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Cheerio, London

We are on our way back home now, and despite my being sick and it raining every day, we had a wonderful time in London.

We stayed at The Goring Hotel:Kate+Middleton+Kate+Middleton+Leaves+Goring+4BSZmbMm_SNl Of this fame…

photo 1-2

And had the loveliest balcony view off our room.

photo 2-2

We had lots of tea and sweets

photo 3-2

And fish & chips like proper englishmen.

photo 2

We walked all around this Londontown.
photo 3

photo 5

I quite enjoyed the view ;)

photo 4-1

I don’t know why he is mean muggin’ in the candid, but the man has some street style.

photo 5-1

We saw precious tiny houses.

photo 1-1

photo 2-1


These people got sunshine on a cloudy day.

And this gorgeous fountain outside The Connaught Hotel:

photo 3-1

And some gorgeous interior moments as well.

photo 1

photo 4-2

For some synergetic reason our hotel mascot was the lamb, and we made fast

And now I just can’t wait to get back and see my girl. It becomes harder and harder to leave for any period of time, and I just can’t wait to get back and squeeze her.

Biscuit Season 2: Season 1 Recolors

As I already showed y’all here, in addition to our brand new Season 2 prints, we recolored a few of our Season 1 prints as well. The Katie is now offered in lilac, chartreuse, coral, cornflower blue, taupe and red. Pete and Paul come in orange color ways, and Joanna and Grace received a new treatment as well.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.47.24 AM

I already showed you my favorite pairings for Pete and Paul:

Biscuit Bedding Harold 2


And now I wanted to show you some ideas for how to use our new versions of Joanna and Grace.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.29.55 AM

Joanna in Green Ombre really came alive for us. There are three shades of green: kelly green, mint, and bright lime. And she goes so well with so many of our prints as you can see above.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.44.13 AM

My favorite pairings for Joanna would have to be any mixture of these. Jenny red, Jamie Blue, Grace Lilac, or Katie Cornflower Blue.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.29.51 AM

We are also loving Grace in Lilac. Obviously the Grace print is near and dear to my heart, and she is SO versatile in the lilac.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.44.10 AM

I love the mix of the masculine and feminine with the Pete Taupe & Lilac, or you can go full on girly with Alaina. Paired with Fiona she becomes more sophisticated, and with Amber a little funky.



Y’all, I have taken to my bed sick like dog since arriving in London. No sites have been seen, no shopping has been done, and the only reason I have even been able to consume nearly a dozen macaroons is because Pete went out and fetched them for me. I am so sad.

I didn’t want to leave y’all without a post just because I have fallen upon hard times, though, so I thought I would share Caroline’s cute outfit from last week.

For no reason other than her own good taste, Caroline showed up to work wearing this last week.Caroline

Shirt. Shorts. Necklace. Shoes.

Let me stress to you that any given work day at Biscuit is not so glamorous, and yet Caroline still manages to dress practically for the occasional day of manual labor while looking cute. I could learn a thing or two from her. Perhaps we all could.

Hugs and Sneezes from my sick bed in London,



Do you ever just look around and realize, life is good?

Although I have admittedly been exhausted, I have also been feeling a great deal of gratitude for my current moment in life. As someone who is always moving a million miles an hour and looking to the future for satisfaction, it is always a nice and surprising feeling to recognize contentment.

Friday last week I stopped by to check on our Holly project.


Front of the house before…

photo 2

And now…

Houston Real Estate Photographer

Living/Family room before…

photo 3

And now.

Major progress, y’all.

I am so obsessed with this project. The house is in a really charming if not slightly pleasantville-esque neighborhood in Houston. Think a matching swing set in each front yard, 50s ranch homes with similar floor plans, babies everywhere. Let’s just say we are mixing it up a bit for the hood on this one. Apparently we have already gotten a few curious comments from neighbors on the front door, which tickles me. And I am so excited about how we changed up the floor plan inside. Before the living room was oddly disjointed with this unaligned half-wall separating an undersized kitchen and an oversized breakfast room. We are opening that junk up and completely reconfiguring and it is going to be amazing.

Saturday Grace and I packed up and headed out to our play-cousins farm 30 minutes outside of town. Where there were also babies everywhere. Diptic3

Grace had a fabulous time playing with her bff MayMay all day, running around barefoot and free.

Then on Sunday Grace and I spent the day walking around our hood admiring pretty houses.Diptic

And smelling the flowers…


And eating the ice cream.

photo 4

Then I got on a late flight to London…


Where I arrived, fresh off a 9 hour flight (why we both look so sleepy) to a major #twincident with my SIL. Which is typical of us, although this one was astonishing in the detail. Same pants, blue striped shirts, blue cardigan with gold buttons/blue blazer gold buttons, quilted purses…

So I’ve been feeling content- currently with a healthy dollop of anxiety being away from my girl- but mostly happy to be able to soak up this time with Pete’s family before they move clear across the universe.

How are y’all? How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Excited for summer?

Travel Style

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your day off and welcoming the official start to summer. After I put Grace to bed last night (and left her with responsible/loving caregivers) I hopped on the late flight to London to meet Pete and his family for a few days.

And I would like to discuss, briefly, airport style.

Not like this.


Or this.


Or this.jbiel_gl_3sep12_rex_b_592x888

Because that is not real. Or it is not, at least, my reality. My chicest airport moment is not as chic as when Harper threw up on Victoria Beckham. victoria-beckham-puke-1024

But I do my best.

To me, travel chic begins and ends with your choice to carry on or not. Obviously the less grahdoo you are hauling about, the less like a sweaty bag lady you look. I am a devout carry-on-er, so to start I am at a deficit when it comes to airport style. It doesn’t matter if I am going somewhere overnight, or say for six weeks (my euro trip after college, still my crowning packing achievement) I am carrying on.

I have been an avid solo traveler for the past 13 years, starting with trekking back and forth from Texas to Connecticut for boarding school at 14. I have been through many luggage pieces- family hand me downs, fashion-statement-attempts, but I finally feel like I have my airport game down now.


The formula is wheelie bag + oversized tote.

The wheelie bag of choice for the past 5 years has been this Bric’s bag. It’s good lookin’- but not too flashy. It is structured- a must for packing IMHO, but soft enough to be able to sqwunch into a tight spot. It doesn’t have a lot of junky pockets and doodads on the inside taking up space, and it is pretty light weight. Most importantly, it is durable. I brought it on the aforementioned Euro trip, and it took a severe beating. Literally thrown down flights of stairs in train stations while running to catch a departure, up and down cobblestone streets, sat upon in tight cabins. That was it’s maiden voyage, and I have used it on every adventure since and the only noticeable wear and tear are a few scuffs and the rubber grip on the handle is starting to rub off a bit.


There she is at a train station in Germany beneath my feat, the other flotsam and jetsam surrounding me are the bags of my less gifted-packer travel companions. Who I might add were boys. Tease me all you want for “backpacking” with a fancy wheelie bag, but I had by far the most streamlined operation.

For the oversized tote, it really depends on the trip. Normally whatever my current everyday bag will suffice, but on a trip like this one I need to bring in the big guns.stela-9-isabel-weekender-product-3-6645944-802638285_large_flex

This Stela 9 tote.

Here is what I favor about it.

It is large. Very large. In it I put my coat, goyard bag full, toiletries, computer, stacks of magazines, sweater. On the way back, should I acquire treasures, I could check my wheelie, pull out my regular bag, and use this as an extra suitcase.

I also like the strap options, and the side pocket. I put my wallet and passport in there for easy access and felt quite smart breezing through security.

And it is real cute, no?

So now that I have made it to London with all of my travel essentials, where should I go and what should I do? magsWe are only here for 3 days and I think we are pretty booked in the evening with family time, but how should I make the most of my days? Best shopping? Must see sights?