I apologize for my lack of consistent posting of late. We have three major design projects either under construction or about to be, on top of our usual clients. You may have seen my instagrams about “Project Movin On Up”:MovinOnUp

It’s a deluxe apartment in the sky that is currently being built, and we finally got to go inside the space last week and take in our clients gorgeous view.


This is going to be a fun one.


Harry celebrated 2 months last week. Having two babies hasn’t just doubled the fun (and exhaustion), it multiplied everything. I am constantly trying to slow down and maintain some boundaries with work so that I don’t miss anything. He has started cooing and smiling, and he always has the most sincere curious look about him-  he is very earnest. I can’t keep my lips off his face.

Grace is better than ever, she loves her brother very much and is so funny and sweet, it breaks my heart. The two year old tantrums are no joke, and I can really feel the responsibility of raising a kind and respectful human. We had her parent-teacher conferences at school last week and her teacher told us Grace is a class greeter, and that whenever someones parent comes to pick them up she runs up and says “HI!! Phillipa, your mom is here!” and that if the younger class is on the playground she puts her arms around them and tells them to be careful. I just can’t with that mental image. She is a good, good girl and I feel like the luckiest- and the sleepiest.

And on top of all that, our new store is finally set to open next month!

Painted in Waterlogue

I can’t wait to take y’all on a tour of the new space, it has been an enormous amount of work at a time when I haven’t been able to be fully mentally or physically present and I am SO PROUD and grateful for my ladies Caroline, Maddie, Lauren and Morgan for making magic happen.

Meanwhile, if you are in Houston, stop by our old location to take advantage of our sale!


We are cleaning everything out for the move, and there are deals to be had.

If you are at a distance, don’t distress, there will be cause for celebration for us all once we are settled in to our new digs ;)


Project Holly Before & After: Master Bathroom- Update!

I can see this space being one of the most potentially controversial makeovers we did at Project Holly, but we are all thrilled with it.

Some background: As you can see, the situation before wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t unlivable by any means. Eventually my clients plan on gutting the space and adding on to create a shmancy closet, master bath situation, but that will have to wait a year or two. In the meantime, we wanted to make the most of the existing bathroom so you didn’t really notice the less desirable elements like the beigey tile and outdated shower enclosure. So I thought…What could we do for not much money that would make you overlook those things?

Houston Real Estate Photographer

Put some slutty red lipstick on that pig.

We painted e’rything the most awesomely bossy red. We switched out the cabinet hardware and faucets, added some interesting sconces/mirrors.


We got lucky and had enough leftover marble from the kitchen countertops to use in here as well.


It’s not for everyone, and probably not forever, but you definitely don’t notice the beige tile anymore! Not to mention it was super liberating to go for it and play a little.

**UPDATE** For those that asked for more of a perspective picture, here is a truly bad iPhone shot…sorry for the poor quality, it’s all I got!photo

Paint Color: BM Ruby Red | Lights: Circa Lighting | Mirrors: Restoration Hardware | Curtain Fabric: Osborne & Little, Designers Guild, FCL004/01

Photos by Kimberly Chau for Style Me Pretty

Listening To…

On repeat.

He is going to be on SNL tomorrow and then this song is going to be everywhere. Unless it already is, which is totally possible since I have very little idea what the cool kids are doing these days.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Project Holly Before & After: Harper’s Room

Shortly after we started working on Project Holly, my client found out she was pregnant again- this time with a little girl! The house was originally three bedrooms, two bath, but somehow over the years this smaller bedroom got incorporated into the Master as you can see on the left that doorway. We closed the space back off, creating a closet on the master side, and were left with a sweet tiny little room perfect for a nursery.

Houston Real Estate Photographer

I liked the idea of the kids rooms complimenting each other, and really going for it in this small space with a bold wallpaper. Despite being obsessed with this Guermantes print for years and using it as a fabric in Grace’s nursery, I had never seen it in this beige color way and became obsessed. I love the juxtaposition of the beige- which is actually a kind of masculine khaki tone in person, again the bright colorful florals.


Because it is such a small room, I wanted to keep it relatively simple with the other elements so we decided to keep almost everything else pink. We had a little loveseat pullout made to accommodate visiting cousins, and brought in an antique pink rug.


Natalie’s childhood Jenny Lind rocker got a coat of BM Peppermint Pink, as did the crib and an existing light fixture they had. The vintage rocking chair in yellow was a great find and brings just enough edge to the room.


One of my favorite elements is the canopy. I had sourced the yellow block print fabric for another room I was working on and the yellow just wasn’t right. I had it in my bag one day on a site visit, and noticed the colors went perfectly with the wallpaper. The pink, turquoise and yellow were dead on.


Altogether the room is so happy and cozy. The canopy was made so that it can move and transition to a twin bed eventually. The closet in this room is surprisingly huge and so we built in a changing table in there to free up the space for a perfect little bookshelf.

Sofa: Custom via Biscuit Home | Rug: Vintage | Pom Fringe: Samuel & Sons (Dolce Pom Pom Fringe) | Wallpaper: Brunschwig & Fils (Guermantes) | LightFixture: Vintage | Green Throw: Biscuit Home | Rocking Chair: Vintage 1st Dibs | Pink Crib: jenny lind | Pink Paint Color: BM Peppermint Pink | Crib Sheet: Biscuit Home, Jamie Multi

Photos by Kimberly Chau for Style Me Pretty

Project Holly Before & After: Houston’s Room

This weeks before & afters cover the two kids rooms at Project Holly- starting today with their son Houston’s room.

Houston is a month older than Grace, and the sweetest most beautiful little boy ever and it was a blast working on his big boy room.

Houston Real Estate Photographer

The room as seen in the listing photo was a little overcrowded, with one spooky can centered in the ceiling for light.


Natalie had seen this Battle of Valmy wallpaper in a little boys room in D Magazine and had to have it. I was happy to oblige.


We added red wood tassel trim to Restoration Hardware window panels they already had, and brought in a snappy Jonathan Adler sputnik flush mount. I love embracing a theme in a kids room, but I always aim to make the room seem more like a set than a shrine. Does that make sense?

What I mean by that is I want the room to feel like an kidded up version of an actual Generals room in this case, rather than an assemblage of all things Battle themed. Or using a sports theme, I would want the room to feel like a basketball players room rather than the room of a boy who loves basketball. I think it makes it more fun and empowering for the child to have that agency, and for me it protects a theme from getting too cheesy.

So besides the wallpaper, the rest of the elements we brought in reminded me of something a French General might have in his fancy barracks. The burl wood chest, rug and brass elements all felt gentlemanly and give a nice foil for the sweeter more childlike accents.


Natalie found this awesome vintage ship lamp thrifting, and it could not be more perfect. I love when magic happens like that!


The wallpaper is is incredible- but the unique coloring proved a little tricky when bringing in other elements into the room. Especially a rug! 531145615521c$!400x

Everything we brought in was either too green or too blue and clashed with the greeny blue in the paper. UNTIL I found this rug on Lulu & Georgia- which of course was backordered.


We waited months for it to arrive, and when it did it really…tied the room together. 

Wallpaper: Brunschwig & Fils (Battle of Valmy 1792) | Light Fixture: Jonathan Adler via Biscuit Home (Jonathan Adler Sputnik) | Chest: Well Appointed House (Burl Wood Chest) | Trim: Samuel & Sons | Rug:Lulu & Georgia | Headboard: Custom via Biscuit Home | Bedding: Biscuit Home – Jamie Blue duvet,Jamie Blue ShamCornflower Blue Sham | Throw Blanket: Biscuit Home | Lamp: Vintage

Photos by Kimberly Chau for Style Me Pretty