Top Plastic Surgeons Give Plastic Surgery Advice

Top Plastic Surgeons Give Plastic Surgery Advice

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous things to remember when it comes to plastic surgery. Many times, you’ll go to a plastic surgeon for a consultation, but there are a ton of patients who go for a consultation, just to get told that they shouldn’t get what they’re wanting done, or the surgeon will give them an alternative. This is because, surgeons generally know the outcomes or horror stories that can accrue if they do a surgery that isn’t needed for a patient.

This results in more work from them, threatened lawsuits (which believe me, they can back up by giving you a bunch of information beforehand to change your mind if that’s what they are trying to do, and their defense is very sharp), and possible health issues for yourself.

In this article, we’ve gathered some top advice that plastic surgeons ( give to patients frequently, so you can avoid these issues and know what to, or what NOT to go for if you are having work done.

Don’t Try to Get the Largest Implants Possible

While some patients and a few surgeons are perfectly happy with the idea that the bigger breast implant, the better result. But this is false. With everything that comes with larger breast size, one must keep in mind that other things follow, such as back pain, sagging over time, problems with the implants themselves, and more. So even if your surgeon doesn’t tell you, they know the truth: That it’s a lot better to get a lift, or a mile enlargement (or in some cases, a reduction instead of an implant to enhance perkiness) rather than getting bigger and firmer implants.

When You Get a Tummy Tuck, Follow Through

Many plastic surgeons give tummy tucks. And many patients end up right back because they gain weight and want another one. This results in eventual problems, such as scarring, and even health problems down the road. Sure someone can get a tummy tuck, but when you do, it’s your responsibility to change your lifestyle so that you don’t need one again. You have to exercise, often change dieting habits, and lifestyle habits to not be back in the same boat down the road.


Most surgeries result in some scarring. Any top plastic surgeons know this as well. While there are some things in plastic surgery that have minimal to no scarring, it just means the scars aren’t usually visibly noticeable. The surgeon gives post-op instructions on treating your wounds not only for the medical aspect of it but also to help reduce the scarring that can take place. It is very important that after any plastic surgery is done, you follow this advice to the ‘T’. If you cannot use certain products because of allergies, or other reasons, you need to inform your top plastic surgeon and he or she will help you find a treatment alternative that is right for you.


There are numerous other bits of advice out there, both in person, and online. Shop around and don’t just believe what one plastic surgeon says. Be sure you get advice from numerous surgeons, and always get a second opinion when it comes to plastic surgery. Most importantly though, don’t just look at plastic surgery as a quick fix that you don’t have to maintain.