Biscuit Season 2: Introducing Jenny

Our final, and my personal favorite print this season, is The Jenny designed for and named after Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook. I have read Jenny’s blog forever, unlike me, she is a gifted DIY-er and I never attempt a DIY project without consulting Jenny first. Her blog is one of my first stops every morning because I know I am going to get slapped in the face with some awesome inspiration and original content that she has somehow whipped up and shot, all while raising a bunch of beautiful little girls. On a personal note- I loved meeting Jenny at Alt. Lady is a real wo-man. She is smart, engaged, and direct- and refreshingly doesn’t talk in a baby voice (guilty). Her panel was by far the most real and informative, and her daughters are so lucky to be raised by such a capable and handy mom. My Dad taught me how to work with my hands when I was little, and I think it is such a gift you can give your kids to be able to create things from their imagination, it’s a skill that has served me my whole life. I am a big Jenny fan, as I am sure you all are, so…here she is!
How would you describe your style?
I’m embarrassed to say it, because it feels so boring and cliche to say – but my style is definitely eclectic. (I know – whomp-whomp.) But the fun part of decorating for me is mixing styles. I love a really traditional piece of furniture in a bright color lacquer and sitting next to a piece of log cut down to be a cocktail table. I am giddy over an oversized abstract painting hung on really classic mouldings. Why not put a really crazy patterned fabric on a clean-lined, modern sofa? I love a little bit of almost every style in a room.
What do you think of your print? Do you feel like it captures part of your style/personality?
I’m crazy over the Jenny print – of COURSE! I was so happy when Bailey told me they were developing a floral for my print. I think florals – especially more abstract patterns like this one – are really classic and versatile, and they aren’t overly girlie either. The colors the Biscuit team chose are just about perfection too. I love an orangey-red with a lilac any day of the week.
What’s on your nightstand? 
We just finished laying floors in the master bedroom of our new house, so my furniture is not really in place yet, but normally I keep a little tray or dish out for any jewelry I forgot to put away before bed (usually it ends up being earrings and my wedding rings). I love leaning and stacking art on nightstands and I usually prefer a substantial nightstand (like a chest of drawers) to a small side table. I think it’s nice to have the drawers so there’s a place to shove away my iPad, magazines, chapstick, hand cream and the like, which usually accumulate around me at bedtime. Also, it’s a little quirky, but I love to have a glass of ice water (there must be ice!) on my nightstand in case I wake up with that crazy middle of the night thirst.
Where/how would you use your print?
We inherited a pretty intense princess bed from the previous owners of our new house. It’s big and different that what I would choose, but my daughter Evelyn is three and she loves it more than anything, so we’re going to keep it and make it work for us. Part of that will be using more grown-up looking bedding. I have plans to paint the bed white or a fun color (maybe that orangey-red that I love so much?) I think by using sophisticated florals and black and white Katie sheets, the bed might actually be a cool feature in the room.Jenny Bedding
Secret/essential to a fluffy Biscuit (besides our bedding) i.e. lots of pillows, candles, special blanket etc.
I like feeling like I’m sleeping in a cloud, which means down-filled everything for me. We have a feather mattress topper that I love and a great duvet insert and lots of big down-filled pillows. All that fluffiness means that when I finally crawl in after a long day, it absolutely feels like heaven on my tired body. Does anyone else get ridiculously happy about going to bed at night? I’m usually smiling like an idiot while I get all snuggled up in my soft bed and start to drift off! There’s nothing better!
I couldn’t agree more, Jenny. Thanks for sharing!
You all have seen The Jenny print in coral on my own bed, but here are some more combinations and possibilities for how to use The Jenny in your home!


And you can shop Jenny here.


  1. Lindsey September 11, 2013 at 11:11 am

    I LOVE the Jenny and just to show how awesome and not overly girly it is, I convinced my very manly, traditional (more of a Pete print) husband to let me use it in our master bedroom! xoxo

  2. Jacquie September 11, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    I’ with this one, Bailey. It will be mine at some point. Great stuff!

  3. smash September 11, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    I absolutely love Jenny. Her print is adorable and it was so nice learning/hearing more about her.


  4. Swayze White September 20, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Will you be making it into a wallpaper? I would love to put it in my daughters’ room!

  5. Martha September 25, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    it’s funny, every time i find something floral-y i like, i think “this is so jenny komenda.” great interview! beautiful line.

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