there are big possibilities for something more as we ease on down the road. Read all about it on The Everygirl. And email with your cover letter and resume.

Also, I DO hope your NYE was filled with joy.

Because baby you’re a fiiiiiiiiiireworkkkkkk.

p.s. I sat here for 30 minutes waiting for that picture to upload…and that was the best comment I could come up with. #dumb

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  1. Staci January 1, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Happy new year!!


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