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Season 2 Accent Colors

Now available online!!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.36.16 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.28.25 AM

Get ‘em, gurls.

Project Holly Install Day

We had a fantastic weekend with Molly, thank you for asking! As usual, we managed to take 0 pictures together, but 100 pictures of Grace.


Pete and I saw The Way Way Back last night and WAY WAY loved it. We laughed, I cried, it was the most pleasant of ways to spend an evening.

And now! Today! Is install day at Project Holly.


Houston Real Estate Photographer

Became this:

photo 3

And then this:

photo 3

And now will achieve it’s full potential. Which may not seem like much now…We still have a long way to go.

But consider how this:

photo 1

Became this.

photo 2-1

Am I right? It’s going to be amaze. Follow me on Instagram (@BaileyQuin) for little snippets from the install today.

photo 1-1

Beauties like the above. Which is from their baby-girl-to-be’s nursery. You might recall the plan here.

The wallpaper is Guermantes by Paule Marrot via Brunschwig & Fils. It is the wallpaper version of the fabric I had recreated for Grace’s nursery. And now seeing it all over the place at Project Holly is really making me want to use it at our house. We are planning to move Grace to her big-girl bed soon, and will be zhushing up her room a bit, and I think maybe…should I?


We are already doing work in the other two guest rooms to get ready for Mr. McBaby and finish things up, so it might be nice to give Grace a little fluffing too. But also, Pete is about to kill me with all of the continued renovations. I will also say- considering my plans for the other two guest rooms, changing things out and adding the wallpaper would make the three rooms flow together better.

What do you think? Should we go for it or am I in cray nesting mode?


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.03.54 AMSummer in Houston means unbearably hot temperatures outside, and a full on AC assault everywhere you go inside. Pete makes fun of me, but every night I come home and put on a sweater. We have family dinner, put Grace to bed, and I change into jammers and swaddle myself with a blanket. We have a throw blanket in every single room of our house, on multiple pieces of furniture. These custom Biscuit throws we just got in to the store are my new favorites. They are eco-friendly, made out of recycled cotton, are so soft, and don’t shed! We designed them in colors to coordinate with our bedding, although I am currently using the chartreuse and light blue ikat in our den.

I suspect our throw collection will be well-used with my girl Molly visiting for a little TLC. It’s just too hot to spend much time outdoors. Plus- we have a lot of catching up to do so I am thinking there will be lots of couch time/lady chats. I am planning on taking Molly and Grace to see the Turrell exhibition at MFAH  that I still haven’t visited, eating at Pete’s and my favorite new-to-us restaurant Coppa, and possibly to go see a movie. Debating between The Way Way Back and Girl Most Likely- anyone have a recommendation?

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Nailed it. Finally. Our hallway.

I posted on our spooky hallway a few months back.

photo 1

Originally I had planned to hang our yellow brick road by Sara Ashley Longshore there, but decided the space was too narrow to really properly appreciate a piece of that size. So the hallway has remained, dingy white, dark, and sad.


I considered the brilliance of this wallpaper.


With these light fixtures.



Multi colored hallway doors. And gallery walls with painted frames.


The painters are coming next week to paint out the trim and doors, runner has been ordered, wallpaper is primed. It’s a hard vision to fully explain, but it is going to be magical like the wardrobe to Narnia, mah frands.

Everyone welcome to the blog…

Monday morning Pete and I had a Doctors appointment and found out what kind of McBaby we are having…

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.16.27 AM

It’s a boy!!!

Everyone welcome to the blog, MR. McBABY!!!

I am a little surprised how excited I am. I couldn’t sleep last night, mostly because I kept having horrible dreams about tsunami’s and trying to hold on to both children. I would love to have a video of what I was doing in my sleep because I woke up exhausted, with my arms hurting as though I actually had been fighting raging waters. But also I couldn’t sleep just because I am excited.

Honestly? Even more excited than when we found out Grace was a girl. Which is odd because while I have always wanted to have both, I realllyyy wanted a girl. But I think with Grace being our first it was all too much to really comprehend, boy or girl didn’t mean much because our minds were already so blown. Now that we have Grace I actually know how much you love your babies, I know what that feels like, and now I can imagine feeling that for a little boy and I cannot wait.

And my beautiful silly girl gets to have a little brother to be wild with.

And my kind and patient husband, who enables all of our dreams coming true, gets a boy to discuss wiener-y things with, or whatever it is that Dads bond with sons over.

And me? Well, Lord help me. I have no idea what to do with a boy. But I think that is part of what makes me so excited, a totally new adventure to expand my (and my little families) horizons.

When we were pregnant with Grace, and thought she was a boy, this is what I was planning for the nursery.

IMG_9621 copy

We partially executed the plan for our guest room, knowing that if we had a boy that would be his room.

IMG_9614 copy

While we did the wallpaper ceiling, I didn’t really do much other decorating in this room knowing that I would want to decorate the rest around whatever baby eventually came to live here.

And now I get to go wild!

Not only in here, but in our other guest room that I was also waiting to finish once we got a little further in our family planning.

IMG_9663 copy

Since this will be our only guest room now, we need to make it a bit more accommodating. The twin bed in here will go to the nursery and we will move the queen in here.

I cannot wait to show y’all the nursery and guest room plans (and finally finish up our house), and, in exchange, I am going to need all of you to tell this only child how to raise a boy and siblings who love each other.

Please and Thank You.