Project Lex- and 20% off sale!

I was up bright and early this morning so that our local Fox station could broadcast live from our wall!

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This beautiful little idea Sebastien and I had has blown up, and I honestly can’t believe it.

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Over 100 people have shared their #biscuitpaintwall pictures on Instagram, and we are so happy that everyone loves it as much as we do.


Amidst all of the excitement on the store opening we have been working away at a new batch of client projects. One of our clients we are calling Project Lex is coming together pretty quickly. The couple came to us having already purchased most of the big pieces in their home, but needed help pulling it all together. Projects like this can be tricky, we work with existing furnishings all the time, but when items are newly purchased you don’t want to suggest something be recovered or moved out. It can be hard to create something cohesive when so much is already established, but luckily in this case all of the pieces they had chosen were on point and it’s a treat to add another layer of pretty onto a good base.

And it occurred to me that more than our more full makeovers- this is a project that would be the most relatable to most of your situations. So here is what we are working with:


The had just purchased the chartreuse velvet couch and hot pink chair- and I love both pieces individually. Together, without much else going on in the room, that is a lot of solid velvet. So the challenge becomes bringing in pattern and texture that will tie these together, working with the colors already in the room.


They already have some pieces of art, and these chairs that we will be recovering. On one hand it is nice that the major things are in place, we can focus more on layering and decorative touches- but on the other it is a challenge to make sure that whatever we bring in enhances the choices already made by the client and doesn’t fight with anything.

So how do we do that, and where do we start?


Everyone does things a little differently. I have heard Miles Redd say he starts the design for a room with the rug and everything else flows from there. I am a decorator who relies on textiles to inspire me, so usually my first step in the design process is finding a fabric or wallpaper that will guide me on everything from the paint color to the furniture choices. That initial fabric isn’t always an obvious star in the end result of the room- sometimes it ends up being an accent pillow rather than an entire upholstered piece- but for me that is almost always the jumping off point.

Here, we had to backtrack to find something that tied the green and pink of the couch and chair together, while also bringing in some new colors, and fitting within the vibe of the clients inspiration pictures.

Lex Inspiration

Two inspiration rooms sent over by the client

While the furniture choices in the family room are more traditional, the rest of the house reflects a mid-century eclectic vibe that they wanted to carry through. Looking at the hot pink and chartreuse, I immediately thought of Chaing Mai Dragon- a print that was nearly killed by over saturation a few years ago, but that I now love again after taking a breather. It fit their eclectic vibe, and offered no shortage of new colors to pull in. We presented that along with several other options, and they loved it to. We decided to use it on the shades, and started layering in rugs, and other textiles for pillows, the window bench, and the two white chairs at the entry.



The next step will be choosing some accent furniture, art, and lighting and this space is going to come together pretty quickly. I can’t wait!


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Today through Wednesday!

Freshly Baked Biscuit

I still don’t have myself totally together- but I DO have these beautiful pictures of our new space that Molly just sent me, and I thought they were worth sharing in the meantime.


















Possibly my favorite moment in our new space is the beautiful display showing all of our prints and accent options. Size constraints at our old space prevented us from really being able to show off our wares, and so now seeing all of the pretty bedding we have created over the past two years in one place is really gratifying.

The biggest change in our offerings is that we have hugely expanded our children’s items, with separate sections for baby and child. On the baby side we are selling Honest Company diapers and baby products, as well as carefully selected baby gifts and essentials put together from the extensive research and recommendations of fellow moms. Our kids section is too much fun, and we have spent a lot of time trying to find great kids gifts and toys that you don’t see everywhere else.

Our other three “bedroom” vignettes have distinct personalities and some really special blankets, pillows, and throws that we have brought in to compliment our bedding line. By far my favorite new thing we have in the whole store are custom pillows by Mi Golondrina, we have hastily put our selection online but if I were you I would grab what you can quickly because we are selling out faster than we can get it back in.

Now that you have seen a glimpse of our new digs and nicies, I would love to hear from y’all. What would you like to see more of from us?

We are adding items every day, and are working on optimizing our website so that it is easier to navigate, as well as adding some fun new tools for you to design your dream Biscuit. And for those of you who politely suggested our online community might like to be treated to some of the sale action our Houston clients benefitted from during our move?

Fret not and check back soon ;)

photos by MBM for Peppermint Bliss Blog

Cinco de Posto

I have slept very little, worked very much, and am having difficulty processing the past few days. Please let these pictures speak for me while I get myself together.

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Hopefully I will be able to create good words again soon because I can’t wait to tell you all about the #biscuitpaintwall, our opening weekend (including meeting inspirational Houston Mayor Annise Parker), and our new store.

Quick Trip to LA

Firstly, hop on over to Amber’s if you want to see/hear about my 5 all-time favorite kitchens. You probably do.

Second, I am kind of freaking out about the new store opening. For weeks I have vacillated between feeling total elation/world domination about what we are about to put out there, and complete and utter despair that I have bitten off more than I can chew. It has been high drama around these parts. Two nights ago I had a dream that I kept discovering new doors to the building I didn’t know about, and gaping holes in the walls, and was running around boarding them up and locking them trying to keep the riff raff out. Then, just when I had the building secured, I realized we had two extra floors of space that I didn’t know about that I had to try and merchandise.

Ugh, why is my subconscious so LITERAL!? At least give me a metaphor to work with!

Anyway, things are really coming together now and I am thrilled. Isabel started on the window displays yesterday, and our art installation is going up outside today.Peppermint Bliss Blog Biscuit


But the point of this post was…Last weekend Pete and I took the babies to LA for a dear friends wedding. It was probably not the best idea to leave town for 5 days so close to our re-opening, and probably the cause of said anxiety dreams, but the trip was planned long before the opening and I am so glad we had that quality time all together before I had to be MIA this week.

We stayed at the Hotel Bel Air, where…we had some issues as you might have seen me mention on Twitter, but the GM was really wonderful and made it up to us, and I don’t need to air my grievances on here, but I also don’t want to lie and be like it was OMGPERFECT! I will say, the hotel is beautiful. Totally tucked away in fancypants Bel Air- really old school Hollywood which I strongly favor. The restaurant was amazing and worth a visit on it’s own. Grace LOVED the swans at the hotel, and I did too.

photo 3

Grace straight up loves LA in general.

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We took Harry and Grace to Venice and Gjelina one day, Gjelina omg. The lamb pizza was one of the best bites to ever inhabit my mouth. So good.

We visited with friends and learned about some amazing art…

Peppermint Bliss Blog Art

And then went on a date and had one of the best meals I have had in a long time at Ink.

peppermint bliss blog ink restaurant

Every single dish looked like art, but ate like comfort food. Not one thing looked cooler than it tasted delicious, we even toyed with bringing the babies back the next night and trying the other half of the menu.

The wedding was beautiful and it was fun getting a time out to catch up with friends before having to buckle down for this crazy work week. Now its time to get back to it! xo