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Wee-Decorating: My Desk

Remember, like, a month ago when I said I was going to show you my desk redo tomorrow?

And how that never happened?

Well I was waiting on my BossyPinkVelvet Executive chair that the upholsterers were a month late in delivering. But it is here now, so I can show you! GolfClaps.

As a reminder, this is what it was like before:


And then we decided to put the sofa in storage so I could have an actual proper desk.


Which was a good decision, but still made me pretty lonely for my sofa. Especially when the desk looked so sad.


But now that my BPV Executive chair is here, I feel much better about everything.


The BPV is otherwise known as a Knoll Otto Zapf Executive Chair, and I found one at a resale shop here in Houston. It was upholstered in an ok white leather, but when I sat in it, it whispered to me “I dream of Hot Pink Velvet” and then, it was so.


On either side of my desk are Expedit Bookshelves. The shelving to the left holds all of our product catalogs, and the one to the right has some inspiring decorating books, my Domino magazine collection, and other important items. Above my desk is a shelf with baskets for each of our current client projects holding fabric samples/plans/materials.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.30.00 PM

Bulletin boards got pictures of mah babies, notes from clients, fabric samples and some funny prints that please me.


The desk houses essentials like a whole jar of glitter jelly roll pens, a psychedelic Baccarat butterfly given to me by the sweetest client in the world.


One of our Biscuit trays holds business cards, cell phones, and lip gloss. Those double decker trays give the mountains of papercrap that accumulates on my desk some sort of meaning in life.

My BPV Executive is awaiting some casters to get it up to height and have me wheeling in style, and productivity is at an all-time high. Whatcha’ll think? Do you find your productivity is affected by the aesthetics of your workspace?

Wee-Decorating: Master Bedroom

I would hardly call this a “wee” change…

photo 2

Because it is so major.

And there are still a few additions to come. Like this:

photo 1

And some Biscuit bedding. We are mixing the Katie Chartreuse sheets, with some white/chartreuse Euros, Jenny Coral Boudoirs, and a Katie Chartreuse duvet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 9.00.19 AM

I loved our yellow Austin bed, but it was too big/high for this room so when we were offered this photoshoot I have been working on, it was the perfect timing/excuse to refluff a bit. But no worries, mellow yellow will go to a good home.

What say you about the remix?