Introducing Boone & Bloomsbury

Our Biscuit Season 4 collection came out yesterday- and I could not be more excited to introduce y’all to our new prints: Boone & Bloomsbury!


bb pink


bloomsbury green

This collection is the stuff my dreams are made of. We have been working on it for a solid year, listening to what y’all want to see from us, perfecting the colors, and finally now releasing them on our newly fluffed website! I am so so proud of our team, the hardest working, most positive, passionate, funny, group of ladies who just make awesome stuff happen every day. I hope y’all enjoy the collection…


To thank all of you for your continued support and welcome Boone & Bloomsbury to the family, we are offering 15% off site-wide with the code B&B15!

Shmamptons Bathroom Before & After

I have been enamored of GP&J Baker’s Nympheus wallpaper & fabric since the company re-released it a few years ago. I get these textile crushes and obsess over them until I find the perfect application for them to shine. I finally got my chance with our #projectmovinonup in the Indigo colorway, but when we started work on The Shmamptons I couldn’t get the Original out of my head.


It’s just the perfect blend of a traditional design, but the color and scale feels totally modern. I guess I must have known at the time that Nympheus was part of Baker’s Crayford collection- a capsule of a few prints they recolored and re-issued from the companies historic documents dating back to the 1800s. You can read more about it here. But I don’t think I really registered that this design was based on an actual hundred-year-old textile.

Well back in November I traveled to South Carolina to print Biscuit’s next bedding line- more on that shortly! On this trip, our fourth to the factory, we decided to pursue a little quality of life and forgo our normal factory-adjacent motel digs, opting instead to stay at an old plantation 45 minutes away that had recently been converted to a B&B. The change would mean hitting the road an hour earlier than our already ouchie usual 6:00 am wake-up-call, but when we saw photos of the place it was a no-brainer.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 8.33.13 PM

Right? Right.

Wavering Place has been in the same family since the 1700’s, and recently two of the brothers and their wives have decided to convert the property to a B&B. If you find yourself in the area I cannot recommend it enough. We were surprised to learn that we were their first guests! They have done a beautiful job restoring the property and making it comfortable for visitors, without compromising the authentic patina of centuries of history. The family members who run Waverly now could not be more charming- our first morning we awoke to a breakfast in our cabin of delicious coffee, freshly baked scones, and pomegranate from their garden. Heaven.

Anyway, we arrived late the first night with just enough time to share a glass of wine by the bonfire and hear a bit about the history, and partake in a quick tour of the main house. When I saw this, I casually mentioned how much I loved the textile and that I had just used the wallpaper version and then I…Well my face pretty much fell off my face when I realized this wasn’t just some pretty fabric I had been admiring for a few years. This was, in fact, the real deal. Upholstered in the original printing of the fabric, likely around 1915, sitting in front of me perfectly preserved and on fleek.




I was so inspired- good design at its best should be ageless and hold its own throughout different decorating styles over time- and this totally does. I am thrilled that I can continue the Nympheus conversation with our little country bathroom makeover:


When we first toured the home, this was the only full bath downstairs- which you have to access by walking through what was sort of an office and then a bedroom. They were certainly making the most of this wee space with a separate shower and tub, but there was barely any floor space to move around and it was cramped to the point of not really being functional.


We opted to remove the separate shower in favor of a larger vanity and more breathing room. Reusing the tub, we added shower fittings so we still have that option, but this bathroom is mostly for the kids so the tub was more important for our purposes.


I truly can’t believe all of this fit in here before!


And now we have space to spare, in fact I am considering using this tub in another project and getting a larger clawfoot tub for here since we have ample room now and this one is super tiny even with just our two tiny people in it. Buttttt this thing also weighs eleventy-thousand pounds so it might have to stay put for now.

As a wallpaper Nympheus brings the fresh in our space, and it’s fascinating to see it’s not that amped up from it’s original printing, even with 100 years of fading. AND, if you ever find yourself around Columbia, South Carolina I highly recommend a stay at Wavering Place– it is that perfectly charming authentic gem you are always hoping to stumble upon while road-tripping- they host weddings & events too!

Before & After: Project LA

Domaine Home did a great piece on our LA Project this week, and I wanted to show you all the before & afters and share some behind the scenes action!


Our clients, Kelly and Matt, reached out to us early this summer asking for help with their new home. From Kelly’s initial email:

“My husband, Matt and I recently purchased a 1920’s Spanish Style home in LA. We thought we had a handle on what we wanted and where our design taste was leading us, but now that we’re living in the house and buying things- it’s not coming together like we planned. Basically, I don’t want to keep making expensive mistakes and then needing to start all over…”

Kelly and Matt were actually pretty into design, especially danish furniture of which they had collected a lot of great pieces over the years, but were having trouble blending their more modern furniture taste with the Spanish architecture of the home.

So our tasks were:

  1. Blend the traditional Spanish architecture with their existing modern pieces.
  2. Let the sun shine in- and brighten things up!
  3. Highlight the original architectural details of the home.
  4. Bring out their fun, colorful personalities.

We worked over email, selecting the larger items like the rug and coffee table, as well as creating a custom media cabinet and pillows. Then Valerie and I flew out for a few days before our shoot with Domaine to pull it all together.

IMG_3110(a little behind the scenes from our shoot with Domaine)










IMG_3148(sneaking in this grainy mid-install iPhone pic so you could see the custom media cabinet in all its glory!)


I have to gush a little bit…Kelly and Matt are beyond dream clients- so game, so communicative and understanding, with amazing taste and a sense of fun. These photos by Chris Patey are stunning, and I have to say a huge “thank-you” to the entire Domaine team for the great feature! Finally- special Gorgeous Award to my SuperHeroAssistant Valerie who drove us all around LA making the impossible look easy, we will always have the memories of driving with a fiddle fig leaf surrounding our heads even if the experience took years off our lives!

I hope y’all enjoy this first taste of one of our favorite projects- there will be a lot more to come from our work on this amazing home that I am excited to share! As always, let me know if you have any questions.

For more info and pictures- check out the full article on Domaine

get the look domaine house

Get the Look: Coffee Table Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, Leather Sofa: Restoration Hardware, Rug Options: Restoration Hardware, Layered Rug Option, Mid-Century Chair Options: 1, 2, Floor Pouf Option 1, Option 2, Stool Options: 1, 2, 3, Side Tables: Mecox, Lamps: Robert Abbey, Media Cabinet: West Elm, Screen: Peter Dunham Textiles, Peacock Chair: Anthropologie, Giraffe: Anthropologie, Pillows & Throws: Tangier Peony Square, Tangier Peony Lumbar, Raoul Textiles Square, Pitti Orange Pillow, Scallop Throw

Welcome To The Shmamptons: Getting there…

Our last Shmamptons update was just before we were planning to host my family for Thanksgiving, and things were looking a little rough. The house is still nowhere near finished, but we managed to get the majority of the furniture installed and all of the messy construction wrapped up just in time! Our contractors pulled off miracles, and Pete and I hustled hard cleaning, moving, and unpacking- it was exhausting but so worth it to be able to enjoy the holiday in our special place.

Since then…progress has been basically nada as I have had to focus my energy on getting my clients homes ready for the holidays, our Season 4 bedding collection that will debut in the new year (!!!), and the Christmas rush at the store. All good things, but I was hoping to have something more to show for myself at this point. It’s actually fine since we are planning to spend most of our end of year hiatus out there and I can nest until my hearts content- but I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging so here is where we ended up:

  1. Add decorative trim to exterior, replace front door, paint.
  2. Add door to front parlor to create fourth downstairs bedroom. Skim walls, prep, wallpaper.
  3. Remove built ins in Master ante-room to make space for bunk beds/crib, paint.
  4. Remove shower in Master, add shower plumbing to tub, larger vanity, reconfigure layout, prep for wallpaper.
  5. Take space from existing 2nd bedroom to make room for new bath, move doorway, paint.
  6. Add full bath with hallway access. Frame, plumb, new vanity, tile, glass shower door, prep, wallpaper.
  7. Paint kitchen & cabinets, remove island, replace countertops, move lighting.
  8. Replace mantel in family room, add bookshelves on either side of fireplace.

Shmamptons Update 1Shmamptons Update 2 Shmamptons Update 3 Shmamptons Update 4 Shmamptons Update 5 Shmamptons Update 6 Shmamptons Update 7 Shmamptons Update 8

The only thing left from our construction list is to paint the exterior (we are keeping the house white, but it needed a fresh coat and we have to paint the new scallop trim pieces in front), replacing the front door (dutch farm door, coming today), and painting the new door pink (yesyesyesyesyes).

Now it’s up to me to tackle my list on the decorative elements which is…extensive. You may notice our sad little curtains in the nursery and parlor bedroom. One showroom sent the wrong fabric- twice, and another was backordered, so we just put up some panels we had so that we could sleep comfortably out there until ours are ready. There are a few furniture pieces that are MIA, and one order that actually got stolen off the back of a truck on the way to our house- which is so insanely sketchy/unlikely. I also ordered like twice as much wallpaper for the bathrooms than I needed because our wallpaper installer was busy and I didn’t want to make him drive all the way out there just to measure.

Lesson learned: nothing good happens when you rush decorating.

Every project involves so many layers and details that have to be just right. Fabrics, trims, wallpaper, and furniture are sourced, ordered, and tracked from dozens of showrooms and coordinated between multiple trades-  wallpaper hangers, upholsterers, curtain workrooms, millwork etc.. Everyone, including myself, wants things done yesterday and a big part of my job is managing those expectations, and making sure expensive decisions aren’t made hastily.

UGH. Oh well. I guess I’ll be my own cautionary tale, and it could be worse- I’ll just add it to my closet of wallpaper I hoard “just in case”.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family, and that amazing things await you in 2015. I, for one, am more than ready to bid farewell to 2014- just when I thought we had made it through the end of the year without incident…



I was awoken by the police at 4:45 yesterday morning…Total Grinch behavior. The important thing is no one was hurt, they didn’t take anything we can’t fix/replace, and Pete and I were able to get everything cleaned up/put back together before the store even opened.

But SERIOUSLY 2014!?

You need to be over.

Before & After: Pete’s Biscuit Office

We were supposed to move into our new Biscuit offices at the beginning of December last year so that I would have a few months to transition the business and get things running smoothly before Harry arrived at the end of January, and I could take a little time off. But, best laid plans and all that, the offices weren’t ready until March which pretty much eliminated any hope I had of a “maternity leave”. Things was stressful, and Pete offered to take some of those things off of my plate and manage the business side during the transition so I could focus on the creative side/physical space- and, you know, breastfeeding/not losing my mind.

I set Pete up an office so he would have his own space when he worked from the store, which was a little sad and spare. Minimalist chic? We ended up enjoying sharing an office, working from the same space streamlined our family logistics, and it was especially nice to have him around when super helpful freight shippers would leave big furniture orders in the middle of our sidewalk. By summer Pete decided to license some of the technology he had been developing so he could focus on a smaller project that had recently turned into a dream opportunity- and he started looking for his own legit office space for he and his business partners. Unwilling to lose our man-power, I offered to properly fluff up his office and share our conference room with his business partners. We shook on it and got to work making his environment more hospitable, the results of which you may have seen in this instagram pic:

1 insta

But it’s not really a satisfying makeover until you can appreciate the full before & after and so I present:

2 BEfore

The Scary Before.

3 Before

We started the makeover by moving his desk chair from our home office, finding him a proper desk, and some comfortable chair for visitors…

4 yay!

And ta-da!!!5 desk

6 desk

Pete’s office doesn’t have any windows, and the white cinderblocks are, erm, a little institutional? So we pulled some pictures and art from around our house to warm it up, and filled in with some finds at our neighborhood flea markets, but the real game changer was hanging that giant nautical scene behind his desk. IMG_8082

I am not super detail-oriented, and while I appreciate a good gallery wall, the idea of executing one makes me feel mostly just tired.

8 Gallery

I will say a little planning goes a long way to preserving sanity- but once we had the basic framework we decided to just keep it loose. Perfection was not the goal, but I am happy with how it came out. I think the key to an interesting gallery wall more than anything is a mix of mediums, photography, oil paintings, watercolor, sketches, and some textural/sculptural pieces.

9 Gallery

The chairs we found are super comfortable, and they swivel which is always enjoyable.

11 Gallery

People tend to avoid color in man spaces, and favor tough surfaces like wood, metal, and leather but you need a little softness and pops of color to keep things warm.10 Gallery
This was a quick fix, we found all of the furniture, lighting, art and accessories one day and hung the gallery wall/put it all together the next, but it is one of the biggest transformations in terms of feel I think I have ever done. Which is easier to do when the “before” is so bleak, but it really is such a pleasant place to work from now.

I put some selections for any of you looking to create a similar look on your own, and when I was sourcing items I was so impressed by the options West Elm is putting out these days, you could do an awesome version of this room straight from the store- so I included how I would do the look for less as well!Pete Office Pete OFfice art Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 11.08.44 AM

1. Burl & Lucite Console 2. Eames Executive Chair 3. Black Lacquer Campaign Desk 4. Velvet Armchairs

 Large Scenic Piece, Work Hard & Be Nice To People, Juju Headdress, Abstract Watercolor, Equestrian Oil Painting, National Park Map, Shield Mirror

West Elm: Console, Desk, Desk Chair, Armchairs