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Wee-Decorating: The Entry Hall

Grace and I woke up extra early this morning to take pictures of my latest wee-decorating efforts.IMG_0479

You may recall this post on moving our vintage black and white desk…


Which solved a problem in the kitchen, but left our entry hall sad and lonely. UNTIL I recalled one of my favorite Biscuit pieces, a console that nonsensically hadn’t sold yet. No matter, it was meant to come live with us!IMG_0492

The former piece wasn’t very wide and didn’t give us a lot of surface area to catch all of our entry hall comings and goings, and was too deep giving the door just barely enough clearance to swing open. The console is the perfect size, wide enough to fill the space with just enough room on either side for our coat rack and an umbrella stand, but only 14″ deep so the door swings clear now. Once I decided to move the console in here everything else came together naturally.


Measuring out the height above the console, I realized that the Sarah Ashley Longshore painting Pete gave me from my birthday would fit snugly above it. The painting was hanging in our sad hallway, but you couldn’t really appreciate it properly. You can definitely see it here, it makes a major statement when you walk up to the front door- but I love that it gives our tiny entry some major impact. And I can’t believe how perfectly the colors in our China Rose fabric/the green paint on the console go perfectly with the colors in the painting. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect combination if I had planned on using them together.


Not to mention the colors flow naturally with the rest of our house. The green from the kitchen, orange/gold in the living room, and pink in the dining room.


While I loved the little kilim ruglet we had in there, it was too small for the space and when I found this stunner on 1st Dibs it was an easy decision to relocate it.

As a reminder…


We are still considering a new light fixture, maybe this one from Biscuit.


And we need some items to zhush up the console, but all in all much better, no?

Wee-Decorating: The Kitchen

Today I am posting over at Camille Styles on my entertaining style.

You may remember Grace helping us with the shoot #bossyphoto

Caroline, Maddie and I had a lot of fun (read: felt ill the next day) doing it- so check it out. DSC_9546Lots of food porn and recipe inspiration.

Speaking of the kitchen.1. Kitchen

As y’all know, I have been trying to finish up all of the remaining projects at our house. Mostly that just means getting curtains/rugs/pillows- small finishing touches. Except in our kitchen & entry hall.

Our entry hall has never been quite right. phokjnoto-e1361973616498The desk was the same one we had in Chicago and Austin, and I am kind of sentimental about things like that. So I didn’t want to get rid of it, but it was too deep for the space- ¬†just barely missing the door when it swings open. It was not wide enough, and didn’t provide us enough surface area to catch all of our comings and goings, then leaving too much dead space on either side we didn’t know what to do with.

And the kitchen, while taking out the double ovens opened up the space by the window and improved the flow of the kitchen, things just felt incomplete.Diptic

These two inadequacies of our home have plagued me. Weighing heavy on my heart.


Just like that. Divine intervention.

We are closing the store next week to add some displays, change out the furniture, wallpaper etc. and this stunner console won’t fit on the floor anymore:

So I decided to take him home with me. Hims will be perfect in the entry hall. 8 inches narrower than the desk, and will run the width of the space leaving just enough room for our coat rack and umbrella stand on either side. This addition inspired a whole slew of positive changes in there that I will show once it comes together.

BUT then, my beloved desk was homeless…

Until:ImageNow, my poor iPhone photography doesn’t properly capture the change, but let me assure you, it MAKES the space.

(Here is a refresher on what it was like before, and the kitchen remodel)

I cannot tell you how many arguments Pete and I have gotten in over him leaving mail and the contents of his pockets on my island.


Finally we have a place to process the business of life that always ends up in the kitchen.Image 1
And the dog bowls are tucked away, but they can still access them.

photo 2-1

The colors work perfectly, and I love my topiaries I got from Mackenzie in here. We still need curtains and to recover the bench seat- and I am thinking a new light fixture as well- but the desk is giving me so much peace of mind.

And hope for the future. Hope that looks like this:Kitchen with pd fab and light fixture

If you missed out on any of our before & afters from the latest or previous remodels, that handy “popular posts” drop down will bring you up to speed on all of our remodels, wedding, and babies.