Two years…

It’s been two years of Biscuit, and we are celebrating sale style.


This is the big one guys, once a year. Online and in store. Get it.

p.s. Remember Year one? Or year zero? It’s been an amazing ride and THANK YOU for all of the love! xoxo

We’re rolling with it…

Thank you to everyone who continues to write such supportive comments and emails wishing us the best on HarrBear. Over the past few months we have learned a lot more about his care, and what things will look like going forward. Like most things, once the initial shock wears off, you just kind of adapt and get used to it. Babies are so resilient and Harry has never seemed to mind his tubes or any of his new gear. Harry’s doctors have been really pleased with his progress, he is growing and developing perfectly- and he is finally sleeping! PRAISE ALL!

I am thankful to report that really for real- life is good. Grace and Harry had a phenomenal time on Halloween as a Mermaid and Scuba Man. Molly was in town and helped me do some crafting- I am not a DIY-er and always feel very impressed with myself when any of my conceived projects actually come together. ;) Luckily she was there to capture our crafty success with her beautiful pictures…







I love that last picture, and comparing it to this post from this day last year.

We were in a tough place as a family when I decided to take my break, and I have been blown away by everyone’s kindness to us that never stopped in my absence. I wanted to make sure you all knew we are doing ok, better than ok! We are happy and healthy and finding both humor and purpose in our circumstances. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, it was a tough summer with Harry and a few other personal blows, but we’re rolling with it… (Puns! apologies for the corniness).

As for my return to posting here…The time I have taken away to refocus and truly put my family first as well as make some time for myself was the best ever, and really needed. As things started to return to normal, I got back to work with my design clients and at Biscuit and eventually I did miss getting to share my inspiration and the process behind my designs. However, I didn’t at all miss the self-imposed pressure to post 5 days a week, or any of the noise that I came to associate with blogging. When I signed off 5 months ago I said I would be back when I had any good work to share, and right now, I feel like I do. I am so lucky to have an outlet to do that, and grateful that there are people out there who still want to read about it.

So, I’m going to continue to post when I am inspired to share what I am working on and feel it might be of interest- but instead of writing about the rest of my life I am going to focus on staying present and focused and available in those moments.  Your support is a huge reason why I have so many fulfilling opportunities professionally, and I hope I can give updates that are interesting and worth your while.

If that’s cool with you, check in here from time to time! I’ll do the same.


Biscuit Picks: Pillows

One of the best parts about our new location is space glorious space for tons of fluffy Biscuit Beds. This one is profoundly pretty. We are also slanging a dope array of pillow these days, if you haven’t had occasion to check them out…you should.


pillow picks

It’s like a pillow personality test. I feel like I know their souls now.

Shop ‘em here.

Introducing #ProjectGrayHouse

And for my next trick…

We met with our newest client a few weeks ago, and it has been a whirlwind. We were initially brought in for a simple consult on a few rooms- and now we are already halfway through ordering for the entire house! That is pants-crazy fast. But when I’m on one, I’m on it. So here we go!

The house is gorgeous, one of the early homes built in my favorite neighborhood in Houston. It is super traditional and was recently renovated by the previous owners. My clients tastes are a little spunkier than the classic style they inherited, and so we want to work within the original bones and pretty neutral updates- but glam it up a bit. The one caveat to that is that while my clients like color- they prefer it in small doses. So the trick will be to marry the traditional elements that are there with some sparkle while working within a neutral color palette.

Not as easy as it sounds, but I think we got this. Here are some of the materials we have chosen and our favorite inspiration pictures guiding the vision:

bailey fabric post

Shades of gray & taupe with pops of blue & pink.

Texture. Sparkle. Pizzazz.

That’s why they call me ‘killer’. Not a wham, bam, thank-you ma’am. Imma thriller.

Biscuit Picks

Over the past few months I have been working hard getting things running smoothly at our new Biscuit location. Moving from 1,200 to 10,000 square feet has made life soooo much easier- we have a proper warehouse and office space now! HIGH FIVES! But it also took a lot to fill out the floor space and have it looking as fresh as we wanted it to be.

We have also built a team at the store I am very proud of, everyone works so hard and brings a lot of extras to the table. I never properly shared what we have going on in the new space, and we have a lot of exciting new things to unveil in the coming months, so I thought it might be fun to start a series touring the store and introducing you to the fine people who inhabit it. Today I’m slangin’ one of the 5 bedroom setups we have, and some of our favorite items within:



2014-10-21 04.47.18

2014-10-21 05.58.32

2014-10-21 04.30.40


avocado soap



2014-10-21 05.55.45

Tangier’s Pillow, Places To Go Book, Avocado Soap, Travel Calendar, Ombre Stripe Throw Blanket, Frida Kahlo Candle, Sal de Margarita