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Summer Wedding Style

Last weekend Pete & I whooped it up at the most beautiful wedding of our good friends R&P.

photo 1-1

I can’t even with that setting. Those boats were just beautifully sailing about the bay in the background during the ceremony. The whole day leading up to the wedding had been overcast and cold and misty and then an hour before the ceremony it cleared up and was literally sparkling beautiful.

photo 3-1

Pete and I were twins. Pete was annoyed. I was delighted.

photo 2-1

My favorite moment at any wedding, when the Groom sees the Bride for the first time.


These two.

photo 3

Then, as if the sparkly day wasn’t stunning enough, that big ol’ super moon rose over their tent.

photo 2

I love a wedding that is lovely and tender, and then wild when the sun sets.

photo 5

R&P are fantastic dancers, and I think the wedding guests all rose to the occasion.

photo 4

I had a fantastic time with my special man friend…

…Though I am very excited to not have any plans this weekend.

People have asked where my dress was from, it is Milly from a few years ago. I was going to wear my favorite summer dressScreen Shot 2013-06-28 at 8.37.23 AM

I am obsessed with the two-tone neon and it is so flattering, but I was afraid in this preppy crowd there might be someone else rockin’ the frock. Plus, Pete’s biggest pet peeve of life is when we match, so when I saw the opportunity for a Destiny’s Child couples moment, I had to take it.

Wee-Decorating: My Desk

Remember, like, a month ago when I said I was going to show you my desk redo tomorrow?

And how that never happened?

Well I was waiting on my BossyPinkVelvet Executive chair that the upholsterers were a month late in delivering. But it is here now, so I can show you! GolfClaps.

As a reminder, this is what it was like before:


And then we decided to put the sofa in storage so I could have an actual proper desk.


Which was a good decision, but still made me pretty lonely for my sofa. Especially when the desk looked so sad.


But now that my BPV Executive chair is here, I feel much better about everything.


The BPV is otherwise known as a Knoll Otto Zapf Executive Chair, and I found one at a resale shop here in Houston. It was upholstered in an ok white leather, but when I sat in it, it whispered to me “I dream of Hot Pink Velvet” and then, it was so.


On either side of my desk are Expedit Bookshelves. The shelving to the left holds all of our product catalogs, and the one to the right has some inspiring decorating books, my Domino magazine collection, and other important items. Above my desk is a shelf with baskets for each of our current client projects holding fabric samples/plans/materials.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.30.00 PM

Bulletin boards got pictures of mah babies, notes from clients, fabric samples and some funny prints that please me.


The desk houses essentials like a whole jar of glitter jelly roll pens, a psychedelic Baccarat butterfly given to me by the sweetest client in the world.


One of our Biscuit trays holds business cards, cell phones, and lip gloss. Those double decker trays give the mountains of papercrap that accumulates on my desk some sort of meaning in life.

My BPV Executive is awaiting some casters to get it up to height and have me wheeling in style, and productivity is at an all-time high. Whatcha’ll think? Do you find your productivity is affected by the aesthetics of your workspace?

Wee-Decorating: The Kitchen Part 2

Our photoshoot got pushed back a few weeks, which gave us some time to finish up some other wee-decoarting projects around the house. New kitchen blinds went in last week, and now we are just waiting to change out the light fixture over the table and add some brush trim to the cushions. So from our last wee-decorating update when I moved that white desk into the room…


To now. I’m a decorator, I should be well aware of the pleasing affects from a good window treatment, but every time they come to install in a new room I am like, Ahhh!! That’s what was missing!


And the kitchen is no exception. Small change, big payoff.

As you can see through the window in the first picture, the backyard is still a disaster- however. UGHHH. I am in my 12th hour of labor on that project and currently hating everyone who got me into this mess. Thank goodness the inside of the house is bringing me such inner peace because it is 100,000 degrees here and we are living in the middle of alternatingly a dust-storm desert, or a mud pit, depending on the weather.

Ain’t No Hollaback Girl.

Some kindly shoutouts we have received lately.

photo 21

Sam loves her latest Biscuit purchase.


Amber is excited to receive her namesake print- can’t wait to see it in Baby G’s room!


Bradley wrote some nice words about us in FDLuxe Magazine.


And Southern Living featured the Fiona in their July issue.

Future so bright, gotta wear shades, y’all!

Pure Michigan

Part…3 at this point? This amount of content devotion is warranted as I am clearly the first person ever to visit Northern Michigan. I’m a pioneer and need to report on my historic discoveries. Mostly I just want to share some pretty pictures and answer some questions I got.

Where were we?




Specifically we were in Bay Harbor, at the hotel, which is a resort located between Charlevoix and Petoskey/Harbor Springs. We were invited to our dear friends wedding (more on that later) in Charlevoix/Harbor Springs and since Pete spent his summers in Michigan, and I had never been, we decided to make a family vacation of it. Pete’s mom came up from Chicago, and we spent the week exploring the surrounding towns. The pictures above are from Fish Town near Leland Michigan, a still operational but historic fishing port that Pete used to visit growing up.

What all did we do?




Well thanks to all of your comments and emails, pretty much tore it up toddler style. Which obviously meant there were bubbles. Everywhere and always. We also just enjoyed our time at the lake, when we weren’t out exploring.





Then in Charlevoix we had lunch on the deck at The Weathervane, and got to watch the bridge open not once, but twice for boat passage. Which was terribly exciting.




In Harbor Springs we spent a lot of time in the park by the water. We went to The Rocking Horse toy store on the main street and Grace picked out a toy. Which was, incidentally, a small truck she calls her “choo choo”. It was really enlightening for my narcissistic parenting neurosis. At first I was all smug proud that my little girl picked out a truck. Attaway to buck gender stereotypes! What a unique spirit! But then I was like…am I too proud of her? Did I project this on to her? Did she really want a baby doll and I somehow projected my love of quirkiness and she sensed it and chose the truck to tickle me? What does this all mean!? And then I got a life.

Just thought I would share a peek into crazyland.

We also, on an email rec, hit up Howse’s Candy Haus fudge which was insane. And, thanks to your comments and emails, also enjoyed the scenic drive along Beach Drive through Wequetonsing- which was like a posh-er Bay View. Loved them both.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out to Mackinac Island- though it sounds, dare I say, enchanting. The weather turned our last few days when we were planning on visiting, but that gives us something to look forward to next summer!

Otherwise, we spent most of our time in Petoskey.


At the American Spoon. There is apparently one in Charlevoix as well. And Traverse City. And it is delicious. We literally ate there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Never all on the same day, but we definitely had a few lunch/dinner days. They just had the freshest, cleanest, most delicious food. Michigan has some of the best produce/farm stands around. Which I know because every farm-to-table restaurant I have ever been to has some major Michigan representation. #science But we didn’t find a whole lot of clean eating restaurant options that took advantage of this like American Spoon did.




Next visit (which we are already dreaming of for next summer) it would be fun to rent a house or stay somewhere that we could cook some of the produce we saw at the farmers markets. Because, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a part of all those wholesome smiles and hugs.



We also loved the shopping/walking in Petoskey. Symon’s General Store, the parks that were buzzing with gallery walks and concerts. Grace especially loved the concert we happened upon. Little ginge-ish head cocked to the side, that’s her serious listening stance.



She pretty much killed it with her signature dance move- run around in dizzy circles.


This. Broke my heart. Too much sweetness. This precious man was killing it with his own moves on the other side of the pergola for awhile, and then twirled his way over to Grace who was delighted to have a dancing partner. They jigged it up like this for awhile before he thanked her for the dance and said, “Not bad for a 70 year old, huh?”.

And…The camera. After two years of taking pictures of my girl with an iPhone (sub par technology to document remarkable beauty) Molly finally convinced me to upgrade. So I got a Canon EOS 60D. It came with a standard lens that can capture pretty near and far, but Molly also convinced me to invest in a set focal lens (EF 50 mm I believe) which is what I use most of the time. It is tricky because you have to stand real far away from your subject, but it does some really pretty blurred background stuff that I enjoy. I am still trying to figure out my tricks, but so far I really love that the camera does incredibly as a point and shoot while I learn how to get fancy.

And now I am off to enjoy the exact opposite of the wholesome life and fresh air of Michigan, in Dallas at retail market, in a giant windowless building for two days. Anything you wish we had at Biscuit that I should look out for? Have I convinced any of you of the wonders of Pure Michigan, or did you all already know? Do you think Tim Allen needs a sidekick??