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Five pages of new items up at Biscuit.Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 8.20.15 AM

Just a few of my favorite new items.

Speak to me. What’s speaking to you?

Top: Alexander Girard Board Book, Beaded Snake Earrings, Secret Agents I Met and Liked Notebook, Three Sheets Cocktail Napkins
Middle: WTF Sticky Notes, God Bless Our Home Pillow, White Leather Tassel Key Chain, Turquoise Beaded Bangle
Bottom: Porcelain Tobacco Leaf Tray, Taschens Travel Books, Green Lacquer Frame, To My Health Flask

A Gentleman’s Bar.

Pete and I finished the last new episode of Mad Men last night.

Concluding our March MadMen-ess.

We watched our first episode ever February 28. That would be 65 episodes in about 28 days? We are living in a mad, mad world over here. I am completely obsessed.ustv-mad-men-season-6-portraits-1

For me, it is everything. I have never been a huge fan of mid-century modern, but I could live in any of the sets gladly. I appreciate the details- like that the characters repeat their outfits often. I enjoy that it is sexy but I don’t feel like I am watching porn. I am not sure when I became such an old prude, but it is true. I love the characters, they are all so flawed but so well developed. There isn’t one person on there that I loathe to see upon my screen.

Except for maybe January Jones.

What an wholly unlikeable woman.

And Pete and I can both agree equally on Joan and Don. don-joan

Now what are we going to do going through withdrawals waiting for the show to start again next week?

I mean, besides going back and watching all of the behind the scenes episodes.


This Mad Men style bar action

Courtesy of Biscuit.

bar tools, to my health flask, toasts cocktail shaker, fox glasses, brass stag bottle stopper, brass horse bottle stopper


I’m bringing sexy Beige…

I’m not, really, but Katie Ridder sure is.41d933c3fc04e74f59197870e6361739

I am obsessed with her kitchen.


I am struggling to explain exactly why. There are the obvious things like:

1. The double ceiling height cabinets and the ladder.

2. Glass front cabinet doors.

3. That big ol beautiful vintage brass billiard fixture.

4. Blue cafe chairs.

5. Stunning window/doors.

6. Her solution to the need for can lights. She does these a lot. I’m not sure what they are exactly. Just that they are a lot more attractive than our cans.katieridder20

Another amazing Katie Ridder Kitchen, with the can solution and a TDF tile floor.

All of those elements are nice, but mostly, I am shocked to say: I am digging the beige.

Maybe it is because I know Katie bosses her way around a color daily, that her choice for beige in her own kitchen feels rebellious and ironic?

Or perhaps it is the shade of beige. I am loving the green tones, it’s an army uniform kind of beige.

I feel like it is winking at me.tumblr_mgu9laCU5k1rjj1tzo1_500

“See things can be granny/hot”.

I am not ready to make peace with all beige yet, or ever, but what do y’all think?

Does this do anything special for you?

Or is it just regular ol’ beige and I am starting to see what everyone else sees in it?

Before & After: Pete’s Office

Someone asked the other day if Pete was going to have any say in his office decor.

Well of course he does!

It is his office.

And this isn’t really a before & after. It’s a before and during- at best.

Pete’s office is a wee nook off of the playroom on the third floor. And before you roll your eyes at my generosity on giving Pete a large closet off the playroom in the attic to call his own- trust me. This was a major win for Pete and a big loss for me. We both work from home quite a bit, and while our house is lovely, there aren’t many private spaces. With a toddler running around working at the kitchen table is almost as productive as not working at all. So let’s all feel happy for Pete that he got the office.

The owners twice before us used it as a little workout room:

hr2705314-20 copy 2

Not a bad use for the space.
And then the sellers we bought from used it as…



And now.

photo 2-1

It has taken us many arrangements to figure out the best way to make it work.Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 7.57.22 AMWonk.O.Lah.

When I asked Pete what he wanted in there, we looked through my Pinterest to see what struck his fancy.

He liked this space:a7d1bdc54a1dda98df5b49aeff5500bd

j.randall powers

And wanted that to be the inspiration. His dad collects Native American artifacts and I think the gentlemanly vibe with those elements appealed to him.

photo 1-1

When you walk in to the room you have this little nook straight ahead. For now it houses some filing cabinets and a printer/workstation. Not exactly the perfect view to walk in to, but it is kind of nice that it is out of the way from the rest of the room.Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 7.57.26 AM

We tried the desk in all different arrangements, before settling on putting it against the closet doors that lead to no mans land.

photo 3

We are going to get a bulletin board made to fill that space with a great frame around it so that you don’t even see the closet doors any more. Right now he is using a chair from the dining room while we have a vintage desk chair upholstered in a great orange canvas-y number. The desk I found for Pete at a local antique store and is everything.

That bench below the window has to stay because it is an air duct. We decided to build in some shelving around it to give it more purpose. Now I am thinking the trim needs to painted out in a glossy/slightly tweaked version of the walls (Alligator Alley- Benjamin Moore) kind of like this:6479e06919755ea7291a0e1581e33abe

Looking toward the door there is this little wall space. Too wittle for most substantial pieces, but too big for nothing. Pete found a cabinet that fits perfectly on 1stDibs that is on its way.

photo 4

Then over on the other side from the desk I am going to have a chair and a half/loveseat situation made for

We are changing out the light to a flush mount. In the original arrangement it hung over the desk and worked, now it’s like a heat lamp on Pete’s sweet head.

He doesn’t know what he wants to use the dormer space for. At first we thought we would put up a curtain or screen and just use it for storage, but there isn’t a lot of natural light up here and I am not sure we want to lose that.

Then on the walls Pete has collected some fun/special/manly items over the years that he is going to fill it to the brim with.


p.allen smith

Like this. Total more is more.

What do y’all think of the direction we have going on here? Thoughts on “man rooms” in general? Do you like seeing the process or is it unsatisfying seeing the middle steps without the true “after” reveal?

Decorating A Narrow Hallway- update with playroom carpet source

I am currently working on two very long, dark, and narrow hallways.

One in a new client project I am sososo excited about, and the other in our own home.

I have not done one thing to make our hallway 1

I would currently describe it as “shining-esque”

The hallway has never been a big priority for me, which is dumb because it is probably the space most often seen and from which all the pretty unfolds. I guess maybe a drab hallway makes opening the door to a beautiful room more spectacular…But you still have yourself a drab hallway.

These people do a hallway up right:domino Ashley whitaker

Ashley Whitaker via Domino

Miles Redd Hallway_thumb[2]

Miles Redd via House Beautiful 


Celerie Kemble via Lonny


Chloe Sevigny Domino




Albert Hadley via Lonny


Alex Papachristidis via House Beautiful


Miles Redd via House Beautiful




Jonathan Berger via House Beautiful





Common elements: Fun treatments on the doors, kooky wallpapers, wild colors, painted stripes, eye catching runners, interesting lighting.

For our own hallway, we are hanging some crazy big paintings, so I don’t know if wallpaper or color on the walls is worth it. Instead, I am thinking of going for it with a fantastic runner and replacing our can lighting with interesting fixtures.

On my radar:Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 8.46.35 AM

Runner: Madeline Weinrib, Pendant: Urban Electric Co., Paint for Doors: Benjamin Moore: Amazon Moss

**btw I am not holding out on y’all with the carpet source in the playroom- still searching for it!**

GOT IT! Here is the carpeting info.

ALSO today is the last day to shop our One Kings Lane sale, and some of the best items are still available!