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The Best Way To Make A Bed.

Good morning!

I trust you slept well, and hope that you have awakened ready to be assaulted in the face by pictures of my favorite bedrooms. Because that’s what you are getting here today.

I think about bedrooms constantly. Not because I am a pervert. But because I think about bedding (obviously) and what makes an appealing bed situation. How they are best styled for a photo vs. how they are best styled for real life. What sort of balance of pattern/white linen people enjoy. What pillow arrangements look best, and what pillow arrangements should actually be slept upon. And lately, especially, as we try to next-level finish our own bedrooms for some bigtime photoshoot action this summer.

Throughout these ruminations, I have discovered that there are two types of bedrooms I favor:Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 5.18.27 PM

One style, is that kind of bedroom you see in a magazine and you just go “ahhh”. diamond baratta

Diamond Baratta

It kind of looks like a hotel?


The sheets are impossible fluffed and crisped.

via Domino

via Domino

There are minimal signs of human life- via Lonny

via Lonny.

No distracting family photos…

Jan Showers

Jan Showers

Spare accessories…

via Elle Decor2

…Because these are all distractions from the allcaps SLEEP that will be had in that Biscuit.


It’s just miles of pristine white linen awaiting your deepest slumbers.via Domino2

We will call these “The Pure” because that makes them sound like drugs and Pete and I have been trying to watch Breaking Bad. I say “try” because OMG people watch this? For pleasure? It makes me feel so sad for the world, but then I feel like maybe I am missing something and I need to experience it? I’m not sure. We are on Season 2 and I am not sure how much more I can handle. But I digress.

via Veranda

The problem with “The Pure”- for me- is that there is absolutely no way my grubby little paws could maintain it. One sippy cup perching atop that bedside table, one dog with a surgical cone around his sweet dumb head after his 7th surgery to remove a baby sock from his intestines, one issue of GQ with Beyonce on the cover…Any of these sneak into the frame and the whole illusion is just ruined. And these are all things that I find constantly within the frame of my life, no matter how I try to style it up.

So THEN, my heart leans towards “The Crazy”. anne coyle

Anne Coyle

Raucus balls out rooms full of personality and pattern.

via Lonny 3

via Lonny

They are obviously beautiful and perfectly styled.

Melonie Hennessy

Melonie Hennessy

But I can easily image myself hopping right in each Biscuit after the picture was taken.

Miles Redd.Elle Decor


They can be fancy, like this, but they don’t feel overly precious because they have so much going on.

Nick Olsen-Lonny

Nick Olsen

Some may seem a little challenging, that is a lot of saturated true-toned color: RED, GREEN, YELLOW, PURPLE. But I find it all so appealing.

alex papachristidis

Alex Papachristidis

Every single one of these, as I put them in the post I was like UGH That One Is My Favorite Ever.

Elle Decor Nov. 2012


No, But seriously, THAT is my favorite ever.
david netto elle decor

But, ok. I am going to tell you the truth. And it is hard for me to choose because I truly love them all. But these are actually my two all-time favorites.
david kaihoi

This one by David Kaihoi I have posted many, many times. I still can’t totally wrap my head around sharing a room with my child full-time. But I absolutely embrace that beautifully aged pink wallpaper with the tomato red Pendleton blanket and tailored beige nailhead headboard. I notice something new every time I look at this picture, and even though this room is definitely cooler than I am, it doesn’t intimidate me at all. I will follow this room around the cafeteria and hang out by its locker and do its homework for it and I will know that it is just using me, but I won’t care, because I will learn un-speakable secrets of cool just by being near to it.

Lonny.Elizabeth Bauer

And this from Elizabeth Bauer. Her whole apartment that was featured in Lonny is full of my favorite little moments of genius maybe ever.

And while I am a true “Crazy” at heart, I am also a true insomniac. And I do worry that these rooms get me too excitable to sleep in. I am sure if it is yours you get used to everything- but I would never want to shut my eyes.

I would just lie in Elizabeth Bauer’s bed for countless sleepless hours throwing pillows around the room thinking Blue ZEB-RAH! Mixed Porthault! Monograms! Funky  Tufted Headboard! OHHH THE CLEVERNESS OF ME!

So, in the end, I think I need to achieve a sort of mix or balance between The Pure and The Crazy.

Like these:

miles redd elle decor

Crazy (if not traditional in style) pattern on the walls tempered by pure white bedding, single color palette. It’s Miles and it’s real good.

Miles Redd DominoI think this one, also from Miles in Lonny was a revelation to all of us the first time we saw it. It seemed so NEW and exciting, but also kind of like, DUH! Everything there is so right, why didn’t we all think of it before? Again, traditional crazy on the walls, pops of modern in the lamps, benches, and rug, pure white bedding, and tradluxe curtains.

Ruther Summers

And then there is this. From Ruthie Sommers. Definitely Hotel Level Pure. But somehow, with all of the patterns and details and that FREAKING ZEB-RAH, it does not intimidate me. Nor do I find it off-putting that this is clearly for a child. I want to live there.
So what are y’all? Pure? Crazy? A mix?

It’s been…

Six months since we opened our doors at Biscuit. October 29, 2012 I posted this on Instagram:


And shit got real.

We have had so many triumphs: Amazing feedback, amazing features, amazing people walking into the store and

And we have also had a LOT of setbacks. Having to pull and re-issue our red-line, sewing patterns that need adjusting, moments where we have been taken over by fear-induced rage/exhaustion.

Since then we have gotten so much amazing support from our friends at Matchbook Magazine, The Everygirl, A Piece of Toast, I Suwannee, My Favorite and My Best, Sequins and Stripes, Things That Sparkle, Live Creating YourselfCulture Map, Daily Candy, Houston Tidbits, Paper City, HGTV Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Joanna GoddardDesign Darling, Amber Interiors, Little Green Notebook and many many more.

But let’s back up a second, mostly for the benefit of perspective for me because this is my diary, but if any of you feel invested than for you too:

May 5, 2012:


Stina visited me, Pete, and Grace in Austin. She was my assigned college roommate Freshman year, and even though we both transferred from our original school, we stayed bffs. Stina transferred to Brown where she better got to know my nearest and dearest friend from home, Isabel, who was also in Providence at RISD. Over the years both Isabel and Stina have always asked me about each other and kept in touch. At RISD, Isabel studied textile design, and we always talked about doing something together. A few months earlier over Christmas I had brought up the idea of a bedding line to Isabel, but we quickly shelved the conversation because were we crazy? I had a 5 month old baby, new marriage and had just moved. Isabel had just recently quit a corporate job in fashion and was finally hitting her stride in freelance work. And then Stina came to visit and asked about Isabel and I just word vomited the entire concept for Biscuit at her. And she said…You have to do it.

July I flew up to New York to meet with Stina and Isabel and have a CTJ over where or not this was really happening. And we said yes, all in.

August Isabel and I began working on developing my print concepts, while Stina and I worked on our logo and the website. Pete helped us with our company agreement, and Biscuit was baked.

By September, Isabel and I were at the factory printing our first season.


October, we had opened.DSC_0464-copy

November and December were a total blur getting through our first Holiday season, while trying to develop our Season 2 bedding line.

January, Maddie and I attended our first retail market. Yeah…I opened a store without ever having gone to a market. #blindfaith And then also did our first proper photography of our bedding. Yeah…I opened an online store without proper photography #arrogance

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 9.52.58 PM

February we were back at the factory printing Season 2.Disgsptic

March…happened. And now…April.

We have an amazing team. Isabel- my homegirl for life. Stina has moved on, and we have brought on Maddie and Caroline. Season 2 will debut NEXT WEEK! And we have relaunched the store.


I feel proud and humbled. And mostly, grateful. Grateful to all of you who made us a success thus far. As a token of my gratitude, there will be a 25% off code on all of Biscuit today, from 10am CST to 2am CST tomorrow on everything. Discount code is LOVER.

As another showing of my appreciation…here you have it: Our Season 2 prints. The prints should be online next week, and I truly hope you like them.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 3.35.24 PM



Splatter paint.





We are so trendy, who knew!?

Wee-Decorating: The Entry Hall

Grace and I woke up extra early this morning to take pictures of my latest wee-decorating efforts.IMG_0479

You may recall this post on moving our vintage black and white desk…


Which solved a problem in the kitchen, but left our entry hall sad and lonely. UNTIL I recalled one of my favorite Biscuit pieces, a console that nonsensically hadn’t sold yet. No matter, it was meant to come live with us!IMG_0492

The former piece wasn’t very wide and didn’t give us a lot of surface area to catch all of our entry hall comings and goings, and was too deep giving the door just barely enough clearance to swing open. The console is the perfect size, wide enough to fill the space with just enough room on either side for our coat rack and an umbrella stand, but only 14″ deep so the door swings clear now. Once I decided to move the console in here everything else came together naturally.


Measuring out the height above the console, I realized that the Sarah Ashley Longshore painting Pete gave me from my birthday would fit snugly above it. The painting was hanging in our sad hallway, but you couldn’t really appreciate it properly. You can definitely see it here, it makes a major statement when you walk up to the front door- but I love that it gives our tiny entry some major impact. And I can’t believe how perfectly the colors in our China Rose fabric/the green paint on the console go perfectly with the colors in the painting. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect combination if I had planned on using them together.


Not to mention the colors flow naturally with the rest of our house. The green from the kitchen, orange/gold in the living room, and pink in the dining room.


While I loved the little kilim ruglet we had in there, it was too small for the space and when I found this stunner on 1st Dibs it was an easy decision to relocate it.

As a reminder…


We are still considering a new light fixture, maybe this one from Biscuit.


And we need some items to zhush up the console, but all in all much better, no?

Backyard Renovation Updates

As many of you astute observers noticed in my latest instagram that we have gone forward with our plans on the

If you missed that discussion, more on that here.


But yes, we decided to go ahead and take out the pool. Construction started yesterday and…whoa.

photo 1

What have we gotten ourselves into.

photo 2

Well…I’ll show ya!

photo 3

That, right there, is a dream.

The best of both worlds. We still get to keep a pool, except the new pool will be about 1/3 of the size of our current monstrosity and tucked at the back of the yard that we currently are unable to utilize because of the pool fence. The new pool will have an automatic pool cover, and a large locked gate. Grace is signed up for swim lessons, and I think all of these safety measures combined with the smaller size and set back make sense for us.


We get a yard. All that area from the brick to the current pool was our old pool. Now we can have a playhouse and a swing set and our kids can run around- I am very pleased with our decision. NOT so thrilled about the next 6 months of construction. But still pleased.

What do y’all think? You all had very strong opinions last time, what do you think about the compromise?

Also! Thanks for your kindness on yesterdays post- the wallpapers are all done from our Biscuit prints, this season and last, that we had made into wallpapers for the store. Maybe we should look into making them for you all as well!