Father’s Day Gift Guide

We have a whole wonderful “Mens” section at the new location, and it is always so fun to help people pick out gifts for the special gents in their lives. Father’s Day is coming up, and I wanted to share some of the pairings we have been suggesting in the store.

Sailor DadDad loves hunting fishing outdoors fathers day gift guide

1. Wine Stopper 2. Nautical Soaps 3. Ship Tray 4. Rope Tray 5. Three Sheets Cocktail Napkins 6. Knot Coasters 7. Nautical Decanter and glasses 8. Anchor Flask 9. Gulf Coasters

Outdoorsman Dad


Dad Loves Sailing Nautical Fathers Day Gift Guide

1. Dad Whiskey Stones 2. Jack Black 3. Chief Coffee Mug 4. Mallard Flask 5. Shotgun Shell Key Chain 6. Fishing Stories 7. National Park Blanket 8. Candle

Golfer Dad

Dad Loves Golf Fathers Day Gift Guide

1. Golf Whiskey Stones 2. Club Tray 3. Golf Ball Paper Weight 4. Tartan Wallet 5. Legendary Golf Clubhouses 6. Clubhouse Candle

Wedding Wednesday!

Thank you for the kindness on the last post- we tried to repaint this week but the rain wiped us out and we are going to have to wait a few weeks and start over. Anyway…onward!

And about the title of this post…I meant to publish yesterday. WhoopsieDaisies.

Pete and I have lived in a lot of different places in our nearly ten years together, and we feel extremely fortunate to have cultivated and maintained a few really special relationships from each stage that have endured over distance and time. The longest of these friendships we share is with Christina- the roommate I was assigned to my freshman year of college.


Me and my beloved Stina Freshman year of college…

Those of you who have been reading here for awhile might remember Christina’s role in helping us start Biscuit. She is a huge light in my life, and we were thrilled to travel to Aix en Provence late last summer to celebrate her marriage to her love Paul (namesake of the Paul print).

I can’t believe we are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary- I was four months pregnant at the time and now I have a four month old HarryBear! Ohhhh time.

Anyway, the whole experience was truly unbelievable- and not just because it was in Fancy Francy. Although, as you will see from the pictures, it was stunning and so nice, at its core the whole wedding was about love and family. Christina’s family is from Provence, and she, Paul, and her incredible Mom planned every last detail. I meant to show pictures at the time, but my iPhone pics weren’t going to cut it, and it wasn’t until Stina shared the link to the Style Me Pretty feature that I remembered I never shared.

Here is what Stina had to say about it all:

“It’s hard to start with just the rehearsal dinner since it came from our overall vision for the whole experience – to bring our family and friends from all parts of our life together for a weekend that let them experience all our favorite things – art, music, culture in a place that means a lot to me and to Paul.

I have grown up visiting my family in Aix en Provence and traveling around the south of France and it was on a family trip there that Paul proposed to me in the summer of 2012. At that point coming back to France for our wedding seemed like a pipe dream but months later after exhaustive research on a variety of places that would allow us to transport our guests to a magical space AND allow for LATE night revelry, we decided to go for it.

It helps to have a bi-lingual and generally badass mother who was our fearless leader throughout the many months of creative and logistical planning. One of the many unbelievable contributions she made was to find the venue for our rehearsal dinner – Les Carrières des Lumières. It is a national culture site in the ancient mineral quarries of Les Baux de Provence which is itself a historic treasure – a medieval village perché. The geniuses of France have transformed the cavernous and cold walls of this mining site into an utterly breathtaking show of sound and light projecting animated works of art by the likes of Monet, Renoir and others on the walls, ceiling and floor.

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (13 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (14 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (16 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (25 of 1235)

We never actually saw this until the actual event – we actually visited in the dead of January and wandered through what was basically a cold cave, one that required us to bus our guests an hour through winding Provencal roads to visit. This is one time in my life where my optimism was tested…but ultimately prevailed and fueled many late nights back at home mood boarding and figuring out how to make it amazing. 

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (103 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (40 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (125 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (159 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (150 of 1235)

My vision was to create a living still life of Provence – something that would be like walking into a Cezanne painting. My flower choices were limited so I went with olive trees and bundles of lavender interspersed with silver candelabras and tumbling pedestals of fruit – pulled off with much flair by our wedding planner Sandrine. I also chose a funky collection of glasses in alternating colors to add more color and made escort cards from mini laser cut wooden palettes that I personally stained and calligraphed. LABOR OF LOVE! 

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (123 of 1235)

When I think back on that night I am bowled over with joy – simply being there with everyone we love in one place and then listening to so many of our friends and family deliver heartfelt and hilarious speeches was above and beyond my wildest dreams. “
Stunnniinnggg, and that was just the rehearsal dinner. Here are a few more pics from the wedding day, but you can see it all and here more about it on SMP.
OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (441 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (434 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (626 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (703 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (981 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (1148 of 1235)

OneandOnlyParisPhotographyChristinaPaul (1179 of 1235)

And by the way…The party went on until sunrise (without my pregnant self who snuck off to bed around 2:00 am) and the Bride and Groom danced all night. So much love!

I feel like Joey Potter.

Which normally would be an excellent thing, and the achievement of the central goal in my life from 2000-2004, but right now- not so much. Because I feel like Joey in episode 315: Crime & Punishment.

What? You don’t remember the plot summary off the top of your head? Ok. Fine.

It was the one where Joey was commissioned by Principal Green to paint a mural that represented her high school experience, and she obviously took it SUPER seriously because, like me, Joey is a total TryHard (when did that become a bad thing? was it the OC?) and before the unveiling she gives this highly emotional speech about the importance of possibility and how that is what her mural represents:

photo 2

And she is full on baby voiced, side mouth talking, lovable Joey, so you know she is about to get kicked in her optimistic little puppy face. And then…


photo 5

And Dawson is like…

photo 3

And everyone else is like…

photo 4

And Joey is like…

photo 1

And then she runs away.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Pretty much exactly like Joey- complete with the weird talking out of the side of my mouth thing.

Such a bummer, but not to worry. We are already back to work repainting it and will take steps to prevent it from happening again.


Because sometimes you just have to be the Pacey to your Joey and save your own damn day.

Project Lex- and 20% off sale!

I was up bright and early this morning so that our local Fox station could broadcast live from our wall!

photo 1

This beautiful little idea Sebastien and I had has blown up, and I honestly can’t believe it.

photo 2

Over 100 people have shared their #biscuitpaintwall pictures on Instagram, and we are so happy that everyone loves it as much as we do.


Amidst all of the excitement on the store opening we have been working away at a new batch of client projects. One of our clients we are calling Project Lex is coming together pretty quickly. The couple came to us having already purchased most of the big pieces in their home, but needed help pulling it all together. Projects like this can be tricky, we work with existing furnishings all the time, but when items are newly purchased you don’t want to suggest something be recovered or moved out. It can be hard to create something cohesive when so much is already established, but luckily in this case all of the pieces they had chosen were on point and it’s a treat to add another layer of pretty onto a good base.

And it occurred to me that more than our more full makeovers- this is a project that would be the most relatable to most of your situations. So here is what we are working with:


The had just purchased the chartreuse velvet couch and hot pink chair- and I love both pieces individually. Together, without much else going on in the room, that is a lot of solid velvet. So the challenge becomes bringing in pattern and texture that will tie these together, working with the colors already in the room.


They already have some pieces of art, and these chairs that we will be recovering. On one hand it is nice that the major things are in place, we can focus more on layering and decorative touches- but on the other it is a challenge to make sure that whatever we bring in enhances the choices already made by the client and doesn’t fight with anything.

So how do we do that, and where do we start?


Everyone does things a little differently. I have heard Miles Redd say he starts the design for a room with the rug and everything else flows from there. I am a decorator who relies on textiles to inspire me, so usually my first step in the design process is finding a fabric or wallpaper that will guide me on everything from the paint color to the furniture choices. That initial fabric isn’t always an obvious star in the end result of the room- sometimes it ends up being an accent pillow rather than an entire upholstered piece- but for me that is almost always the jumping off point.

Here, we had to backtrack to find something that tied the green and pink of the couch and chair together, while also bringing in some new colors, and fitting within the vibe of the clients inspiration pictures.

Lex Inspiration

Two inspiration rooms sent over by the client

While the furniture choices in the family room are more traditional, the rest of the house reflects a mid-century eclectic vibe that they wanted to carry through. Looking at the hot pink and chartreuse, I immediately thought of Chaing Mai Dragon- a print that was nearly killed by over saturation a few years ago, but that I now love again after taking a breather. It fit their eclectic vibe, and offered no shortage of new colors to pull in. We presented that along with several other options, and they loved it to. We decided to use it on the shades, and started layering in rugs, and other textiles for pillows, the window bench, and the two white chairs at the entry.



The next step will be choosing some accent furniture, art, and lighting and this space is going to come together pretty quickly. I can’t wait!


Don’t forget this is the last day to receive 20% off everything online at Biscuit to celebrate our re-opening! The code is “biscuit20″ at checkout.



Today through Wednesday!