How to Find the Best Diet Pills

Diet pills can sound like the miracle cure if you want to fight off a slow metabolism or a strong appetite. You might be considering buying these if you are overweight and don’t know how to control your weight. Or if you need to get your BMI back to normal range. Being overweight can also cause a lot of weight related problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure among others. This is why diet pills offer an easier solution to losing weight.

Before you can choose the best diet pill for you, you need to be well aware of the different kinds that exist. There are FDA approved prescription diet pills, over the counter (OTC) pills and also herbal supplements that are made from natural ingredients. You should always speak to a doctor or good dietician before you purchase something like a diet pill. Be aware that this medication will change your body in many ways and you need to understand and be okay with the changes before you buy anything. Most diet pills also require you to control your diet and do more exercises. They won’t be able to work alone.

Now that you know how to pick the best diet pill for yourself, here is a guide to some different kind of drugs that you can consider. The first one is called Vyvanse and it is a prescription pill. It is FDA approved but is also targeted towards a very specific portion of the population. This one is used to treat binge eating disorder and is not specifically made for weight loss.

Diet Supplements

Another one to try is called Phentermine. This is usually the key ingredient in the more popularly named varieties of this diet pill. Because it is a prescription drug, it is prescribed for certain periods of time and cannot be used regularly. It works by significantly reducing your appetite and helps you to eat smaller portions. The American Drug Association has stated that it is the most prescribed diet pill in the whole of the US. One side effect includes insomnia, dry mouth and also constipation.

You can also try some OTC medications such as Ephedra or as it’s also known, Bitter Orange. It was originally banned in 2004 from the market but then a lot of other copycat drugs stepped in to take its place. This medication is super effective primarily because of the Bitter Orange extract which is banned. However, a lot of other popular medications available today contain this forbidden ingredient. They just rename it so they can sell their product.

Since medications can be dangerous, you can try your luck with Hoodia, which is a natural herb and is sold as an appetite suppressant for people on a diet. This herb is extracted from a certain kind of flowering plant and can be taken as a tablet, pill or powder. This is an herbal supplement so it’s not FDA approved. There are also no scientific studies that prove it conclusively works to reduce weight.